Stat check: Owens on pace for Bengals’ first 1,500-yard season

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on October 19, 2010 – 3:59 pm

On pace to become the Bengals’ first 1,500-yard receiver, Terrell Owens is the fifth-leading receiver in the NFL when it comes to getting targeted for a pass with 61 targets, according to  The Bengals play the league’s most targeted man this Sunday in the person of Falcons wide receiver Roddy White with 69.

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne, who leads the league in catches with 45, has been thrown to 65 times, and Denver wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, the NFL leader in receiving yards with 663, is third with 64. Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who, like Owens, has played in just five games instead of six, is fourth but has fewer yards and touchdowns than Owens.

With 31 catches for 476 yards and a 15.4 average and two touchdowns, Owens is 10th in the NFL in yards. Only Lloyd has more yards per catch than Owens in the top five targets with 19.5.

The last time Owens felt he was being slighted, he went off for 222 yards against Cleveland two weeks ago in the second best game ever by a Bengals wide receiver in an effort he felt showed “general managers and scouts” that he has plenty left at age 36.

It may be time for another big one. In this week’s Sports Illustrated, 239 NFL players chose Owens as the league’s most overrated player with 14 percent of the vote. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (7%); Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (5%), Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth (5%) and Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning (4%) round out the top five.

Tough crowd.

Owens is on pace for 1,523 yards, which would break wide receiver Chad Ochocinco’s club record of 1,440 set in 2007. And his average of 15.4 would be the highest since Chris Henry had 16.3 and The Ocho had 15.5 back in ’07.

The NFL’s only active receivers with at least 1,000 catches are on display Sunday in Atlanta. Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez has 1,026 catches, just 11 behind Owens.

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8 Responses to “Stat check: Owens on pace for Bengals’ first 1,500-yard season”

  1. By 2ndboot on Oct 19, 2010 | Reply

    Of all those 239 players I bet 75% would love to have him on their teams right now even if they won’t admit it. It just shows there are a lot of liars in the NFL as well as the general population.

  2. By overthroensamoan on Oct 19, 2010 | Reply

    I first want to say how much I enjoy this blog. As far as TO he’s been worth every penny. They’re lucky to have him. Let’s not forget the group they started the preseason with. Antonio Bryant on one leg, an unproven Shipley, an underachieving Caldwell, a guy in Matt Jones struggling to be relevant, a totally unproven Simpson and a guy in Chad who had to beat double teams each time he went to the john. If you think CP is having problems just think what it would be without TO. Saying TO is the most overrated is proof that these guys should not be picking players for the Pro Bowl. TO rated higher than big Albert, are you serious. Where in the world was WR Roy Williams, now there is the most overrated WR.

  3. By 2ndboot on Oct 20, 2010 | Reply

    I follow the Bengals because they’ve always been my team. I painted stripes on my high school helmet even though the coach made me remove them. In the 90s when they really stood no chance of winning I never gave up hope and never stopped rooting for them, but now when they lose 3 games fans act as if the entire team has personally insulted them or slept with their best girl or something.
    Nobody seems to have hope or even care. They only seem to want bragging rights and if they don’t get them then they seem to think that writing the nastiest comments they can muster will somehow make the team better or will magically encourage better play from the team. Many of these people seem to have forgotten that this team isn’t going to win every game. They seem to think that by being as rotten of fans as humanly possible that this team will read it and say, “Gee, fellas, we have an irate fan out there so we have to now become the greatest team of all time.”
    Have these so called fans just gone nuts or am I simply trying to harken back to a time now gone forever when fans were fans no matter the team record?
    With 3 losses if I didn’t know better i would swear that those 2 wins never happened and that any time now a lynch mob will show up at PBS to wrap the noose around Palmer’s neck just so we’ll win every game by overwhelming scores and if not the next QB can expect the very same treatment.
    I’ve become ashamed not at my team, but by my teams so called fans. They really no longer qualify as fans, but more of a lynch mob and little more.
    Well, anyway..Let the players know we’re not all the same lousy “fans”. Some of us care about this team win, lose or draw.
    Where did that all vanish to?

