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Posted by hobsonschoice1 on October 4, 2010 – 11:36 am

Here’s a guess on what will be the handful of sound bites buzzing around Sunday’s 1 p.m. game against Tampa Bay after the Bengals whiffed their chance to move into a three-way tie for first place in the AFC North with their loss to winless Cleveland.

» The only good thing that came out of Sunday is that people will get off quarterback Carson Palmer’s back for at least a week. He clearly showed he’s still got gamebreaking skills and that he and T.O. and The Ocho and Gresham can make some beautiful music together. He threw a couple of long ones and he fired some sideline-lasers.  His only questionable play seemed to come in that ugly red-zone sequence late in the third quarter. There was a sack and a checkdown pass with no shot into the end zone.  But then, he’s won a lot North games taking what they give him.

What Palmer showed Sunday is that he’s obviously still able to take over a game.

» Cornerback Leon Hall quietly keeps doing his thing. He’s got an interception in each of the last three games, giving him 17 for his career. It shows you how much the game has changed. That puts him in a tie for sixth on the all-time Bengals list in 52 games. He’s tied with safety Tommy Casanova’s 17 in 71 games from 1972-77. 

» Is it my imagination, or is running back Cedric Benson Palmer’s best pass protector in more ways than one?

Forget the way Benson picked up three blitzes in the touchdown drive that cut the lead to 23-20 Sunday. He simply manned up and didn’t let anyone touch Palmer with an extremely gutty effort.

And his numbers also suggest he keeps people off Palmer and his offense. The Bengals are 9-0 when Benson carries it at least 25 times and 12-1-1 when he gets it at least 21.

But it’s more than the numbers and more than blitz pickups. It’s the feel, the pace, the energy, the running formations that keeps defenses honest. They can’t tee it up and go after an offensive line that clearly has trouble protecting. That’s why they ran it first last year and they may have to head that way again this year if they want to keep Palmer healthy.

The bid for balance is precarious. The passing game looked  good as it has looked in years. But Benson’s 15 carries made them almost look more like the sub-.500  finesse team that struggled in 2007 than the smashmouth running team that won the division in 2009. It is hard to see them passing on all five situations of third-and-three or less last year. But they did in Cleveland, and converted two.

You had to love the way the pass game worked Sunday, though. But the sacks make you wonder if they still have to protect their line with some more Benson.

» The improved pass rush just isn’t there. Sunday’s one sack came on WILL linebacker Keith Rivers’ blitz. They need to get something from their pass-rushing ends. Seneca Wallace’s ability to extend plays out of the pocket didn’t happen last year against this defense, never mind all the crucial rush yardage. Three sacks in four games are going to be fodder for comment this week.

» With rookie wide receiver Jordan Shipley spread out unconscious on the field Sunday, it looked like what rookie cornerback Brandon Ghee went through in the Sept. 2 preseason finale at Indianapolis. And he didn’t return to practice for two weeks. So don’t look for Shipley this week. But the Oct. 17 bye comes at a good time for him. He could be back for the game in Atlanta in three weeks.

» You have to feel that all the Redsmania is spreading and is going to help the Bengals extend their sellout streak to 55 and make Sunday quite a festive day on the riverfront.

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  1. By phlockar on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    3 thoughts:

    Our O-line can’t pass protect, especially Roland. Is A Smith that far behind that he doesn’t start at right tackle? That’s pretty sad because Roland just can’t keep up with the talent at the NFL level for the defensive end.

    Again, we can’t rush the passer. The only thing I watch when we’re on defense is the line and we rarely even get a QB hurry. Our entire line gets stood up every single play.

    My family and I are making the trip to GABP Sunday. (Pretty sweet seats too. Scouts section.) Hopefully the city will enjoy 2 wins Sunday.

