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A few afterthoughts from a Hurricane Hangover in Carolina:

» You have to like the moxie with Marvin “Bill Parcells” Lewis going for it on fourth-and-two and fourth-and-one and trying a 50-yard field goal on a sponge with a scant three-point lead and just 14:53 left. Who didn’t think he was nuts for sloshing out the kicker that point? The only way Jimmy Clausen beats you is on a short field. But Mike Nugent took Lewis off the hook.

(Imagine where a wide right would have left Lewis on the heels of the late spike to end the first half.)

On further review, special teams coach Darrin Simmons put on quite a show on that fourth-and-two from his own 40 in the second quarter. Punter Kevin Huber was actually on the field. I failed to see him on the field during the game, but then I wasn’t looking for him at left tackle, either. With the real tackles on the right side, running back Brian Leonard knew where to take that direct snap wide to convert.

Good for Simmons on the field where he broke in as an NFL assistant special teams coach 11 years ago. His guys won the game. They can say the conditions were lousy for offense with the field and ball so wet. But punt returner Quan Cosby looked like he was playing in a dome with a flawless day fielding five with no fair catches. Throw in two Nugent FGs and five Huber punts inside the 20, and it looked like the two local guys grew up on the Kings Island water rides.

» Not a great field for offense, but on any surface it shows that this team will only go as far as the offensive line takes it. They not only have to protect the quarterback, which was shaky at times against a Panthers pass rush that had done nothing in the first two games, but they at least have to play as well as they did last year and it hasn’t happened yet.

Center Kyle Cook has made more mistakes with the snap count than he made all last season and right tackle Dennis Roland is struggling on pass pro. Cook was so solid last year that he’ll really give them a lift with a return to form.  It looks they either have to develop Andre Smith more or give Roland more help on the edge. Roland is a smart guy, football savvy, the best technician on the line. But sometimes that kind of guy needs help in a league stocked with athletes. 

And will we see Anthony Collins and Evan Mathis? Last we knew, Collins, a fourth-round pick, played fairly well at left tackle as a rookie in 2008 before they switched him to right tackle last year. Mathis rotated quarters with Nate Livings at left guard for much of last season. But neither have played as much this season as they did last season.

» Exhibit A why the line is the key: Quarterback Carson Palmer had a chance to pop the big play everyone has sought and he had wide receiver Terrell Owens running past the linebackers wide open. But it looked like Cook, left tackle Andrew Whitworth and running back Bernard Scott couldn’t fend their guys off long enough and Palmer got hit and the ball ended up short for an interception.

Not even sure the first interception was Palmer’s fault, too. It looked like The Ocho was getting used to the field as he splashed his way to what looked like an in route. But he looked tentative on the slippery field and stopped before cutting in. When he didn’t extend his arms in front of the DB, it made you think he didn’t have traction.

But, yes, there were some other Palmer throws that were ill-advised and should have been picked. He was about as inaccurate as he’s ever been in the NFL, which means it’s a little bit of everything. Weather, protection, himself.

» Did anybody else think it curious that Lewis said after the game he wanted to play a field position game and the first three plays were passes?

But offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski steered it back on course with the smashmouth 16-play drive in the second quarter and running back Cedric Benson’s nine-carry third quarter to get nearly a full quarter edge in time of possession. And it really opened up play-action, didn’t it on the last two passes of the game that meant something? Both were off run fakes and they were the widest receivers were open all day.

» How good and deep are the Bengals DBs? They lose starting cornerback Johnathan Joseph in the last four minutes of the win against Baltimore, and they don’t miss a beat with safety Chris Crocker moving to corner.  Third corner Adam Jones missed the Carolina win and they are successful on nine of 11 third-down tries with Morgan Trent coming off the bench to reprise his third corner role from last season.

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  1. By mechanicaleyez on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    The main issue is a combination of poor protection and even worse mechanics. Any action at, or around Carson’s knees and the ball is high and away. I’ve watched every pass play from the last 20 games in slow motion and the only consistent thing is Carson’s inconsistent throwing technique. The film doesn’t lie, and until Palmer executes the simple basics under pressure… this offense will continue to misfire. We can sit and make excuses, or we can call it for what it is… either way, not worth 118 million dollars. I played Quarterback, I severely sprained my plant-knee… I know what its like to get back there again. Until he overcomes his fear, he will never regain his golden touch.

