Ocho fighting to get to Final Four

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After posting the lowest score in his first dance of the night on Monday’s Dancing With The Stars with a 21, Chad Ochocinco and partner Cheryl Burke responded with a 24 doing a ’60s jive that took them out of the basement by two points heading into Tuesday’s results show.

The usually upbeat Ocho couldn’t hide his concern when he groused about his posture, saying out loud after the second dance he’d be OK if he could find someone else’s.

Contacted a couple of hours before the show, The Ocho said he’s treating the final three shows like football.

“I’m taking it one dance at a time,” he said. “It’s just another week. I’m not looking at it like anything different than before. Just another week.”

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A Who’s Where

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The Bengals open their on-field voluntary sessions Tuesday morning and most everyone is expected.

Wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is, of course, detained by ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. But the offense could get a new/old  addition if not this week then soon. Word is the talks for tight end Reggie Kelly have heated up again and that might bear some fruit before May is very old. The Bengals would love to see him sooner rather than later. Not only to check out his surgically-repaired Achilles, but also for him to give the kiddie corps at tight end some whiskers. Most of the rookies, led by No. 1 pick Jermaine Gresham, the former Oklahoma tight end, don’t arrive until next week.

Right tackle Andre Smith (foot) doesn’t look like he’ll be ready to go Tuesday. Starting safety Chris Crocker (ankle) is still rehabbing and backup SAM linebacker Rashad Jeanty (leg) won’t be ready until training camp after he had surgery. But starting SAM backer Rey Maualuga looks to be ready. Dhani Jones, the other network star who appeared Monday on Today, figures to be back at middle linebacker Tomorrow.

Two guys not to look for:

Former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell and former Bills receiver Terrell Owens.

The Bengals are about eight players over the 80-man limit for training camp and they’re looking to cut rather than add. That is what the number would be if all the draft picks are signed and they won’t start counting against the roster until late June, when the first ones figure to sign.

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Aging as a Bengal (and not)

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Adam Jones (and we’re honoring his request to be called “Adam”) is still only 26?

He’s been in the news so much that he seems as old as a Supreme Court justice.

(And, by the way, here is another getting-old note before I forget:)

With word that President Obama has tapped 50-year-old Elena Kagan for the high court and with all signs pointing to her confirmation barring she didn’t inhale while at Princeton, that means anybody born in the ‘50s is now older than a Supreme Court justice.

And I don’t care if it is just by 11 months. That is still jarring. There may no bigger sign that the world’s fastest 40 time belongs to Father Time. )

Anyway, Jones doesn’t turn 27 until the fourth week of the season, Sept. 30, as the Bengals prepare for a game in Cleveland. Awfully young to be washed up, the Bengals hope.

Tank Johnson has it right.  The surest way for Jones to make sure he turns 27 as a Bengal, besides all the obvious off-field stuff, is to listen to defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and do everything he says. Jones has a history of freelancing and doing things on his own and Zimmer isn’t going to tolerate that for very long in his defense. The quickest way for Jones to get to the bubble of the roster on the field is to go outside the scheme.

That’s one of the reasons Zimmer was impressed by Jones’ workout last week. He not only did the drills well, but he followed the directions to a T. Jones showed he got the message from February, when Zimmer threatened to walk off the field after Jones kept running them wrong.  If he’s in the right spot, he’s got half the battle won. Zimmer thinks he can listen.

If Deion Sanders’ words prove true, “Coach, he’ll play for you,” then Zimmer and Jones should be on the same page.

A side note to the signing of safety Gibril Wilson:

 C.C.Brown signed on with the Lions, according to, after he and Ken Hamlin worked out for the Bengals two weeks ago.

Note who Brown joins in Detroit at safety. Two former Bengals, Marquand Manuel (a sixth-rounder in 2002) and Marvin White, a fourth-rounder in 2007.

 You’ve got to love Manuel, a guy that kept a list in his locker of the safeties drafted before him. Heading into his ninth season, no doubt he’s outlasted most of them with 116 games and 57 starts. The first safety taken in that draft? The Bengals’ Roy Williams with 102 games and 99 starts.

Not a bad run of sixth and seventh-round picks for the Bengals, starting in 2001 with T. J. Houshmandzadeh in the seventh, Manuel in the sixth in ’02, and Scott Kooistra in the seventh in ’03. All three are still playing elsewhere. The seventh-rounder in ’05, defensive lineman Jon Fanene, is coming off a career-high six sacks with the Bengals. Safety Chinedum Ndukwe, a seventh-rounder in ’07, was the team’s third-leading tackler last year and has made 25 NFL starts. A sixth-rounder in ’08, safety Corey Lynch, is still in the league, and the two six-rounders from ’09 – cornerback Morgan Trent and running back Bernard Scott –  played key roles last year.

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