  2. By rparr32 on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    I have been hearing a lot of buzz about how good the bengals are inthe no huddle offense. My opinion on this is the same. I think the reason they are good in the no huddle is because Bob Brat is not calling the plays Carson is. As a quarterback, Carson palmer runs the offense much better then Brat ever could. When Carson calls the plays they drive the ball down the feild and score points. Brat is lost and very predictable. Marvin Lewis looks like a deer in headlights when it comes to making proper decisions. Timeouts are taken and not taken when they should be. He acts as if he has no idea what is going on. last week against Carolina he didnt use the timeout when he should of, and they went into the locker room at half with no points. This week he burns timeouts early in the third and fourth quarters when they were down points. Any smart coach would have known that they were going to need them down the stretch because they trailed almost the whole game. This happened numerous times last year as well. I’ll say this again, Marvin lewis and that coaching staff (excluding Zimmer) all need to be fired. Give the job to Zim and let him bring in his own staff. He is the only coach that seems to know what he is doing. the rest of these guys are lost and very inconsistant.

  3. By rparr32 on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Well they are consistant at a few things….bad play calling, and poor game-time decisions, timeouts, challenge flags that cost timeouts, telling the Qb to spike the ball when the penalty is clearly on the defense. Thats a free play. I seem to be so good at these rants, but I really know why this team has never really been sucesssful now. They allow these things to go on to long so when they finally do get a good team on the field they still have the same poor coaching or visa versa

  4. By 2ndboot on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Well Geoff.I’m going to stick with my team no matter what flaws may come our way. None are perfect and right now they need us as fans more than they ever do when they’re winning. It’s easy to be a cheering fan when things are going great, but not so much when they aren’t.
    I read a quote today I hope they read,

    Finish each day and be done with it You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can.
    Tomorrow is a new day and you shall begin it serenely and with to high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. –Emerson.

    In short the game is over and done with. Move on and don’t dwell on things you can’t go back and change, just move forward to improve the games yet to be played.
    In the past few weeks I have seen more poor losers and poor winners than I recall ever seeing even when i was a kid playing in the sandlots making me ashamed to be called a Bengals fan if being a fan means second guessing and criticizing every single play good or bad.
    I’m absolutely a Bengals fan, but I sure can’t say I’m a fan of Bengals fans of late.
    This team needs us just as much when things go wrong as they do when they go right so I’ll leave the criticisms to the people who really matter the players and the coaches for now. They need our support now more than ever.

  5. By aswad60 on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Someone please help me understand this logic. In the No Huddle the Bengals are more effective passing the ball, running the ball, scoring points and keeping sustained drives alive taking time off the clock, yet we only pull it out after 2, 3, 4 or 5 series of go nowhere, do nothing, score nothing offense. Why? Why are we more committed to being stubborn than being winners? The No Huddle is the only thing that gives Carson Palmer apologists ammunition to keep defending his poor play… that and a suspect line.

    And its just about time to pull out the bust label for Mr. Right Guard Smith. But in all fairness, Smith’s lack of development can be traced back in part to the same stubbornness that seems to permeate the entire organization. The Bengals rarely if ever get their first round draft picks in in a timely manner (the way Dallas did with Dez Bryant). Smith’s late arrival the year he got drafted has just snowballed into the mess we have right now at right tackle. I know I’m rambling, but its a rambling borne out of the frustration of seeing the team I have loved and rooted for and defended in the face of generations of hostile Bengals haters (I live in Houston) continue to under-achieve. C’mon man!

  6. By looking4sb1 on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    I agree. The O-line play is terrible. Roland just doesn’t have what it takes. Andre Smith has really set this team back with his rookie holdout, which thus caused him to come in out of shape and led to his injury problems and slowed progression. He has set the O-line’s progress back two years at least. If the Bengals could cut Smith’s salary and bonus money for being totally worthless in his first two seasons, they should. After all, didn’t he want that money because he was going to come in and start right away? The Bengals got hosed on that deal.

    Palmer looked a little better on Sunday but I’m not convinced that he is fine. I mean, common, he was playing the Browns. Those numbers should be expected. (Although, it would have been better if the running game numbers were better.) Palmer still looks very lackluster with his decision making. Granted, like many people are saying, it probably has a lot to do with Brat’s play calling. He is just too predictable. This past offseason, the Bengals should have fired Brat and found a worthy offensive coordinator.