  2. By phlockar on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I think I speak for most of us Bengals fans and the excuses are running thin. Marvin said after the game something along the lines of “we did what we wanted to”. Ok. Yea, we got the win. My question to that is did we want to keep a bad team in the game the entire time? Don’t let the score fool you, it was much closer. Did we want our franchise QB to have one of the worst games of his career and now be questioned not only by national media but the locals and his very own fans that wear #9 on Sundays with him? We’re 2-1, great. But defense and field positioning isn’t the recipe for another division crown with the schedule we have. I can’t take much more of “we’ll practice and clean it up”. We’re going into the 4th game of the season. The mistakes that we’re making are barely acceptable for week 1 let alone now.

  3. By hobsonschoice1 on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    The season Palmer came back from the knee surgery, he went to the Pro Bowl completing 62 percent of his passes with his second most TD throws (28) and highest yards per attempt of his career. So how screwed up are his mechanics because of the knee? I would venture to say no QB has good mechanics if 300-pound werewolves are chewing on a lower limb, which has became more of a constant in the last three years. His courage in the pocket, I think, can’t be questioned.

    LOCK: I hear you and have the same frustrations. But if you expect a NFL coach to say anything else, you’ve got a long wait.

  4. By mwindle1973 on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    D & STs is the recipe for another division crown. It worked last year. We aren’t as bad as it seems right now. It’s the protection. We maybe need to accept our limitations, and do something to buy Carson more time. Put Reggie in the backfield. Bring Collins in on 3rd down. Roll the pocket. And maybe Marvin needs to get in Brat’s back pocket a little more. Like he did last season when he held a firmer hand over the offensive play calling.

    I think what we are trying to do is what the Cowher coached Steeler’s used to do. Come out and put up 10-14 pts then start pounding the ball and playing D & STs & ball/clock control.

    Marvin and Carson are probably both very bothered and upset by all this. But I think everyone is being level headed and keeping it “in-house”. Where it should be. If they start calling people out publicly then the media makes it into a story and it can become something very negative. They have plenty of time this is only week 4 that we are going into. And we are lucky enough to have the Browns, Bucs & Bye in the next 3 weeks.

  5. By windkurtis on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply


    I really want to give Carson the benefit of the doubt. The line has been horrendous, to be nice. But even when he has time, he seems to short arm the ball and doesn’t have the velocity to make the longer throws. I know everyone loves to blame the knee, but as you say, he had one of his best years the year after the knee injury. Could this still be linger effects from the elbow problem in ’08? Hard to explain the seeming decline of a guy who was mentioned in the same breath as Brady and Manning just a few years ago. Is it the classic case of Bengals shell-shock which has ruined more than a few Bengals’ QBs during the lost decade?

  6. By bengalbowl on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Hobson everytime Carson has a bad game which seems to be almost every game these days, you make excuses for him. I know he came back in 06, but something is obviously wrong with him. He has looked awful all year, he won’t step into his throws if anyone is around. The facts are that he has missed some easy throws this year and he has thrown some ridiculous interceptions.

  7. By chiragn on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    My belief is that this whole offensive fiasco is a result of the bengals front office always being stuck in molasses. The opportunity to bring in a new offensive coordinator was there in 08 when Carson went down with the elbow. It has been clear for a long time that the bengal offense is bland. They talk about how the defenses are taking both chad and t.o away. The fact that this offense lets its play selection be dictated by the coverage should tell you something, that they aren’t good enough to keep the defense guessing. It means that the defense know brat’s playbook and knows what formations we run our signature route’s out of. Furthermore, brat has a great run game to work with yet hardly ever calls play action shots down the field. The packers lost their best tailback for the season and they run play action 2-3 times per drive. I understand the o-line has pass protection issues but the coordinators job is to try and keep the defense guessing so that they can’t always pin their ears back and rush the passer. Just look at the seahawks, matty h does not have a great o-line yet they continually find ways to rack up yardage in the passing game. I understand the quarterback is having problems with accuracy, but as a voracious watcher of football i can tell you that his windows are vastly smaller than almost any other qb in the league. We have the browns, bucs and a bye coming up. If this team is serious about a superbowl they would fire brat now, replace him with zampese or brian billick and hope that the pass game finds a groove in the 2nd half. I know that installing a new offense isn’t going to happen over night, but we’ve got a smart, veteran qb and 2 hall of fame receivers. I’m sure their learning curves aren’t going to be as long. Obviously this won’t happen now as Mike Brown will wait until after the season to do it…

