Judges slow Ocho quick step

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As Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco prepared to hit the stage on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars Monday to do the quick step with Cheryl Burke, he tweeted that he was dedicating the dance to late teammate Chris Henry.

“I have the quickest feet in football, I’ve (got) to translate it to the QUICKSTEP tonight, 2night is for #15,” he said.

But they didn’t get the number they were looking for when the three judges each offered only a six. Not even a jungle theme could jump start The Jungle’s greatest receiver. The Ocho and Burke did a  pretty brisk version of “The Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book, but the judges rung up The Ocho for being sloppy with his steps and not having enough contact with his partner.

Which was kind of ironic because most of the attention during their spot was paid to a tense week of practice by the couple with the hosts intimating it was lover tension. But The Ocho still denied there is anything going on off the floor.

Ochocinco wrinkled his forehead at the scores.  But he seemed to take it pretty well. They won’t know if they survived until Tuesday’s 8 p.m. show. The Ocho told a few weeks ago that the pair planned to head to Cincinnati after  Tuesday’s show so he could get in some workouts at Paul Brown Stadium during the mornings before they practiced for next week in a downtown studio duirng the afternoon.

No word Monday night if the trip is still on.

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Kelly, Bengals talking

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Reggie Kelly

The agent for Bengals tight end Reggie Kelly said Monday he’s talking to the club about bringing his client back for an eighth season in Cincinnati but says that there is nothing imminent. Jimmy Sexton, who, by the way, also represents Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, indicated this week’s draft is not any kind of a drop-dead deadline for Kelly and the Bengals.

“He likes it there. He’s always liked it there,” Sexton said.

Ten days ago Kelly told that he was encouraged after he worked out for the team on April 7, saying his surgically-repaired left Achilles tendon is stronger than his healthy one.

“I feel great. I hated getting hurt, but sitting out the year I think is really going to help my body,” Kelly said. “I feel refreshed.”

The Bengals are expected to take a tight end with one of their nine draft picks, but they still seem interested in securing the services of Kelly even though he’s coming off Achilles surgery at age 33. The only tight end under contract with any game experience is Dan Coats.

Taking a tight end at No. 21 would be an upset. The Bengals just don’t do it. They’ve never made the position the first pick in any draft.

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Blog debut

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There are three things I vowed would never appear on

A headline that says, “About Me” complete with my biography. (If you’re coming to, and we thank you for doing so, you don’t want to read about me and I certainly wouldn’t presume that you would care.)

A report card that grades players right after a game. (What is more interesting, it would seem, is what the players and coaches think after the game. And there is only one grade that is relevant. They hand it out  about 45 minutes after the game. The stat sheet. If you rush for 2.9 yards per carry, there is the offensive line’s grade right there. F.)

 A blog. (If it is important enough and factual enough to write, then it should be strong enough to stand on its own in a story or as a story rather than as a throw-away thought or mindless speculation.)

Well, as Meat Loaf once sang and the Colts seem to do every season, two out of three ain’t bad.

Welcome to the Hobson’s Choice Blog.

I’m not sure what the true definition of a blog is.

All  I know is what I don’t want it to be.

I don’t want it to be a reservoir where I dump guesses, grudges, and gripes. I don’t want speed to replace substance or brevity to replace context.
But I do think The Blog can be a welcome complement to news stories, features, matchups, news conferences and videos that we hope take you in-depth. The blog elements of quickness and reaction are, as Carson Palmer would say,  huge, huge. It is a place where we can break up the quick hits, quotes, and notes packages into single items and do it more often throughout the day. 

 Like Twitter, The Blog can also tease future stories. I also the like the fact that The Blog allows readers to respond and spark some interaction.

So we’re doing away with the Hobson’s Choice e-mails. Yes, I was miserable in updating that section of the site. But hopefully this new format allows for easier and quicker responses, and more give and take. (To comment on any blog post simply click on the “Comments” link at the bottom of the post.)

No matter what Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis says, speculation is part of the game. Always has been. Speculation is what separates the sports page from the rest of the staid news world. But we don’t want the blog (or the site) to be run on speculation.

And this is no knock on other sites, which offer truly great speculation, debate, opinion, and insights. We’re just trying to nail down whatever we write and if we can’t get it and somebody else does, we’ll give them credit. We hope to spend more time breaking down a story than trying to predict which story it will be.

One of the best writers of this or any time, Don Henley, said it best in his 1982 iconic song, “Dirty Laundry”:

“We can do The Innuendo/We can dance and sing/When it’s said and done we haven’t told  you a thing.”

There’ll be times we’ll have to dance, no doubt, but hopefully with the help of The Blog we’ll tell you something more often than not.

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