    Finally, how can a pro coaching staff handle timeouts at the end of the game so poorly?! Using the final two timeouts with three minutes remaining put the team in a do or die situation when the series could have easily been extended for another set of downs had they waited to use them after the two-minute warning. Did Lewis really think we needed the full three minutes to drive down the field for a final score if we would have stopped the Brown’s on third down? Instead, Lewis gave the Browns a free pass for the final two (plus) minutes. Who knows what could have happened if the Browns were forced to run another set of plays? Simply, ridiculous!

    Everyone is to blame for this TERRIBLE loss. Coaches and players. If the Bengals miss the playoffs this year, this is the game that we’ll all be looking at.

  7. By bengaldom on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    rparr32 you basically took the words out of my mouth….i was thinking the same thing…if anyone sees Bratkowski carry the offensive playbook, someone snatch it away from him, because the defense would know wats coming….he is way too predictable and a mediocre coach at that…..see what palmer does in the hurry up, u know what I say?…..let Palmer be his own boss like Peyton Manning is over in Indiannapolis,let him make his calls cos he is the commander….and boy o boy that O-line needs to step it up big time wth were they doing yesterday….and the Pass rush?….whats up with the Elite Odom?….where is his eliteness..we need to get in the QBs face….everytime we tried pass rushing, our ends were getting pushed back and getting pushed around like toys….I am seriously running out of excuses for me being a fan….and between, I have been through the thick and the thing and ppl around here in NJ know for a fact ima HUGE fan of the Bengals…We need to start winning it all cos the schedule ONLY gets TOUGHER….GUYS IT GETS TOUGHER….tired of seeing no names like Peyton Hillis run the clock out on us… o and didnt Cleveland get beat by the Lions?….so from my understanding, if we played the Lions we would lose LIKE BAD? smh
    And someone talk to Ocho to get his head into the game….he had the nerve to post on facebook asking what the score was btw the redskins and eagles…….man! you just freaking LOST TO THE BROWNS!….u should have ur face inside ur closet cos I was yesterday after the game…..I was speechless following the game on my PDA at work and also watching the second half when I got off work….please please please we need RESULTS..
    GRACIAS! lol but seriously tho…we need more wins!

  8. By aswad60 on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    2ndboot, you make a good point about us Bengals fans needing to be there to support our team. But that works both ways. The Bengals top brass need to work to support us loyal, die-hard, somtimes complaining and mad, sometimes joyous fans. I’ve proudly displayed my Bengals colors in enemy territory since 1973. But I’m tired and sick of being sick and tired. Bengals… let’s go with what works!

  9. By chiragn on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with everything you’ve said here Geoff, but I have 2 questions.

    1) I know Ced does a great job in pass pro, but why doesn’t bernard scott get more carries? He clearly has big play ability and every 20-30 runs he’s gonna break one…unlike Ced. When Scott is in there, he give’s carson more options, a wider variety of run plays as well as the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He could be a real weapon in the redzone because the defense is going to have to account for him coming out of the backfield.

    2) Why isn’t Gresham targeted in the red zone? This guy is a beast. I know he’s a rookie but his value should be evident in that area of the field. Line up T.O. and Jermaine on the same side and make them pick their poison. My prediction is that the offense will start clicking on all cylinders once brat figures out that the TE should be running down the middle of the field a lot of the time making linebackers and safeties account for him.

  10. By chiragn on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    One more quick note about the defense. This defense has the potential to be the best in the division if they can generate a pass rush. I know Odom is still trying to get his legs under him and that fanene is hurt right now. But where in the world are Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap?

    I read at least 5 articles about johnson this year that made me think he was gonna be harassing qb’s all year. We drafted Dunlap in the 2nd round as a guy who had top 10 talent. Why isn’t he on the field on the game day? Jason Pierre Paul was supposed to be the most raw DE coming out of school and yet he’s active for Tom Coughlin. Going into this draft I assumed we would be looking for nfl ready players in the first 3 rounds (like most other teams). Dunlap needs to get on the field ASAP not because it would be a luxury, but because it’s a necessity.