  4. By lonestripe88 on Oct 21, 2010 | Reply

    Stats are get but the stat we need are those W’s. Setting up with the smash mouth run game that killed the AFC North last year and once they all bite on it, go deep over the middle with “Batman and Robin” and let’s see some 7’s appear on the scoreboard. I’m no coach but if it isn’t broken, why fix it? Cedric is a beast up the gut and TO is the deep threat we need to get it done. Cut the muzzle off the Ocho and we got just what we need. Wins baby, wins!

  5. By kschoenfel01 on Oct 21, 2010 | Reply

    2nd boot please go to another blog because everyone is sick of your attitude towards other fans. People are on here because they are fans and want to discuss there team and there struggles as of now. Let people discuss there team and leve them alone. Just a reminder the schedule only gets tougher from now on so I am looking forward to see how the Bengals finish up. WHO DEY!!

  6. By mwindle1973 on Oct 23, 2010 | Reply

    In 2nd boot’s defense he is simply giving his opinion as well. And while he goes overboard sometimes, he’s merely slack jawed (I am too) at how irate the fan base is. It just goes to show you that expectations determines a lot about attitudes. Maybe that’s the problem with the team?

    Point being is if we had started 2-3 last season, everyone would be fine with it, because that was pretty much what was expected. Now I get that people expected to be 5-0, 4-1 at this point. I’m just not sure why. The national media didn’t crown us Super Bowl hopefuls. WHy did the local fanbase?

    I expected that if we could struggle through the rough schedule and get past the changes in the roster that we could become a contender along the way. Somewhere between 9-7 and 11-5. Some things happened I didn’t expect like the losses to the Browns and Bucs, but I had the first Ravens game in the loss column too.

    One thing I think people aren’t accounting for is the Bucs, Browns, and Panthers are all better teams than it looked like coming into the season. It’s also obvious that teams like the Colts, Saints, Dolphins, Chargers aren’t as good as previously thought. I see no reason why we can’t get on a roll here. Parity is as alive and well as it could be this season. Reminds me of ’05 when the wildcard Steelers won it all. If you notice there is no team(s) that are setting themselves apart from the pack.

  7. By mwindle1973 on Oct 23, 2010 | Reply

    Watching some press conferences and a thought occurred to me. It’s hard to explain how poorly we have played yet why we still hold so much promise. Perhaps it’s most easily explained by this fact. The pass game and Palmer are what is being lamented here. Yet we are 7th in passing and 18th in rushing in the NFL. It’s not scheme or play calling like one can be rash to judge either. It’s lack of consistancy. Lack of execution. The game plan I think has been to clearly come out and attack and get points on the board. Then to pull back into a rum first yet balanced mode. Problem is we haven’t executed early. This first drives have not been bad but you need 3 good agressive drives to get 10-14 pts on the board. We are playing from behind and failing to dictate the tempo of the game. Right now we are forcing the play calling to be situational and fractured.

    I think some of it has to clearly be the reaction of a team that is used to having question marks on the roster coming into the season. This season we were wondering who the 4th safety would be and why there wasn’t a 4th HB. I think it caused a reaction that said we finally have the fire power now we will win. But you still have to put your pants on every morning and brush your teeth. That’s why we haven’t looked good. But at the same time nothing has changed. We still have the roster there to compete with any team. We don’t really know how good we can be yet. It’s just a matter of meeting the committment level as a whole team that we had last year.

  8. By palmermustgo on Oct 24, 2010 | Reply

    Nobody on the Bengals will amount to anything with Palmer at qb, Lewis as Coach and Brat as OC. No discipline, focus drive or professionalism. Make Zim HC and start over on offense. Keep TO and Benson, that would be about it.

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