  8. By chiragn on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    Truth be told I wouldn’t even mind keeping the same offensive system, but if thats the case then marvin has to understand that we’re going to have to go back to being an air it out team that runs primarily 3 and 4 wr sets with tons of double moves. Being a run first team isn’t going to get it done against the saints, chargers, colts or any team representing the nfc in the superbowl. If we go back to the no huddle, there’s no reason to believe ced can’t run for 1200 yards…just look to the 05 team. Bottom line here is that the organization knows what the problem is and they are doing an injustice to the fans by telling us that “teams are taking away the two guys on the outside, but hey at least jermaine had 60 yards receiving!”…that is a huge slap in the face to the people that watch this team every sunday. Just because we aren’t football coaches doesn’t mean we don’t intuitively understand the game…

  9. By overthroensamoan on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with the OL problems. I think this OL overachieved for much of last season until the glass slipper finally broke toward the end of last year. I find it hard to believe that Brat and Alexander are surprised that a OL made up of 3 undrafted free agents are having trouble in pass protecting and opening up holes for Ced. As suspect as they’ve played that still is no excuse for how poorly CP has played. He looks tentative and unprepared. Maybe if A Smith can shed his bust label and Mathis can start getting some snaps over what appears to be an unathletic and overmatched Nate Livings could lead to the reemergence of the old CP. Cook needs to be called as well but your only other option is rookie Reggie Stephens. Don’t think thats going to help the confidence problem.

  10. By boogiebass on Sep 27, 2010 | Reply

    We are stuck with Palmer and Bratkowski, just accept it and get used to not being able to stretch the field. Trust me it will catch up once again. Bratkowski should have been gone years ago and Carson looks like anything but an NFL QB. I hate it because I want to love the Bengals but man do they look like clowns out there. Call it what it is, but this team is in for a serious wake up call. I guess we need 10 Receivers to find one open, but then again Carson would float it or throw it short. Thank goodness for a Great D and D coordinator. But D as we will see don’t win play-off games.

  11. By thefatmann on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    I will say it again, the o-line is weak. They played a pathetic game against the Panthers.

    Carson is a drop back passer and needs a four count. If he dosen’t get will not have a good game.

    There is no way this team goes anywhere this year with this line as it is.

    If there were a bunch of rookie o-linemen we would at least have hope for improvement through experience; however, these guys have experience and are still WEAK.

    1: lacking strength: as
    a : deficient in physical vigor : feeble, debilitated
    b : not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain c : not able to resist external force or withstand attack
    d : easily upset or nauseated

  12. By hobsonschoice1 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Bengalbowl – Thanks for the note, but what do you mean? I said Carson missed some throws. I said he was inaccurate. I said he won with his worst passing rating ever. But I’m also trying to present the entire picture, which seems to be a perpetual problem.

    In the old days, if you wrote about both sides of a story, you were doing your job. Now, they say you’re spinning or making excuses.

    If something isn’t Carson’s fault, I don’t see that as an excuse. I said he screwed up the first interception. I said he could have had three other throws picked off. I quoted Marvin after the game saying he should have thrown it out of the end zone if he knew Gresham wasn’t able to fall in to stop the clock.

    I don’t think I let him off the hook, but he’s not the whole story.

    I get it, though.

    It is hard for Bengaldom to watch these other games and see guys like Jay Cutler and Johnny Knox hook up free and easy on a long bomb at the end of the half. Or watch Charlie Batch come out the recycling bin and look like Terry Bradshaw. Or note a former Carson backup in Matt Cassel get revived in a 3-0 start.

    It is hard to see all this stuff around the league and not wonder what the heck is going on.

    Their early struggles show you one thing, though. Defense and special teams take you a long way. An offense that could manage just three TDs a game most of the time might be all you need.

    Hey Boogie – You’re right about scoring in the playoffs. But with this schedule, you won’t even make the playoffs if you don’t score. You could get great defensive games against the Saints, Colts, Chargers, and Falcons and still give up 24 points. But if you can’t average at least 24…

  13. By ncbengal on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Short and sweet… are we looking at FB options? I’m only one of many who thinks our offense is really missing this piece.

  14. By bengalsfan1 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    An offense that could manage just three TDs a game most of the time might be all you need.

    Well If we could get to this I would feel a lot better. We know the Defense and kicker are good for a few points. Time for the Offense to step up.

