NFL statement on Maualuga

Posted by bengalsweb on August 17, 2010 – 4:12 pm


The following was released by the NFL on Tuesday pertaining to Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga’s arrest in January 2010. He will not face any game suspension.

“Rey Maualuga of the Cincinnati Bengals has been fined two game checks and will forfeit an additional 2/17 of his signing bonus attributable to 2010 for an alcohol-related violation of law (DUI) that is also a violation of the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.”

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  1. By 2ndboot on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    I’m glad for Rey more because he’s getting his life together, BUT the Bengals AND the NFL, MLB and NBA really need to set a no-tolerance policy with DUIs and here’s why.. When the rest of us get nailed on a DUI we almost always do jail time, but when players get one they get a slap on the wrist and people act as if it should be that way.
    Laws are very harsh on non-players, but for players there seems to be a double standard.
    I have a friend who is now off to prison for 10 years here in Texas for his 4th which is inexcusable, but 10 years? Had he killed someone maybe, but he was just pulling into his driveway coming back from the local gas station to buy beer.. If this were an NFL player, MLB player, etc fans would be screaming to let them go and maybe a fine that really won’t effect their lives all that much..
    When one of us gets a DUI the fines often are so high in proportion to our wages we sometimes live in poverty as a result and we lose all driving privileges sometimes for years and sometimes for life in addition to jail time as well as losing our livelihoods in many cases.
    I’m not suggesting Rey get the book thrown at him nor that he be sent to prison, but what I am suggesting is the NFL and MLB and even NBA set the rules so that EVERY player who signs a contract to play is aware that if they receive a DUI they will not play their game nor be paid AT all for a min of 1 full year.
    That would stop a lot of the DUI’s among athletes.
    Sweeping it under the rug tells me they’re above the law..
    I hope for Reys good he never gets behind the wheel with ANY alcohol in his system. The stuff is a poison not just to the brain and body, but to a persons whole life.
    Done with my soapbox..

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