Bengals among intact leaders

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on June 7, 2010 – 2:00 pm

When I grow up, I want to be like Mike Sando, ESPN’s NFC West blogger.

Sando is always offering something different and new and this time it his chart that rates the retention of last year’s NFL rosters. It should be no surprise for a team that is lining up every 2009 Opening Day starter on defense that the Bengals have the third highest retention rate behind only the Vikings and Cowboys.

The Sandotheorem is reached like so: Add the Week 17 starters, backups, and injured reserve players that remain with the ’09 team,  and divide those totals by the sum of 53 plus all players who were on IR lists in Week 17. The Bengals came in at .883 to lead the AFC even though starters Cedric Benson, Domata Peko, Chris Crocker and Robert Geathers were rested in Week 17.

Sando says, “The starter totals can be somewhat misleading for teams that rested key players before the playoffs, but the retention rates apply equally” because every team had 53 players on its roster in Week 17.

It accurately shows which teams are trying to make another run and which are trying to reload. The Vikes (.944) and the Cowboys (.891) led the way. The Bengals lead an AFC North that has surprisingly stayed pretty pat trying to catch them. Pittsburgh is second at (.833) with the 10th-highest retention rate, followed by the Ravens (.821), the 13th. The Browns (.788) are ranked 19th.

Seattle, at .661, and Detroit, at .696, had the most offseason flux. Interesting to note that two perennial playoff teams, the Eagles (25) and Colts (26) were among the lowest in retention. They are also two clubs that always seem to try and get youth in there no matter how well they did the year before.

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  1. By whodey2010 on Jun 7, 2010 | Reply

    Last night my cousin put me on to’s AFC North show. As I tuned in, I heard 2 Steeler fans trashing the “Bungles” for not making the playoffs in consecutive years ever. After listening for several minutes at all the other non sense they had to spew, I called in and reminded them that we not only swept them, but the whole division, and that the only starters we’ve lost were two offensive non factors: Coles and Jeremi Johnson. When I pointed out we completely revamped the receiving corps and added a really talented receiving TE, the airwaves went silent. The host told me nobody had ever made this loud mouth Steeler fan silent. I continued by informing him that we will probably cut 6 guys that will make impacts on other teams, simply because we are so deep now. I think it hit him that we only got better, while his team did little to improve. This was a really fun experience that I recommend all die hard fans try. It’s nice to give these guys the business on legit grounds.

  2. By chad85esteban on Jun 7, 2010 | Reply

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard of this stat either. Well defensively speaking, this is a great sign. With everyone coming back, it tells us we will be more comeptetitve and deeper across Mike Zimmer’s roster sheet. So you have to feel this 12% turnover rate will tell us that our passing game will be more vertical with the addition of some new receiving weapons Palmer. And for Darrin Simmons, with our returners coming back and some solid competition breathing down their neck, you also have to feel we will be in a better place with our return game. So to me it comes down to our receivers……and kicker. How will the new kicker do? Say what you will about Graham’s clutch ability, but the guy was a pretty darn consistent kicker for us. But it was time. Conclusively, Bengaldom has to feel good about going DEEP into the playoffs this time around…..

  3. By theredbengal on Jun 7, 2010 | Reply

    Interesting. I like their company at the top of that list. This just reinforces my optimism for the team. They kept the guys that got them to the playoffs last year and just played add on with Bryant, Adam Jones, Gibril Wilson, Gresham, Dunlap and the rest of the draftees.

    It’s been a great off-season to be a bengals fan

  4. By carson9 on Jun 8, 2010 | Reply

    Its good to hear that Mike Brown is trying to keep the talent here. I was really suprised that we lead the North in Retention, that’s a good sign.

  5. By bengalbowl on Jun 8, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Hobson, this is kind of off topic, but it kind of relates. I was wondering if you could list who is scheduled to become a free agent in the next two years. I was on PFT the other day and someone made a comment about the Bengals will probably lose either Hall or Joseph to free agency. I was wondering what you think about that? This organization can be thrifty at times, and they both are going to be needing big contracts(I believe within one year of each other), do you really think they will let one of them walk? It makes me sick to think it might happen, but I could see it possibly happening.

  6. By kingbengal on Jun 9, 2010 | Reply

    The Bengals are NO Doubt the favorite in the ever so TOUGH AFC North,the defence is top 10 in the NFL,and with the addition of Bryant & Gresham along makes Cincy 60% better on Offence,and if Cauldwell is 100% healthy along with Coffman who is a very talented pass catching Tight-end,and CHAD!,no more favoring one side of the field during the game,& Benson healthy,with Mendenhall & Scott as a change of pace back,Cincy should be a top 5 offence in the NFL this year.NOT to mention Shiply & Brisco are the wild card for Cincy,anyone should love Brisco he compete’s for every ball thrown his way,just like Bryant & Cauldwell and Carson needs wide-outs that compete’s for every ball thrown their way on the field.And the O-Line is still in-tact from last year,with BIG Smith Healthy,all Cincy needs is Carson Palmer 110% healthy ALL year LONG.

  7. By 2ndboot on Jun 9, 2010 | Reply

    There seems to be a couple of things going on with retention. It’s great to have guys back who know the system and where the chemistry is great, but there’s also the flip side where let’s face it..Guys get older.
    In an ideal world the only players to leave would be only guys who have aged out and are no longer able to compete, but on the same hand fresh, young talent also has to come on every year or there would be no draft.
    Retention though with the Bengals is great because over the years if memory serves me there were times when nobody wanted to remain with the team and they paid for it too. I’ll never forget 28’s comment on national TV, “They don’t even wanna win..” and perhaps they didn’t, but as a fan I won’t forgive those words so I said good riddance there. Great talent, but if he didn’t want to be here then hit the road jack..
    Retention is fantastic, but I hope it never becomes so fixated to the point where everyone says the team is plain old and tired. With current coaching I don’t think it will ever go to that level.

  8. By 2ndboot on Jun 12, 2010 | Reply

    I was thinking about retention when I read the piece on nationalfootballpost about TO and why he can’t find a job ( )then got to thinking of another player currently on our roster who has similar traits, none other than the Ocho.
    I like Ocho so don’t get me wrong. He’s been the best receiver in many, many years for us if not of all time, but he’s not getting any younger and still doesn’t show up unless it’s mandatory.
    At some point he’ll age out where he just can’t cut muster anymore and by all signs it seems he’s the kind of guy who will continue to think he’s still the greatest receiver in the league and where does that leave the Bengals and future plans?
    Do we stay with the great retention scheme or do we someday tell him it’s time to move on and where does that leave him?
    There is never a shortage of fans who hate him and his antics and some will say he’s some sort of cancer as well. Personally I hate that kind of label stamped on any player, even TO, but will he someday get the same kind of treatment TO is now getting and be out there hoping some team gets desperate? I would rather he gracefully retire a Bengal, but it’s tough to even guess what goes through the head of the Ocho.

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