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Posted by hobsonschoice1 on November 9, 2010 – 3:29 pm

Not a midseason report card. We don’t believe in report cards. There is one report card.

The AFC North standings.



But here are some classroom observations at the halfway point:

HEAD BANGERS: While the Bengals have everybody in the NFL scratching their heads about their record, they decided to bang some heads against the Steelers.  Some of it is because of that Monday Night adrenaline.  Some of it is because of the rivalry with the Steelers. Some of it is the style of the two teams. Some of it is Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis’ ability to get his teams to play hard no matter the circumstance.

That is going to be his challenge now over the last half of the season. He did a hell of a job with an 0-8 injury-riddled start in ’08 and finished 4-3-1 with backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to set the table for ’09. But there weren’t the crushing expectations since Carson Palmer was out. The irony is that Fitzpatrick brings a Bills team into Paul Brown Stadium in 12 days that is already 0-8 and could be 0-9 after playing Detroit at home this Sunday.

For the record, reported Tuesday that three Steelers suffered concussions Monday night.  Safety Will Allen, running back Mewelde Moore, and fullback Isaac Redman went down, as did guard Chris Kemoeatu with a knee injury. Rookie center Maurkice Pouncey came back to play after bruising his tibia while left tackle Max Starks got some stingers.

All the Bengals did was make it easier on the visiting Patriots this week.

SHORT STUFF: Some people were surprised with the Bengals’ decision to pass on third and about half a yard (they got a great spot) on their first possession Monday night. That was after running back Cedric Benson pounded the NFL’s No. 1 run defense for 20 yards on the first four snaps.

But that’s how they’ve been attacking short yardage. Coming into the game they had faced 29 snaps of third-and two or less. They had dropped back to pass on 19 of them, completing seven of them for the first down. They had run it 10 times and made it six times, twice on Palmer sneaks.

They went 0-for-2 Monday. Palmer’s pass to wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was incomplete and on third-and-two from the Pittsburgh 26 early in the third quarter, tight end Reggie Kelly couldn’t get a block on inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons and he dropped Benson for a one-yard loss.  That led to Mike Nugent’s missed field goal from 45 yards out. Before that play, Benson had been successful on four out of five third-and-short runs.

GRAHAM JOINS PATS: Reports have surfaced that former Bengals kicker Shayne Graham has signed with the Patriots to be a stopgap for the injured Stephen Gostkowski just in time for the Pats’ visit to Heinz Field this Sunday.

Of course Benagldom is ready for the gags and are advising Bill Belichick it better not come down to a 39-yard field goal for PatriotsNation.

PALMER HANGS IN: Monday night is why I’m a Carson Palmer guy. He’s tough and never gives in. He had less protection than credit card fraud and put his team in position to score 27 points, counting the two missed field goals, against a defense that came in giving up 14.5 points per game. You could count the number of guys in the league on one hand that could have made the 27-yard touchdown pass to Terrell Owens with James Farrior gnawing on his limbs.

The next-to-last play of the game shows you how much Palmer values Owens these days. He didn’t look at anybody else even though he had three defenders collapsing on Owens. He threw what amounted to a jump ball that only Owens could catch, but it was too high.

Not a bad percentage play these days in the red zone. Owens is on pace for 14 TD catches. The Bengals record is Carl Pickens’ 17. The next best is a dozen by Pickens and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

WORST DAY? Special teams coach Darrin Simmons has spent the last eight seasons legitimizing a unit that constantly killed them in the eight years before he arrived. But Monday night had to be the worst of his 122 games. Two missed field goals. A blocked punt. A fumbled kickoff return. They led to a combination of 16 points they gave up or didn’t get.

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  1. By looking4sb1 on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    I just don’t understand where the inconsistency is coming from with Carson these past few years. Considering he was better than this in ’05, it seems as if he is regressing. He is missing wide-open receivers while throwing into double and triple coverages in every game. It just doesn’t make any sense. It almost seems that he has mentally checked. The only time he has looked sharp this year has been when we are scrambling from behind to try to pull out a fourth-quarter victory. I just don’t get it!

