Don’t forget rookie deals

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on July 27, 2010 – 11:25 am

No matter what happens with Terrell Owens, the Bengals are probably going to announce at least one rookie signing Tuesday and maybe another one with the report date 26 hours away.

They are apparently close to getting fourth-rounder Roddrick Muckelroy into the fold officially and the hope is that third-rounder Jordan Shipley isn’t far behind. That would leave the top two picks, tight end Jermaine Gresham and defensive end Carlos Dunlap, unsigned as the players begin to move into Georgetown College.

As for Owens, it sounds like if the Bengals can’t get him on the field by Thursday’s first practice at 9 a.m. they’ll move on, but you’d have to say the situation is fluid with ESPN reporting the Jets are interested in Owens.

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  1. By 34inXXIII on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    I was just thinking earlier today how nice it would be to get Owens, Shipley & Gresham in camp ASAP to provide Palmer plenty of time to work with the plethora of weapons at his disposal. With the Jets’ interest in TO now described as “minimal” (per Pro Football Talk), his options seem to be getting more & more limited. While the imminent Muckelroy signing has been fairly well known, this is the first I’ve heard of movement regarding Shipley. Great news, indeed.

    Can’t say that I honestly expected Gresham in camp on day one, but I’d be shocked (and highly disappointed) to see a lengthy holdout. Would love to see him in early next week and getting ready for his trip to Canton ( in more ways than one).

  2. By 2ndboot on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    With TO reportedly also interested by/with/maybe in NY could it be said he’s now just trying to ramp up the dollar signs? Could this be a way of getting ol Mikey Boy to open the Bengals wallet a bit wider?
    Rookies always try to squeeze every nickel out even though they’re unproven in the NFL. Let’s hope there are no big time holdouts this year.

  3. By 2ndboot on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    I guess you’re aware the Jets are reportedly “kicking the tires” on TO and he gave them a Wednesday deadline to accept his deal and OH yeah..did you read the part about Mikey predicting no lockout?
    To me that’s more interesting than the never ending TO melodrama..

  4. By hobsonschoice1 on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    Depends who you are talking to on the Jets and Owens. After just talking to a media guy up there, it sounds like the Jets are simply kicking the tires like they did with JaMarcus Russell last month and this guy doubts very seriously the Jets would do it. Once Santonio Holmes comes off his four-game suspension, then what happens with Edwards and Cotchery also in the mix?

    No question money is a factor here, but I don’t see the Bengals moving much off their initial offer to T.O. After all, he seems to be the guy that initiated the talks on Friday and it seems the Bengals feel good enough about kids like Briscoe and Simpson that they’re not looking to dole out something like $4M on a 36-year-old receiver. No doubt a Hall of Fame receiver, a guy that is still very good, but is 36 just the same.

    I’m with you, RC, I don’t see the Gresham holdout being a long one. Agent Ben Dogra has other first-round fish to fry (five other picks) and you have to think he’s in there by the weekend.

  5. By 2ndboot on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    Geoff, I asked this once before and never really got an answer, but when players go to the practice squad and another team “claims them” do they have to go with the other team or can they turn it down and elect to stay with the team that drafted them?
    Say, for example Briscoe.. If they don’t have the room and put him on the PS and say for example Detroit claims him.. Can he tell Detroit to go cook an egg somewhere else or is he stuck with them?

  6. By chad85esteban on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    As a 28 year old Bengals fan, I’ve never been this excited (at least in my adult life) about a Bengals team and upcoming season. On paper we look Super Bowl worthy. Since we are on the topic of rookie signings, if Gresham signs within the next week, what are the chances of him being our starting TE from the first game? I have to believe that our TE to start the season is going to be Kelly, based on experience and familiarity….am I wrong? What role will Gresham play to start the year?

  7. By whodey2010 on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    As nice of a player as Dunlap is, Gresham should be top priority. He NEEDS to be there on day one, because he will have a BIG roll in this offense, especially with T.O. now in the fold. If Dunlap isn’t here, that position is a bigger battle than receiver, so……

  8. By theredbengal on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    Wow, what a day to be a Bengals fan!

    Muckelroy and Shipley sign their deals AND bengal fans everywhere are getting their popcorn ready with the news about TO coming to town.

    The weakness of the last 8 weeks of last year was the passing game. Now, it is arguably the strongest, and that is saying something, considering that could be said about almost every position group on this Bengals squad.

  9. By 2ndboot on Jul 28, 2010 | Reply

    LOL It wasn’t all that long ago when everyone was saying, “Man, if only we had a decent quarterback we could win a few games..”

  10. By kingbengal on Aug 1, 2010 | Reply

    I pray Cincy Gets Gresham,and Shiply deals done,and i think that kid Brisco has already sign. So Carson should get plenty of REPS. with EVERYONE,Because Cincy is PRIME for a CHAMPIONSHIP,CARSON! has weapons and the D-fence is solid.

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