  11. By 4sinc4life on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    I keep thinking about what bothers me from the game Sunday. The pass rush, red zone scoring, and pass protection are the two obvious things. Aside from that, I think instead of talking about what went wrong and how bad Bob Brat. is we should realize that Cleveland just wanted it more. The D wasn’t quite as stout as it normally is, but I didn’t feel like they were getting beat down. The Cleveland offense took care of the ball, stuck with their game plan of “give it to Hillis and pray for the best” and it worked. I actually don’t even mind that we lost the game because the offense looked in sync, and possessed a lot of confidence. They seemed to fix a lot of things that we were upset about. What needs to happen in the locker room is, keep their heads up, realize what the offense could be if they use this (offensive)momentum, and of course the D will not be giving up 23 every game, so WE WILL BE FINE. Thats my motto for the week, WE WILL BE FINE.

    Side notes:
    1.what is marvin 58-57??? just thank him for everything and cut ties when his contract is up
    2. dont put zimmer as head coach, (see marvin coming from baltimore D), go out and find a proven head coach. (dungy loves mentoring the kind of guys we have on our squad)
    3. should be #1 fire Bob Bad-kowski

  12. By officiallyfedup on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Dear Bengalodom:
    I am officially done as a bengals fan. What’s the point? This season was supposed to be the year and they stink. They are lucky to even be 2-2. They won’t win six games. Born in ’86 and have been diehard fan but i deserve better and so does everyone in cincy. This is not a real NFL team. They don’t have a GM, they have half the scouts that the LIONS do!!! THEY DON”T EVEN HAVE AN INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY. This is not a real team. With no real front office. They will always be losers. And the best part, they don’t care. Mike Brown was giving himself a million dollar bonus each year for being the teams GM. That is a joke. He is a crook and we deserve better. I am done. Go TEXANS!!!!!

  13. By spaulding24 on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    Why draft players and don’t play them? They will not get any better if they sit on the bench. They need game experience. Dunlap for one. If Odom is not getting the job done, which he isn’t, throw someone in there to cause problems. Offensively, well where to begin. It is time to put the opposing D on notice. And by that I mean open up the field. Throw it deep more often, get the secondary on their heels for once. Ced is completely ineffective. He hits the whole too slow for our division. Our greatest threat is our passing game. But we only use it when it is predictable and we are behind. Pitt and Balt weakness is their secondary, abuse that fact please. Chad where are you buddy? All that it seems lately is you have been cashing a check. Oh, has anyone seen the o-line anywhere? Could someone tell them the season started a month ago. It would be nice to see a pulse out of them for a change.

  14. By spaulding24 on Oct 4, 2010 | Reply

    sorry one other question? why is it when there is a certified gangster at receiver on the trading block do we not go get him? Brandon Marshall. Don’t get me wrong, I love T.O. to death, always have, but Marshall is young and strong. Or what did the Jets give up for Holmes, a 4th or 5th round round pick, but we give that tub of butter tons of money? Yeah A. Smith, you have brought the Bengals absolutely nothing. And Chad, you said Super Bowl or bust this year, if you are going to say that, stop tweeting, stop flapping your gums and get serious.

  15. By mboals on Oct 5, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with alot of what everyone has said in their posts. One thing I think is being overlooked. The running game is struggling and I wonder if it has something to do with no fullback on the roster. Jeremi Johnson was the lead blocker for Ced last year and noe he’s gone. Fui got injured and last time I checked we don’t have a fullback on the active roster. We need to get one and have a lead blocker for Ced if we want the same results in the running game like we had last year.

  16. By hobsonschoice1 on Oct 5, 2010 | Reply

    Any time an Emerson quote is offered, it can’t be a bad day, can it?

    The red zone has been a mystery ever since the Baltimore game last year. Remember when they were among the league leaders last year at the halfway point and just fell into a black hole when Chris Henry got hurt?

    You think about Gresham, but what about T.O.? He didn’t get his 145 career receiving TDs on 78-yard bombs.

    But doesn’t everything trace back to the run? The running game is like family and friends. When you’ve got it and defense, you don’t need much else.

    (We give you 2009. With some big passes mixed in, they hope.)

    Last year, running back Cedric Benson had just six rushing TDs and the Bengals only had nine as a team. Palmer said it Sunday. The Browns were droppng eight and nine guys in coverage in the red zone, and on Monday Lewis made it sound like they missed one wide open running lane down there.

    The running game is a beautiful thing. The most wide-open passing TD they’ve had in what seems like years came in the red zone against Carolina. The seven-yard TD to Benson.