  15. By mechanicaleyez on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Why do we keep talking about ’06? Or mention Palmer’s courage in the pocket? His shredded knee and jacked elbow are proof that the guy was once willing to stare down the barrel of a blitzing gun. Even today, he still stands tall in the pocket waiting for someone to get open. But THAT isn’t the issue, never has been.

    For 118 million dollars, the question for 2010 is: “What have you done lately?” Carson’s last Pro-Bowl season isn’t going to help us win this year’s SuperBowl. Is it? I don’t understand the reasoning. Sure Palmer came back and had an awesome year in ’06… he had something to prove to the team, the sports-nation and to himself.

    I clearly stated that I re-watched the last 20 games after the knee/elbow injuries and by all appearances, when Carson feels that he has space to step, plant and throw… his balls look like they did coming out of USC. Near perfect. When Carson DOESN’T do those three things (for whatever the situational reason)… he looks Carolina-bad, almost every time.

    I know its not ALL on CP-9, it’s scheme, it’s lineplay and it’s the receivers’ route running. Continuously talking about how awesome he was in ’06 and living in yesteryear isn’t got to fix what is wrong with the entire Offense today.

    Fans pay to see results on the field, not ad-nauseum excuses.

  16. By 303bengalguy on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Can you go more into depth with the O-Line? Like, what is the deal with Collins and Smith? I don’t feel like I really know what’s going on with those two, and I read every article on this site. Don’t dredge the boards much lately and haven’t been able to catch games live yet this season due to locale (Denver) but would love to know where these two are at, and why… These guys are two brick-houses that could be playing major roles but aren’t.

  17. By atn1980 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Hobs… I told you in the preseason that the O-line was horrible. And if you remember I said that EVERYONE on the O-line makes mistakes not just one guy… You said that is what the preseason is for… I’m just wondering what you are thinking now? 3 games into the season and the O-line can’t give Carson time to let plays develop… Not to mention that T.O. needs to go get the ball instead of waiting for it to get to him and Chad needs to stop thinking about YaC… Just catch the darn ball first and then make your move. I do agree with you about Carson, yes he’s playing badly… but you can only be as good as the group surrounding you. Any QB is going to have bad throws throughout the game, I just think we notice them more when the offense is struggling to give him time.

  18. By jbroyles on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a Bengals fan for years now, and I have just got to be blunt about my opinion. I love the team, and I am loyal and defend them all the time, but I can’t keep getting my hopes every year because of poor execution. The problem isn’t with individual players, its with the coaches, and the the team itself. We have talent, we have guys who are really good at their position, but we just don’t execute like we should.

    Solution? Stop hesitating with all this “find our identity hokum” and use what we have. Go back to last years play style, just cuz we have two premier WR’s doesn’t mean we have to go to start Run n Gun, but go last years style and Ground and Pound. Benson is like a moving battering ram, let him bowl over people and set up our receivers to make plays. Last year was a terrific year until it crumbled in the playoffs.

    But we HAVE the same team s last year, save for one, (T.O). This hugely would have helped our team last year in play style. I am saying stop with the different passing schemes and go with what works. We know our identity and if we want to start winning this is my suggestion, which should have never been tossed out the window! *****Go back to our no huddle offense, and use Cedric Benson and Brian Leonard to wear down the defense, then use our play action schemes to let Ocho or T.O get deep. I don’t know why we tossed that out the window. Stop trying to be like the Patriots or the Cowboys or Colts, and do what Bengals do best: beat the crap out of the D, then bomb it long!

    As for our Defense, they are doing their job like they should. The only problem is our front four has to penetrate the pocket better, because J. Jo and Hall can’t chase receivers all day. But, I am not a coach so its not like it matters. But honestly, we have all the tools we need to make last years team better, but at the addition of a few players we change our entire scheme to accommodate one? Please, go back to the roots and you will see Division and AFC champ in no time!