    Also, I’ve said it before an I’ll say it again — the coaching staff has got to go. Especially, Brat. When you have a running back like Benson and an O-line that has trouble with pass protection at times, they should be running the majority of the time on third and less than two. Throwing on third and one’s are pathetic. ANd it seems that the only short yardage runs that are called are when Carson hurries up to the line to do a QB sneak.

    I’m just baffled! And I get the feeling it’s not going to change anytime soon. Everyone is off of their game this year. As much as I like Marvin, I feel this falls on his shoulders the most. It might be time to cut ties with him, and find someone new.

  2. By naitjungle on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Hobson is it me or was Ced Benson the only one playing with heart on the bengals offense in the first half?
    I agree Carson is a good QB late in the game, but where is he at in the begining of the game? How is it that an offense as loaded as the bengals can only score 7 points in the first 3 qts of play?
    If trouble protecting Carson why dont we just bootleg it and get him out of the pocket?
    I still think our best option for winning is handing the ball off to Ced Benson as many times as possible.
    Any notice the pass rush with Atkins, Dunlap and Johnson on the same line? Maybe its time to move on from Odom. I think our defense played the best game they’ve played all year considering how many times the played on a short feild.
    I admire the fire in chad’s eyes and we bengal fans should hope that one day the rest of the offense with play with the same fire as Chad. Bengal Fan for Life but done for the season.out..

  3. By rparr32 on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    I witnessed the most effort for four quarters Monday night then I have seen all year. Where has that effort level been? This is a coaching problem. I think we should do what Dallas did, and make some CHANGES. Keep Zimmer, fire Marvin and Brat. The season is over anyways, what do we have to lose? Besides, we are five years late as it is.

  4. By mwindle1973 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    A quick rant before commenting on Hobs blog. Can we stop using this blog as a way to vent frustrations. At least have a thought or point that is constructive in nature. Get rid of the coaching staff is not constructive. Through this whole mess of a season, not once have I heard an analyst suggest that the coaching staff or play calling has anything to do with our lack of success.

    We have the defending coach of the year. They don’t hand that awards out to slouches. And as Jaworski, considered the best film analyst in the media, stated early this week, the offensive design is “beautiful”. And the play calling good.

    But a quick additon to Hobs’ Classroom Observations. Don’t let the benching fool you. Andre played really well. Marvin brought him out but he came back in. Lewis needed to make the point, but had to put him back in because we couldn’t afford not to.

    Andre is huge, and he can move. And I think his technique is really coming together nice. He absolutely reminds me of Willie Anderson. He could play either side, he’s that agile. He handled Woodley pretty well. And a few times late was calling out blitzers and adjustments. He’s an intelligent player. He only 3-4 times missed the right pick up on the blitz. He was matched up on Harrison a few times, and once held back Harrison and Woodley, at the same time, long enough to get help and let the pass get off.

    But like I said, we have to upgrade at C. And really need an upgrade at LG, and have to consider B Williams will age, and RG can’t be ignored much longer. So anyone who says we have to go WR in the draft is crazy. We have to have a top notch Oline for our top notch QB. I think Chad has at least 3-4 years left in him. And T.O. appears to have 1-2, maybe 3 more years in him. With Shipley and Gresham we aren’t bad at WR. And it looks like Coffman may get some shots. Maybe he can establish himself too. But at this point we have our 1, 2 & 3 WRs, Cosby makes a good 5th WR. Really just need the 2nd slot guy for the 4WR set. So Oline is definately a much bigger priority. That and a pass rusher or elite DT.

  5. By whodeysteve on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I love the way Palmer has been playing. I wish I could say the same about Ocho The No Show. Hobson I loved how you put it Palmer simply has trust in his other WR’s and not Ocho. What has Chad ever done to make Palmer believe he can trust him. Was it in 2008 when Chad blamed the fans for having a bad year. Was it when in 2009 he was on ESPN when asked about why he had a bad year in 08 he said it was “because Marvin Lewis told Ryan Fitzpatrick to not throw me the ball” so your telling me what puts food on Marvins familys table winning games and he’s trying to lose games on purpose.