    It came off play-action after 27 runs.

  17. By hobsonschoice1 on Oct 5, 2010 | Reply

    As for the lack of a fullback, I’m just not sold on it, but maybe I should be since they were barely averaging three per shot before the Cleveland game. Still, the fullback played only about 28 percent of the time last year and Benson looked good in the no huddle Sunday without a fullback. Or a lead back of any kind.

  18. By kaptkurt on Oct 5, 2010 | Reply

    What a difference a week makes. Last week we couldn’t pass to save our soul and Palmer was done. Why can’t Palmer pass for 300+. Use all the new weapons. This week, Palmer looks like a pro bowl QB against Cleveland, T.O. has a monster game, and we lose. Cedric Benson and 25 carries means we win.

  19. By mwindle1973 on Oct 5, 2010 | Reply

    Hobs, you are right there is no reason we shouldn’t be able run when we have 3 TEs who can block. Go Singleback – 2 TE ala the Dungy-Manning Colts. Edgerrin James produced more 100 yd games in the 2000’s than any other RB. They never had a FB that could block. They primarily ran Singleback – 2 TE & Singleback – 3 WR. But all I know is the Browns FB IMO was the reason we got hit so hard with the run. We were cloggin holes but he wasn’t just blowing up the first guy he seen. At times he hit the pile and 2 or 3 guys got moved out of reach of the hole. But I know this, maybe half the teams have a FB that blocks good enough to make a difference. But it doesn’t stop them from running it.

    Any chance Michael Lewis would sign here for the season to fill in for Williams and give us a boost at safety thereafter?

    And lastly, everyone quit whining. If you want to quit being fans because we are 2-2 and still working things out like 2/3s of the teams in the league, so be it. I hear the Lions are always looking for fans.

  20. By kk4t on Oct 5, 2010 | Reply

    First time I have written in. I have been a Bengals fan since 3rd grade…I’m 46. I have 4 boys, all Bengals fans. We thought finally this would be the year and then we lose to the winless Browns. Pathetic! There are many issues but I will talk about what I feel is the core problem…offensive line. Carson is hurried and harrassed on every pass.Cedric never gets holes opened. He creates all his own yards. Every team in the NFL blocks better than our line or they get better. We don’t get better. Our demise at the end of the season last year, offensive line. Main problem this year, offensive line. Has Paul Alexander been there so long that the game has progressed by him? Do we need a new offensive line coach to get out of the same old rut we seem to stay in?

  21. By looking4sb1 on Oct 6, 2010 | Reply

    Geoff, I think the fullback question does hold some water. If I can recall, I believe there was a stat shown half way through last season that showed how much more effective Benson was with a fullback. I believe the stat was something like he was averaging about 3.2 yards per carry without a fullback and nearly 4.7 with a fullback. Hob, if you have a way to research this and write an article about it, it would be very interesting to see what the actual stats are.

  22. By mwindle1973 on Oct 7, 2010 | Reply

    One thing to buzz alittle about. It’s always put out that we were doing great in the red zone until Chris Henry passed away last year. I don’t think that’s true. I think at that point we became terrible in the red zone. But we weren’t good before that. You may have to go back to 06, at least 07 to find good red zone #s. Now of cours I don’t have the stats in front of me. But it seems that we weren’t really converting that efficently when Slim was still with us.

    Beacuase to me, that’s the biggest issue of the season. If we convert in the red zone like we should on Sunday we control the whole game and win easy.

  23. By hobsonschoice1 on Oct 7, 2010 | Reply

    There may be such a fullback stat, SB, but at the moment, I don’t think it matters. The coaches have made their decision. They feel like tight end Reggie Kelly gives them more versatility and is a better blocker than any fullback they’re going to get off the street right now.

    As for the offensive line, no question it is struggling. But if Alexander did such a great job last year with an inexperienced offensive line, I doubt the game passed him by in nine months. I also have to disagree on last year’s demise. It wasn’t the line, it was the severe lack of passing threats. How the line managed to get Benson even close to 1,300 yards with might be the better question.

    Windy, that’s a good point about the Colts. But, frankly, I could get 850 yards right now with Manning as the quarterback. My age (51) is probably lower than my 40 time.