  19. By chiragn on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Talking about 06 highlights the problems of 2010. The point is we have the same qb, great receivers, and the same coordinator…yet we cannot manage to do 2 things like we did in 05-06: pass protect and get guys open consistently. In order to do those things I think it’s clear brat must commit to a style of play. 05-07 we were clearly a passing team that put up big numbers. 08-09 we were a run first team that was able to get something out of the passing game when it mattered most (until people found out they didn’t have to cover coles, caldwell or the TE at all). The point is we were committed to being one kind of team over the other. Now brat is talking about how he doesn’t want an identity, he wants to keep people guessing what they are going to do every sunday. This line of reasoning is counter intuitive considering the bengals call their plays according to the coverage, thus allowing the defense to pick and choose what you can and cannot do. If we’re going to have any kind of success this year with this coordinator then we’re going to have to practice like a passing team during the week and come and run 3 and 4 receiver sets most of the game. I understand that carson is going to take some hits doing this because the o-line has issues, but that is part of the game. you don’t pass for 4,000 yards and not take some hits unless your name is brady, brees or manning. Furthermore, carson is great and reading coverage and at the very least he should know where the pressure is coming from and if he has 4 guys out wide (chad, owens, shipley and gresham) then he should be able to complete the short hot read to any of those guys who are all dangerous after the catch. This team needs to stop protecting palmer and say you know what, you’re going to take more sacks than ever this year, but you’re also going to make some big plays. This would play to the strengths of carson who has always been great in a fast paced rhythm offense. It is pretty pathetic that we are the one team in the league who some feel have a big time qb, yet can’t utilize the skills that made him the number 1 pick in the first place. Thats a waste of 118 million dollars if i’ve ever seen it.

  20. By hobsonschoice1 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    MECHANICAL: “I played Quarterback, I severely sprained my plant-knee… I know what its like to get back there again. Until he overcomes his fear, he will never regain his golden touch.”

    I brought up ’06 and his courage in the pocket because you brought up his knee and his alleged fear in the pocket.

    Those who bring up his knee are the ones living in the past and are not addressing the problems in 2010. Certainly standing in there is not his problem.

    And there are plenty. Are they problems or excuses?

    One problem? They should move him out of the pocket more.

    Another problem? As long as they continue to block one-on-one up front and not give their tackles help (specifically the right tackle) in pass protection as if Willie Anderson and Levi Jones are still there, then he’s rarely going to have enough time for a seven-step drop long pass.

    You say his mechanics are messed up. But you also say they are fine when he feels he has the time and space. That seems to me, then, not a QB issue, but a protection issue. Or are you saying the lack of protection has screwed up his mechanics?

    Or is talking about the problems excuse making?

    I’m with you. We all know there are issues. We all think we have the answers. Let’s see what is the next result up in Cleveland.

  21. By kaptkurt on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    2-1 That’s our record. If I told you that our record after 3 games would be 2-1 when the schedule came out, most fans would be doing cartwheels. Instead all hear is how terrible our offense is, Palmer’s a bum, fire Brat. I’m waiting for the “why didn’t we get Vick when we had a chance” post to show up. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a very good team. These posts are what I’d expect 10 years ago when we sucked. (or maybe after week 1 lol) 2-1 not a bad place to be right now.

  22. By hobsonschoice1 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    303 and 1980: I think you know what I think about how the O-line is playing after Monday’conversation with Brat. I asked about Collins and Smith and while he didn’t say much about Collins, he did suggest that they’re not happy with Smith’s progress.

    Collins is a good pass protector and you’d think he’d be an option at right tackle if Smith isn’t ready.

  23. By crohrbaugh on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    I think 20% of the problem is Carson, 30% is the oline and 50% is Brat. Yes, Carson has been inaccurate at times and the oline should be protecting better, but holy cow why are we so predictable and boring??? There is a difference between simplicity and just plain bland predictability. Watching teams with mediocre talent this week like Kansas City and you see creative playcalling that effectively keeps defense on their heels. Imagine what we could do with talent AND creative play calling.

    We have so much talent, but we’re not using any of it. Someone earlier made a good point about the defense dictating what we can run. Are you kidding me? If we have Carson, Chad, TO, Gresh, Shipley, Ced, Scott and Leonard and mediocre defenses are dictating what we run the how does Brat still have a job? He’s obviously in over his head. This year has been the worst, I couldn’t believe how many times I was yelling at the TV about play calling.

    (Except of course the brilliantly creative playcalling with two passes on 3rd 2 and 4th 2 to end a drive instead of running for the first)

    Hobson, can you answer me two questions if you get a chance.

    1. Who is to blame for all the delay of games (or very close)? Does Carson need to get to the line quicker to read the D and make adjustements or is it a matter of getting the plays in earlier? It seems like we need to be at the line at least by 15sec in order to be able to audible.