    Yet it is well know that even when someone looks at you the wrong way Palmer sticks up for you. Yet you just act like a fool and scream at the top of you lungs like a baby would when you don’t get your way and on monday night football. Yet it was Palmer you went up to you and said if he done anything to hurt you he was sorry and he didn’t even do anything. Your running wrong routes in the offense that’s been the same for 8 year’s(Bratkowski simplified the O as much as he could for HIM) and dropping balls if you had missed a practice for Manning you would have been laughed out of the league by now. Trust me it has been Palmer that has made your career and you know that. Do you hear what opposing team’s say about this team they always say “Carson Palmer and company” biscally Palmer and everybody else. TO and Shipley are the first true weapons that Palmer has ever had. Heck even Solomon Wilcots said when he asked Tony Sparano how he was going to stop passing game he said “Ocho and TO didn’t even come up once during the defensive meetings because if you stop Shipley you stop the Bengals passing attack.” Ocho you need to put up or shut up.

  6. By phlockar on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    First and foremost. How about that pass rush? It wasn’t anything to write home about but compared to our non existent rush from the first seven games we were pretty darn good. Looks like we might have a young core of guys that can get to the QB. If this is the case might it be time to let Geathers and Odom go? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    I have a feeling we’re going to see a completely different team next year, at least on offense. I don’t see us exercising Chad’s club option. I also don’t see TO back in stripes. Are we going to give Ced a contract? I wouldn’t be against it. I like the guy.

    On defense for next year we need to draft a safety, bad. Maybe one that can play the pass. I like Crocker and the leadership he brings but the opposing offense smokes him like a pack of Kools every single game. Williams is too injury prone. Guy can still hit like a mack truck though.

    Being a Bengals fan, how funny was it to see A Smith give up a sack and get pulled only for Roland to come in and on the very next play give up one as well!?!? Oh lord we’re in a pickle.

    Lastly. Only the Steelers would run a trick play against great coverage and STILL get a touchdown out of it. You didn’t think I wasn’t going to not comment once on them did you? I seriously hate them.

  7. By 2ndboot on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I have this nagging feeling that this team is about to turn on the burners just when it’s to late and what it’ll do is to wipe us out of getting the highly coveted 1st round draft picks which have traditionally been a bust more times than not in Cincinnati. Just when we could have set up to get GREAT picks they’ll win game after game, not get in the playoffs and not get the great draft picks.
    Can anyone deny these thoughts have been lingering in your own minds as well?
    I’ve even read where some fans want them to play for the draft picks which is akin to asking players to throw games which if happens I would stop as a fan immediately. No player wants to throw a game so some rookie can take his job. Lets certainly hope not.

  8. By tepidfan31 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry, but I have to say this again, since the last blog was closed, and I think this is very significant.

    Pittsburgh, every one of us were irked about some plays in this game and why we lost. But, the series that really irked me was at the end of the first half. Nugent misses a FG, giving Pitt the ball in good field position with a little time left. Then, Reed kicks a FG. If Nugent makes the FG, then the kick off, Pitt doesn’t have time to move the ball into FG position. Rather than being 17 to 10, we wind up being 20 to 7, that difference would have giving us a FG and a win, rather than needing a TD at the end of the game. I hope Nugent doesn’t become a Graham – not performing in the clutch!

  9. By btotheu on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Umm…Dear Windle. You couldn’t be more wrong. The play calling is predictable and about as innovative as a thumb tack. There have been at least 4 times in the last 2 games where, on 3rd down, a Bengals receiver didn’t even run to the sticks. Those are designed routes…this isn’t sandlot ball. It does indeed come down to coaching. Who is holding these players responsible? It took Marvin a few plays to yank Chad. I wish we would have had a coach, in that instance, that was man enough to drag Chad off by his face mask. Marvin’s record is now below .500 and if you saw the Enquirer today, you saw an article about the proud son of Paul Brown registering a lifetime achievement award for the quickest owner to 200 L’s. We make up too many excuses, on this blog and in Bengaland, for the errors of this team on and off the field. It’s all about accountability people, in all of our lives, everyday. And there’s simply no accountability in this organization…especially at the top. As a loyal fan…I’m no longer frustrated, I’m saddened. And heading towards apathetic.

