Of WRs, Rodney, and age

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on May 3, 2010 – 12:41 pm

A few musings on the rookie camp just completed:

» Now that Marvin Lewis has confirmed he’s talked to the agent for Pacman Jones, what is the next step?

Apparently Jones didn’t have a great workout when he was here back in February or they would have signed him, so if they are serious they would no doubt bring him back for another look see.  It would seem like they’ve already got four cornerbacks and two punt returners. So if they end up signing him it will only be because he worked out again and it would have to be off the charts, wouldn’t it?

But, who knows, maybe then it would be worth it.

» The wide receiver thing really gets interesting with sixth-rounder Dez Briscoe. Offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski put the heat on everybody when he said it’s a free-for-all after The Ocho and Antonio Bryant.  And  right now you’ve got no idea how it’s going to come out and probably won’t until Labor Day.

That class of ’08, second-rounder Jerome Simpson and third-rounder Andre Caldwell,  is going to be feeling the scrutiny. Simpson is a longshot to make it, but you have to feel that Caldwell showed enough last year in crunch time in the slot that he should be very much in their plans

But the addition of Bryant gives them huge flexibility because he can also play the slot. If a guy like Briscoe or Matt Jones come on playing the outside, that could get intriguing.

Plus you know Shipley is going to make it. But is he going to be the third receiver in the slot, or the fourth or fifth?  It was Shipley who knocked Bengals receiver Quan Cosby out of the punt return job at Texas and could he do the same here and knock him off the roster? You’d think if Shipley is one of the three receivers playing a lot, they wouldn’t want him returning punts and Cosby would have a life. But what if he isn’t?

And what if Briscoe takes what Bratkowski says to heart and drops the 10 pounds while continuing to look like he did in what amounted to his only practices before he tweaked his groin?

Bottom line is we have no idea. It is to be played out. But you would think by the time the dust clears they’ll have three good receivers and a good punt returner.

» Why does rookie tight end Jermaine Gresham remind me of Rodney Holman?

He’s got the same serious, don’t-get-in-the-way-of-my-job demeanor. Rodney doesn’t suffer fools and this kid strikes me as the same you-can-count-the-consonants way.  But once you get to know Rodney, the guy’s a great talker, funny, smart, honest, but it takes awhile.

I think Gresham is the same kind of guy. He guards his privacy and doesn’t dole out his trust very easily. Fine with me. I think it’s great. It shows the kid has some substance to him.

And, yeah, he plays the same position and if can play it as well as Holman, he’ll make Carson Palmer a very happy man.  With his size and the way he moved around this weekend and caught the ball, it all  made you think of Holman, too.

» With a May birthday, I never feel as old during the year as I do when public relations stalwart P.J. Combs hands me the rookie camp roster.

Two guys born in 1989? Wasn’t that just last Thursday? I swear I just heard Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” in the car.

(Why, by the way, do they play the same 40 songs on classic rock stations? And nothing after 1982?)

But what really gets me is Mike Windt, the University of Cincinnati long snapper via Elder High School.

My son long snapped against Windt in a Division I state playoff game in 2003 when Anderson head coach Vince Suriano dared take his Kurt Shoemaker-Matty Mullenaux Redskins into “The Pit.”  Just like he does now over at Mount St. Joe, Vince is one of those few guys that can beat more with less, so you know they gave them a good game. They got into the red zone about four or five times, but couldn’t come up with enough points to stop the Panthers’ march to the state title.

Never saw that Friday night game. That was Lewis’ first year here and he started taking the team early to the West Coast. So I was in Arizona trying to pick up the game on the Internet and trying not to throw up on the laptop. From what I remember, no bad long snaps in the Windt-Hobson duel.

Now the only thing they have in common is they’re both getting out of school and in the next few weeks are going to job interviews. My guy is getting out of grad school and heading to the Big Apple. Joe Windt’s kid is coming across town to put his resume in front of special teams coach Darrin Simmons.

I wish them both well as I steady my cane.

(You always  go to the kids for advice. I was thinking about writing a story built around the two kids. How they snapped against each other in a long-ago game and now one is headed to the real world and one is headed to the world all kids want to try.

“Nah,” my kid told me. “You know how you’re always saying that no one cares about what you do or think and they just want to read about the Bengals? They don’t care about me, either.”

Well played, kid.)

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4 Responses to “Of WRs, Rodney, and age”

  1. By 2ndboot on May 3, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry Hobby..You’re getting old there buddy and ‘gettin old ain’t for sissies’ as both my dad and Katherine Hepburn said.. To bad we never listen to mom and dad when we’re able and end up having to find out that they’re always a hellufalot smarter as they head into the gray hair stages than any of us ever dreamed.
    Maybe if we’re lucky our kids will say the same of us in just a few tiny short years from now.
    I know one thing for sure…Getting old REALLY ain’t for sissies…For that matter it’s only good for the birds..Oh well…

  2. By hobsonschoice1 on May 4, 2010 | Reply

    BOOT: You are so right. The only thing you can do is work out and not look at the birthdays.

  3. By 2ndboot on May 4, 2010 | Reply

    I’d like to work out again, but MS tells me to just stay put in my seat.. Right now walking is enough struggle so making it from the house to the driveway is my new workout, but hey, that cane lets me push down toward the ground at least. 😉

  4. By rambo23cyn on May 5, 2010 | Reply

    We have some depth at wide out now. I see chad and Bryant on the outside and shiply in the slot. What a great draft by the bengals to get such a talented slot WR so late. I was hoping for Taylor Mays becuse Zimmer loves a hard hitting safties ,but we needed a good tight end in the first. I cant wait to play the jet again and stomp thier butts in the ground!!!!!

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