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Posted by hobsonschoice1 on July 26, 2010 – 8:18 am

Bengals president Mike Brown hosts the annual training camp media luncheon Monday at Paul Brown Stadium and lately it has produced more news combined than the 40 or so that came before them.

This one should be no exception with all the Terrell Ownens stuff popping and we’ll see if that can get cleared up.

As the weekend careened to a finish, it appeared the only team that had offered Owens a contract was the Rams. With the Bengals coaching staff getting in place today with some headed to the luncheon and some getting packed up for Georgetown, they look to be in a better decision-making mode than they were last week, the last break before camp.

To make a n offer or not make an offer?

It’s not an easy issue to resolve. You can make 10 arguments against it (age, chemistry, makeup of the wide receiver position) and 10 for it (final piece of the puzzle for a contender, great red-zone target for a team that has struggled in the red zone since the loss of Chris Henry, another weapon for Carson) and I’m not sure there is a right or wrong answer.

It’s not exactly the Cuban Missle Crisis, but it’s not a multiple choice question, either.

Given the smoke signals sent out by Chad Ochocinco and Palmer reportedly pleased by his workouts with Owens, it is hard to see the Bengals not making an offer, certainly before they report to camp Wednesday and maybe as soon as Monday.

That’s where it is pretty clear cut. With a bunch of young core players coming up on deals, the Bengals aren’t going to offer the 36-year-old Owens a lot of money. It will certainly be one-year and incentive-laden if they do, and the Rams won’t have trouble coming up with more. Then it would be a clear choice for Owens. More money with a rookie QB and a club destined to win three games vs. playing with Ocho and Palmer and a shot at Super Sunday.

  Also expected at the luncheon besides Brown and head coach Marvin Lewis are the coordinators, Bob Bratkowski on offense, Mike Zimmer on defense, and Darrin Simmons on special teams.

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