Wilson adds depth; Jones brings question mark

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on May 6, 2010 – 5:13 pm

The Bengals have agreed to a one-year deal with safety Gibril Wilson, according to agent Alvin Keels.

As the business day wound down Thursday, all indications are if the Bengals do anything officially with Wilson and cornerback Adam Jones, it won’t be until Monday.

One of Jones’ representatives said Thursday that he had agreed to a two-year deal and Ray Savage said he expected him to be in town Monday to sign it.

Wilson brings 80 NFL starts, including 15 last year in Miami and 13 for the 2007 Super Bowl champ Giants. Jones hasn’t played since 2008, when he played in just nine games, the only times he has been on the field since 2006.

As Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer said back on Tuesday when reports surfaced the Bengals were going to sign Jones, he doesn’t know what Jones can do. He did tell Jones he’s not going to start and that he better play with more discipline. And he’ll have to play better than he did in ’08, when he was basically the Cowboys’ fourth corner. Unspoken is he’ll have to adhere to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s last-strike policy.

To be or not to be?

Now the Bengals are on stage.

Will he?

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  1. By carson9 on May 6, 2010 | Reply

    I think that Wilson has been over shadowed by the over exposure of Jones. At 205 he isn’t as bulky as Roy Williams ( listed at 222), but should be a solid backup in case Roy goes down with an injury. Im a big Roy Williams fan, however I’m worried about his health, as he hasn’t played a full 16 game season since 2006. Hopefully this signing will be done by next week, and we can breath a sigh of relief with a solid backup at strong safety.

  2. By bengals1019 on May 6, 2010 | Reply


    Please enlighten me. A full story would be awesome.


    I know he got in trouble but that was a couple years ago. The Bengals are self-admitted “redeemers”… the ultimate givers of second, third, fourth, fifth chances.

    If a guy like Pacman Jones gets another chance…. doesn’t ODEL THURMAN deserve another chance?

    I was always a huge Odell fan, and it seems that even with our immense talent at the LB position, that if he straightened out the off the field stuff…. that he would still be one of the top 5 LB’s on the roster and make the team. I’d rather have a healthy and focused Odell on the team than a solid, but not spectacular guy like Abdul Hodge… or Rashad Jeanty… or even Brandon Johnson. Those guys are Solid… but even Marvin Lewis was comparing Odell to a young Ray Lewis after he got drafted.

    Please Please Please enlighten me!

    Thanks in advance.

  3. By hobsonschoice1 on May 7, 2010 | Reply

    CARSON: Not only are you a big Roy guy, so is Zimmer. If he looks like he did in the preseason and early last season, they’ve really added another guy because he hardly played after the first three games.

    You’re right. Wilson is an intriguing guy himself. He’s not going to line up at nickel corner any time soon, but he’s advertised as a smart guy that won’t turn the run down and he’s got good enough hands that he’s got 13 picks in 84 games. They like this guy.

    That’s the thing about these two moves. They came after some intensive discussions with the coaches after their workouts on Tuesday. They had to talk to Jones for obvious reasons. And they wanted to find out why Wilson had been on three teams in the last three years. They were impressed with him and satisfied with the answers.

    Obviously management had to sign off on the moves, but you get the sense if the coaches didn’t like what they heard it was a no go.

    Another thing on Zimmer. You’ve seen his tough stance on Jones here and Jones better be ready. Zimmer knows it is no secret everybody knows Williams is his guy. That’s why Williams signed here last year, but it’s also why Zimmer is tough on him. Zimmer knows it’s the same thing with Jones. He raised his name back in February and Zimmer will raise a whole lot more if he doesn’t get what he expects.

  4. By hobsonschoice1 on May 7, 2010 | Reply

    BENGALS1019: I like Odell, too. If you saw where he lived and how he grew up under such tough economic circumstances, you would have given him a lifetime achievement award for simply getting drafted in the second round. That wasn’t easy.

    But Odell had his chances here. He blew more than one. You can say the same thing about Chris Henry, but Henry’s came in a crazy six-month period. Then he seemed to get it. I think it took Odell longer.

    Plus, they’ve moved on at linebacker. Dhani Jones has been a great fit with Zimmer in the middle and they’ve drafted his replacement in Rey Maualuga. I’m not sure Zimmer would tolerate Thurman’s free-lancing.