    (I never did the 40, but Tom Coughlin looked at me over his glasses back in the spring and thought I could break 6).

  24. By hobsonschoice1 on Oct 7, 2010 | Reply

    Also, Windy, I think the coaches really like Reggie Nelson so I don’t think they’re going to go get another safety right now. If Hall hadn’t been there at No. 18 in ’07, that’s probably who they would have drafted.

  25. By mwindle1973 on Oct 7, 2010 | Reply

    Two questions for you Hobs, my good man. 🙂

    First, your right with Nelson we have no reason to sign a safety. Problem is I forgot we had signed him, because I haven’t seen him or heard his name called on Sundays. I’m to assume he’s at least playing STs. Or is he inactive? I ask because I love Duke, I’m about 40 minutes from Dublin, and my old boss was a big fan of his and Brady Quinn when they were the QB, WR tandem at the high school there. But….he still is not in position always. He plays with more heart , hustle , and physicality than most anyone on the D. But he sometimes lacks SPD sometimes and also often takes bad angles on the tackle or sets himself up in the wrong place. I can see Duke being the better SS. BUt Nelson certainly is more suited to play FS. Could be a learning curve I guess

    Also second question concerns Kelly. I like him at FB too. The question is why are they only lining him up there 3 or so times a game? Blocking inline and at FB are 2 completly different things. And if we don’t use Kelly in the I form at FB very often one almost has to assume, we don’t want to use the I formation, or he is not sufficient enough to use regularly. I know in the past we have used a lot of I form. You are right there is nothing out there right now. But it still doesn’t explain why we are not utilizing the FB position to run.

  26. By rparr32 on Oct 8, 2010 | Reply

    They developed their ident last year with the run game, unbalanced line, and solid defense. Why change it now? You use the same formula that got you there last year with a ffew nitches, and you go play football. I don’t understand the people who have made these decisions. Especially the unbalaced line. They had good pass protection on play action, and they were able to run the ball at will against good defenses. 160 plus yards against the number one run d in the league, and then you have pitt and baltimore where we stacked 100 yrd games.

  27. By hobsonschoice1 on Oct 8, 2010 | Reply

    WINDY _ Nelson has played in every game on teams. The word is Chinny/Duke/Chinedum is not free-lancing as much and is inching out of Zimmer’s intolerance zone.

    As for the full back, what can I tell you? The coaches have answered the question. They weren’t enamored enough with what they did in the I or else they would have got a full back at the cutdown. Better yet, they would have re-signed Jeremi Johnson. People don’t like the answer, but Brat and Cedric both say having a full back doesn’t make all the much difference.

    We can all have opinions, but if you want an explaination why they are not using a lead bocker in the running game, you probably saw what Brat said after Thursday’s practice. He doesn’t think the lack of a fullback can be traced to 3.3 per lug and he wants Kelly’s versatility. Whey they don’t use him as a full back more is traced more to the defensive look.

    Feel free to weigh in and everybody, it seems, has. But we asked and that’s the answer.

  28. By mwindle1973 on Oct 8, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks for the answers Hobs!

    I don’t think Brat is necessarily wrong about not needing the FB. But I do think either way Kelly is not getting enough involvement. Whether it be at FB or in the 2 TE. We also have the option of using Gresham in the slot and Kelly at TE in the 3WR set. Kelly would fix our pass protection issues on the right side that way. I don’t blame the coaches for sticking to their plan though. They spent a lot of time creating it and implementing it. But you know the next 3 or so games will tell the tale. Either the coaches plan will pan out or things will continue to stall out. At that point we will either be ecstatic because we are a balanced offensive machine. Or the coaches will begin to scramble to redefine what our identity is and how we want to accomplish gaining it.

    I’m not worried either way. I’ll start worrying when we get blown up like we did against the Pats. Early on Collinsworth said after week 1 that a lot of our starters played very little in the preseason and he thought it would take 3-4 games to get things together.

  29. By 4sinc4life on Oct 8, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve recently been thinking about this Hob.. Maybe you can shed some light for me! We think this is our year, and after four games we are finding out that the offensive line may be the part that holds us back. Why not trade for a proven O-lineman!?

