Kelly, Bengals talking

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on April 19, 2010 – 6:56 pm

Reggie Kelly

The agent for Bengals tight end Reggie Kelly said Monday he’s talking to the club about bringing his client back for an eighth season in Cincinnati but says that there is nothing imminent. Jimmy Sexton, who, by the way, also represents Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, indicated this week’s draft is not any kind of a drop-dead deadline for Kelly and the Bengals.

“He likes it there. He’s always liked it there,” Sexton said.

Ten days ago Kelly told that he was encouraged after he worked out for the team on April 7, saying his surgically-repaired left Achilles tendon is stronger than his healthy one.

“I feel great. I hated getting hurt, but sitting out the year I think is really going to help my body,” Kelly said. “I feel refreshed.”

The Bengals are expected to take a tight end with one of their nine draft picks, but they still seem interested in securing the services of Kelly even though he’s coming off Achilles surgery at age 33. The only tight end under contract with any game experience is Dan Coats.

Taking a tight end at No. 21 would be an upset. The Bengals just don’t do it. They’ve never made the position the first pick in any draft.

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  1. By bman1968 on Apr 19, 2010 | Reply

    It be cool To have Kelly back Carson Palmer will love it and ced The man will too. I can see them taking a TE garham the nan , unless someone else fall like the big DT big two. Go Bengals waiting and hoping for a second playoff Go Cd and Cheryl !!!!!

  2. By mwindle1973 on Apr 20, 2010 | Reply

    I certainly hope we can sign him for his leadership and to mentor the young TEs. But I do understand why the team would have some real limitations on the price. This is a risky signing. His age, his injury & (overlooked to this point at least) the drop off in his play in 2008 are all reasons to pass on him if the price isn’t right. I don’t think there is a market for him unless the Ravens might want him. But please, please, please, let us not waste another early to mid round pick on a TE. We will have nothing more than what we already have in Chase Coffman, a big question mark. Marvin stated it best, these over sized WRs who can’t block, and have no experience at inline blocking won’t make it in our division.

    Antonio Gates was a basketball player. What are the chances we can bring Dennis Roland along as a TE. He surely has the height. He certainly has the size. And looking at his frame he could easily lose some bulk to gain speed & agility. The question is can he catch at all? Can Dan Coates? No not really but they still have to cover him. Really Reggie is not a very good receiving TE. We just don’t ignore that position, we have never had a receiving talent at TE during the Marvin era. Reggie has some catching skills, but earlier in his career by my memory really was not a very good receiving TE at all, and still remains what I consider below average in this category.

    What about small colleges? Are there no programs at all running an offense with an inline TE? Point is shouldn’t we be looking primarily for a blocker and then trying to improve his catching skills? As opposed to trying to teach what amounts to a WR to block inline?

  3. By mwindle1973 on Apr 20, 2010 | Reply

    Better yet why don’t we look for a Tab Perry like player. He played WR, as an inline TE, H-back, FB, KR & STs coverage. This kind of player can cause matchup problems big time. He was very, very fast, and was 6′ 2″ and 230 lbs.

  4. By reguynnc23 on Apr 21, 2010 | Reply

    I hope Reggie is re-signed if he is healthy. If he is anything like his past self, he would be a valuable asset in the blocking game and he brings leadership to the field.

  5. By bbalreff on Apr 21, 2010 | Reply

    I certainly hope they do resign Reggie Kelly. From what I understand he is great in the locker room and Carson loves him.
    He is the perfect person to mentor and help develop both Coffman and whichever tight end we end up drafting. Hopefully the two sided can get it done in the negotiations.

  6. By carson9 on Apr 22, 2010 | Reply

    Reggie Kelly is a class act, and hopefully can be signed to mentor and lead. I feel that Dan Coats is terrible catching the ball, and would like to see Jermaine from Ok get chosen. I cant help but to feel that Chase is going to be a bust, just like Kenny Irons was a few drafts back. I believe a TE duo of Gresham and Kelly opposed to Coats & Coffman will succeed.

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