    Remember, when they re-signed Henry in August of ’08, they were desperate at receiver. It was after the preseason game Chad got hurt and wouldn’t be ready until the opener, and Caldwell hurt his foot and was out a month, T.J. was on the bench with a hammy, and Simpson wasn’t working out.

  5. By slykktee on May 7, 2010 | Reply

    bengals1019 – should we only give chance based on needs? i want odell back too. he is a great talent, he has been clean for 2 years and he knows the organizaion. better than adam jones and matt. Give the guy a chance. I do not want (Brooks and Spikes) to see him come back in the league and star on another roster.

  6. By reguynnc23 on May 7, 2010 | Reply

    He should prove to be a great addition to the Bengals. The lack of depth in the secondary has been addressed and this is now a complete team that is IMO ready for a playoff victory. I look for Cincinnati to play so well even M. Faulk gives the Bengals praise!

  7. By rambo23cyn on May 7, 2010 | Reply

    Johnes will be a forth string safty, I wonder if they pay him like one?

  8. By 3wt2 on May 7, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Mr. Hobson, speaking of high risk/ high reward recruits, is there any word about LaMarcus Coker joining the team?

  9. By bengals1019 on May 7, 2010 | Reply

    Hobson. Thanks for answering! I love the website and the frequency and quality of your stories. We are lucky to have a guy like you writing for Cincy. Hopefully you stick around a long time.

    Anyway…. re-visiting my original comment about Odell:

    Is he even interested in playing football at this point? Is he back in school? In arena league? Is he working with Willie Anderson for Fatburger? I’m just curious what he’s up to. I think Zimmer (based on everything I’ve read on here about Zimmer) would really be able to coral and focus his talent. Even as a backup or special teamer, he could be a beast. If he really has been clean for 2 years and wanted a tryout, do you think the Bengals would look into it?

  10. By whodeynation77 on May 8, 2010 | Reply

    There are so many positive things going on with this team and its going to be a great year! Pac Man Jones was on the espn highlight show everytime I turned the tv on a few years ago, and I would like to personaly thank Mike Brown for getting the job done by bringing back Coach Zimmer. Coach Zimmer is huge to this organization and our defense is exciting to watch. Add pac man jones to the mix…… I wish the season started tomorrow. Pac man and chad on the same team. Im ready to by season tickets just to watch these two guys go at it in practice. Superbowl 2010! Who dey!

  11. By mwindle1973 on May 9, 2010 | Reply

    Odell is a bit of myth in Bengal-lore. His rookie season was viewed as great mainly because his risk taking led to several INTs and a handful of big plays and a TD. His risk taking (talking on the field here) also led to over pursuing plays, being caught inside of traps, etc, etc. He’s just not as good as we remember him.

    Honestly do you think he could crack the starting lineup? If we needed LBs, I’d say do it. I think we very well might. Because it would be smart. That’s why Brown smartly trumped Marvin when it came to Henry. WHy let the guy we drafted and spent time trying to turn him around sign with another team and have success. When they have one strike left then they aren’t really a risk. Because if they do anything the NFL is getting rid of them. The team doesn’t even have to worry about it.

    In the case of Adam Jones. THis guy was a top 10 pick. And he has stayed out of trouble for over 18 months now. We lack quality depth at CB. The genuis is we aren’t counting on him. That’s when a team gets into problems. He has a chance to earn a spot here as CB 1-3. But he has to come and play backup for a season and show that he can keep his stuff together for a whole NFL season.

    I just don’t think Ahmad Brooks or Odell Thurman could make the roster here anymore. Brooks might. But Thurman no way. Knock Jeanty all you want but he’s a special teams leader, a big hitter and tough against the run. But he may not even make the team this year. After the top 4 there will be about 3-4 guys competing for that last spot

  12. By treniceb on May 9, 2010 | Reply

    The Bengals had a really good off season, to go with a good team. 10-6 again looks to be a lock. We need a field goal kicker, that seems to be our only weak area. Pressure busts pipes, and pressure gets to our kickers. We would have beat the Jets if it weren’t for Graham. Everything is in place, but a kicker. Palmer plays the filed position game now, and that means our kicker is very very important. Carson is trying to prevent from getting injured, relying on our special teams to get the job done instead. They gotta kick field goals in pressure situations. f we do that, we go 14-2. Baltimore is hype, they still have very little offensive weapons. We might sweep the Div again, or come really close (Rey Lewis is getting old)

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