    2. What’s with all the motion? It seems to be happening way to much, with no effect on the defense, and making the line hesitant or early.

  24. By johnkr104 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    OK I can’t help but say something. WE HAVE A 2 and 1 record with a loss to the Patriots. Why oh why is everyone so worried about the whole entire offense. I can see being concerned about certain things but the fact is I have read that the average win in the NFL is about three points we beat the Panthers by 13 and everyone is worried about the offense. If we won 27 to 14 would everyone be so worried? A win is a win. I can only hope that we win all of the ugly games. Because guess what that means… we WIN. Am I the only person that appreciates a win anymore. Don’t you guys remember the 90’s.

  25. By 2ndboot on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    I have to admit this is the most amount of whining and complaining after a win I have ever seen in my 50 something years bar none.
    This team has won 2 straight and you would think we’ve lost 10 straight.
    Sure the hype went on overdrive, but come on folks. get realistic.
    Quarterbacks and players are going to have off times when everything doesn’t work the way fans like, but the coaches and QBs aren’t going to do things according to fan whining and lets hope they never start.
    This team will have some great games, but right now they’re in sluggish mode and still winning. Years past we could have merely written them off by now, but we still have a shot at wining this division, but whining and complaining non-stop at Carson and the guys isn’t going to exactly act as a conduit to make them play better. Right now I wouldn’t blame them if they said the heck with it. let these people see what losing feels like again so they maybe will appreciate winning.
    I doubt most of you will ever appreciate this team no matter what happens.
    Sad..really sad. They win and you whine. That in my book equates to ungracious winners.

  26. By rparr32 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    I have watched this team for many years and nothing has changed, nor will it ever. I hate to say this as a die hard bengals fan but you can just hear it in the voices of the players and everyone else (coaches) associated with this team. Since when has it become acceptable to accept failure? Why is it ok to be average? Why can’t we as fans hear what we all already know. The offense stinks, and if you dont have it together after 8 games something is wrong. Its obvious, so why sugarcoat it? All of the other coaches need to take Zimmers approach and start putting their “verbal foot” up some of these players rear ends, Carson Palmer included. I hear it year in and year out. We will fix it. And every year following those comments it still isn’t fixed. If it could be fixed why isnt it after 8 games? These are professional athletes right? This is a coaching problem and nothing more. Name one sucessfull NFL QB that takes a 3 step drop when completing a pass on a regular basis (or should I say trying to complete a pass) I can’t name one. They take seven step drops and then step up in the pocket to throw the ball. I would be a nervous wreck too if i only dropped back ten to 12 feet from these 320 lb D lineman. This is a coaching error. Why did they decide to move away from the running game that made them so successful last year? Because they have a few new weapons? Coaching error again. That is like me going out and putting a new transmission in my car when its not broken. Stupid!!!!! They worked all offseason on pass protection, and thats fine, but did they forget how to run block? If I made this many mistakes in my profession I would be fired, no questions asked. Yes they are 2-1 but they should be 1-2 or 0-3. With this schedule this cannot continue to happen. These players and coaches are supposed to be professionals, so maybe its time to start playing like they are.

  27. By rparr32 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    A quote from the Marvin Lewis press conf. This is exactlly what I am talking about. “I don’t know that we necessarily struggled yesterday in the beginning of the game. We didn’t put the points up that we’d like to put up, but I don’t think we struggled”. Is this a JOKE? Did he watch a diffrent game then me? When are these player going to be held accountable for poor play? They had two interceptions on the first 4 series, and it should of been three. They did not gain very many yards and played very poorly. What is this guy talking about? Does he coach the team that I am a fan of? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. By johnkr104 on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Can everyone please go back and read the Hobson article titled “Cat Fight” The three experts that Geoff interviews for predictions were dead on with there final score predictions. The spreads they predicted in low scoring contests were 14, 11, and 4. They did say that the offense is struggling but what gives. The other team is paid to stop our team from winning and yet we win by more then one score. When (and if) we start losing maybe we should worry but until then be happy we won. You get one more week to celebrate a win and not a depressing week after a loss.

  29. By mechanicaleyez on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    @ HOBBS: “You say his mechanics are messed up. But you also say they are fine when he feels he has the time and space. That seems to me, then, not a QB issue, but a protection issue. Or are you saying the lack of protection has screwed up his mechanics?”

