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Posted by hobsonschoice1 on October 25, 2010 – 2:50 pm

A few murmurings from Sunday’s 39-32 loss before the media meets with head coach Marvin Lewis Monday afternoon:

» Every time the Bengals get clobbered on defense, it always seems like the offense is max protecting instead of spreading the field, giving the quarterback easy three-to-five step drops with receivers over the middle, or rolling him out, and pounding the ball often enough that play-action works. Even if they have just one guy in the route (see Roddy White’s 43-yard TD bomb), he’s open. It just doesn’t seem very complicated. It always looks like the Bengals ask an awful lot out of quarterback Carson Palmer.

» NEW LOOK: How are the Palmer haters out there? I thought he carried them on his back most of the day and after repeat views of the replay of that late long ball to Terrell Owens that would have tied it and Palmer says he underthrew, I’m not too sure. I’ve got to rethink it. Palmer makes a great read on Owens’ double move and lofts it up nice. Some think Owens should have been able to control his body to a) stop, catch and turn inside the 5 and b) not step out of bounds.

Tough call. But this I do know:

How can y0u not be impressed by Palmer? To conduct a no-huddle in the most hostile of conditions, have so much on his plate when it comes to reading and being asked to make the tough throws, and to watch him put up three  touchdown drives in the second half and throw for 412 yards on 72 percent passing, that’s a hell of a day in the National Football League for a quarterback. And there are national pundits saying they should cut him? There should be some heavy edits there.

And not only that, he stands up to take the blame for missing on the biggest play of the game besides running back Cedric Benson’s fumble. And that could be debated. I know I said he failed because they lost, but on second thought, he made it as close as it was.

One thing you can’t debate: They’re lucky to have him on the field and in the locker room.

» Am I nuts? I thought the guys that kept the thing together and prevented the Bengals from getting blown out something like 45-10 were not only Palmer, but Owens, Benson and cornerback Adam Jones. The bigger the hole, the harder those guys played and I think their competitive spirit spread. Benson was crawling, diving and banging down 17-3. Owens came out in the second half down 24-3 and took the game over. Asked the kid he blocked into Marietta on Jordan Shipley’s TD. Jones got beat deep, but kept bouncing back, cheerleading on the sidelines, popping a kick return, and making that strip-and-score that should have turned around the season.

The one downer was Benson’s unforced fumble that led to the winning TD. He said it himself. Inexcusable. He’s doing a slow burn putting that one on top of the one in Cleveland three weeks ago. Look for some intense runs early against the Dolphins this Sunday.

» Most disappointing part of the day? For the third straight game there was absolutely no resistance from the defense when they needed it most. Early and late.

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