  30. By mwindle1973 on Oct 9, 2010 | Reply

    So the crew at NFL Network think Carson’s elbow injury has changed him forever!

    They claim his problem is accuracy through the whole segment. Only at the end to explain that his surgery is rarely used by a QB, and is mostly a something a pitcher has done. They say you never have the same velocity after it is done. The point being a pitcher can survive a loss in velocity a QB can’t.

    So if you examine what they are saying. It’s basically that Carson is to blame for the Bengals offensive woes. That his inaccuracy is the problem. But that this inaccuracy is caused by an elbow surgery that has robbed him of a good deal of his velocity. How’s that for buzz!

    I don’t buy his velocity effects his accuracy. He still has the velocity to throw the ball 60-70 yds down field and thread a needle unlike most QBs.

    But they do make a point maybe nobody has thought about. Carson has only played 20 games since the surgery. It probably did change his throwing in a way that he had to adjust his delivery o his new physical changes. With us not doing a lot of passing last year, and not having good protection, this has probably slowed down his progress. I think it’s a valid thought that he is probably just now starting to find himself again.

  31. By mwindle1973 on Oct 10, 2010 | Reply

    Well I asked for it all season and finally got it. We opened the game in the 2 TE singleback and ran the ball. Ran it for a first down on 3rd and short and now we went to the no huddle. Let’s see 2 TEs, no huddle. I like it depsite the one false start already. Well make that 2 false starts. And we are out of the 2 TE already! Hopefully we will go back to it

  32. By kschoenfel01 on Oct 10, 2010 | Reply

    Can we please draft a new Quarterback in the next Draft!! Carson has lost everything he had a few years ago. We need a QB who won’t lose games for us and who isn’t afraid to whip the ball around the field. Everything he does looks so slow and I think the game is too fast for him now. We need a top draft QB and some better interior lineman to protect him. As a big Bengals fan I literally have never been so frustrated with a team before in my life!

  33. By looking4sb1 on Oct 10, 2010 | Reply

    I can’t stand watching Palmer anymore! These last few years, it seems as if his decision making and accuracy have become very inconsistent. And Brat needs to have his head examined with some of his play calling. It’s just frustrating to watch this offense.

  34. By nybengalfan on Oct 10, 2010 | Reply

    After watching the game vs. Tampa Bay, people are now – correctly – back on Palmer’s back. Is he hurt? Distracted? Or is this just plain stupidity we are witnessing from the leader of the Bengals offense. (If he played in NY, people would think he is on the take after a game like that.)

  35. By tepidfan31 on Oct 13, 2010 | Reply

    Geoff, been on vacation for 2 weeks and got no info at all on the Bengal’s losses to the Browns and Bucs. Now, looking at the stats and reviewing the play, it appears that we are in for a long, long season. Regardless as to how we lost, a good team, which everyone thought we would be, does not lose to the Browns and Bucs, plus the squeak against Carolina was disheartening. Marvin can rationalize till the cows come home, but several key players, including Carson, are not playing NFL football. Both lines are disappointing in protection and in the pass rush. The run offense is just ok with Benson averaging less than 4, but lousy in protection and penalties. The surprise to me (Zimmer) is that the defensive line, especially the DE’s, have no rush and minimal pressures, and along with the LBs are allowing 4.4 yards per rush, all against inferior teams. With the new players this year we should be much better. So, it is either the coaching or the talent, and “shovels” will not overcome either. I am especially critical of Brat; I think, as Paul Brown used to say, he should get on with his life’s work, which doesn’t appear to be football, for after every game Palmer seems to lament, “they knew out routes”; he could have added, “they knew our runs”. If we don’t go no-huddle, we don’t move the ball, but we limit our offense. Finally, the griping now begins; receivers not getting the ball, Benson not getting the carries, subs think they should be playing, questioning decisions; ad nauseam. They will all public say that the locker room is fine but the underlying friction eventually sets in.
    My humble opinion, to which Marvin will say, “fans no nothing”, is that It is a lack of talent, both players and coaches. Unfortunately, the window is closing, or maybe it already has with Palmer; and if that is the case it will set the Bengals back another decade.

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