    –That is EX-actly what I’m saying! The protection schemes aren’t holding up for the slower to develop plays that they are so fond of calling. Dig routes, deep-ins, deep-outs and the “9” aren’t 3-step drop plays… for whatever reason, their line-calls aren’t meshing well with the pass-plays that are being called in their regular Offense.

    Carson won a lot of games last year BY IMPROVISING, side-stepping the rush, rolling-out… quite simply, he wasn’t just a sitting duck late in the games.

    My beef with his play is simple, he’s not consistently stepping through his throws when he “feels” pressure. Their lack of an identity hurts this team more than it would affect others, for whatever reason.

  30. By kschoenfel01 on Sep 29, 2010 | Reply

    I understand we should all be happy, a wins a win! However, we played a horrible team in Carolina who has a below average rookie QB who performs better than our 118 million dollar veteran “pro bowl” QB. Something is very wrong with that picture. During the off-season we picked up a good free-agent (T.O.) and drafted two good players in jordan shipley and jermaine gresham, but lack the ability to use them appropriately. I think that something needs to change with the pass offense whether it be going no-huddle or rolling carson out of the pocket more often with play action. There was one series where carson completed 3 passes in a row and I think he rolled out of the pocket for 2 of them and the last one being a 7 yard pass to cedric benson who was wide open (that was the one and only series where Brat did his job well). I know we all should not be complaining and that the coaches are happy with how the team is playing, but there is something to be said when every fan and media member in Cincinnati notice that there is something wrong with the offense.

  31. By mwindle1973 on Sep 29, 2010 | Reply

    This is not a team struggling to learn to win anymore. We are expected to get and the playoffs and at least win one game. So don’t expect the coaching staff to air this out in public. I guarantee you the pressure is on in the locker room. The coaches didn’t say they were happy about the offense. What they allude to is simple, we are struggling and we are 2-1 with the 4th toughest schedule in the league. We have 2 of our weakest opponents and the bye coming up to figure this out.

    Also the Cowboys and Vikings were picked by many pundits to go to the Super Bowl. They are both 1-2 and struggling.

    As far as Carson. I bet you if he was playing for Carolina and Jimmy CLausen was here, the Panthers win that game last week. It’s partly perception. The better we become the worse any deficiencies seem.

    Carson is a pocket QB period. If you don’t provide a pocket he is going to stink it up. And it’s not that he’s getting hit too much or anything like that. There is just no room and his vision has to be reduced greatly. He is the kind of QB you have to protect for him to be effective.

    I said this up at the top of the page and Hobs alluded to it later….Move him out the pocket for pities sake!. And quit blocking exclusively one-on-one. Roland is a good question. Because I think they were trying to give him the job and see if he could grow into it. And for the most part he has. But they really have to look at rotating Collins or give him some help until Smith can come along.

  32. By 4sinc4life on Sep 30, 2010 | Reply

    I have a few things to add, and hopefully I am not reiterating anything others have said. First off, for those of you that are saying “a win is a win” I want you to think of it a different way! In the 90’s I would totally agree with you, even all the way up until the 2005 season I would say the same thing. This team is different though, we need to see growth in each game, building momentum into December and the playoffs because we aren’t just satisfied with a win, we believe this team has what it takes to go to the Super Bowl which is why we are cringing during the games.
    Second, I think the problem of the offense is that they are forcing balls to Ocho and TO, which is something the bengals do, rather than just put the ball in the hands of the open guys, they call plays to feed balls to the money makers. Look at Denver for example, after unloading their best receiver, they still have a handful of receivers that could all go off on any given week including a rookie, most likely depending on the coverage. Let the money makers(ocho and to) take the coverage and get 0 receptions, b/c then you will have Shipley and/or Gresham to dump the ball down to.
    Third, I don’t actually believe that this is the case but I like that Mike Brown hasn’t reached a deal with Marvin Lewis yet. I would like to believe that it’s because while he respects Marvin for what he has done, maybe he believes that to get to the super bowl we need to bring someone else in. Steelers were able to replace Cowher and not miss a beat, maybe even be better, Indy can do it, San Diego, Baltimore, the list goes on and on. Marvin has put together a great young team full of talent, but maybe we could get him into a GM position and hire a new head coach.

    Lastly, can someone tell me why unless its on defense we don’t seem to be able to have great rookie success, namely on wide receivers. All we ever talk about is, getting them into the system and learning, why not give them some basic responsibilities just to get them on the field.

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