  10. By tepidfan31 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Fan Observations
    It all changed when Chad Johnson became Ocho Cinco, THE EGO; no more 24-7, “I’m open, even if they triple me”. His only interest is “self”, desperately seeking attention, gold shoes, HOF jacket, racing a horse, etc. – ad nauseum. What was once somewhat humorous, is now so sadly pathetic. If you ever gave him the ball, he would take it home, like a spoiled brat! And yet, he is still pampered! With the season essentially gone, it would be good, if he would be also; why not see if Simpson is a bust or not!
    And, speaking about Brat, why do other coaches laud him? Well it might be that his predictable and stale offense is so easy to defend against. So, why wouldn’t they!
    One final shot! Is Alexander still the Great? I’m for bringing back McNally!

  11. By bengalmaniac on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Marvin is not the problem, he is just the guy who takes the darts. He is not given the authority to have the final say on personnel decisions. Bratkowski’s offensive game plan may be a good one, in theory, but the timing of the play calling is poor. When a unit does not perform, the leader must be held accountable. OC needs to be changed.
    As far as players, I would sign TO to a 2 or 3 year contract, sign Chad and make camps mandatory to attend. Chad wants to do TV shows and appearances, but then says he is working out on his own. We now see the importance of working out together to build teamwork and camaraderie and what happens when they don’t. Chad needs to learn from TO in camp and in practice the way TO did from Jerry Rice. TO credits Rice for giving him the drive and work ethic we has to still be elite at age 36. Shore up the O-line and give Ced some trucks to run behind.

  12. By looking4sb1 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    BtotheU, I am in total agreement with you. Has Windle even been watching the games this season? Obviously, the players have been playing uninspired football for the majority of the season — and that is a coaching problem. As much as I love Marvin for getting us out of the basement, we need someone to take us to the next level. It’s time to take the step from mediocrity to greatness. I’m not placing all the blame on Marvin. It’s just that he seems to be torn down this year. I feel that Mike Brown has finally broke his will, and that Marvin doesn’t want a future with the Brown family any longer. And yes, Brat’s play calling is suspect and predictable at best. The play designs may be great, but the execution is terrible. Brat takes the fall for that one because he didn’t have the players ready. If the plays are too complicated to execute, then he should’ve swallowed his pride and dumbed them down a bit.

  13. By aswad60 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Too frustrated to rant… too tired of watching potential go to waste… too tired of hearing/reading us excuse away undisciplined, losing football. But I’ve got to say, as huge a fan as I am of Marvin Lewis, maybe he and the Bengals could do with a change of scenery. Coach Lewis and his staff are not being heard, meaning they’re not being effective. For whatever reason, folk make bonehead penalty after penalty. For whatever reason folk drop third down passes. For whatever reason, Carson Palmer has been up and down for the past 2 1/2 years… and truth be told, more down than up. Looking back to last year, even when the Bengals were winning, Palmer was horrendous more often than not… until it came down to the last minutes of the half or of the game and they started going no huddle. The mistakes being made over and over are (lack of)discipline mistakes… mistakes players make when they have either tuned their coaches out or are not motivated by them for whatever reason.

    I’ve have never been one to blame coaches for what players need to be doing on the field. I think coaches in this league get the hook waaaaay to fast. But it just seems that the ineffectiveness we’ve seen out of the Bengals comes down to troops no longer being inspired by their General and his Lieutenants.

    What is really going to hurt… beside watching the Bengals go 1-7 over their remaining 8 games will be watching Marvin Lewsi take another team to a championship. I’ll be happy for him, and root for his success. But I’ll be bumming over the fact that it didn’t happen for my hometown team.

  14. By bengalmaniac on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    There will not be a coach that will come here under the circumstances. I think Marvin has surpassed any of his predecessors under Mike Brown. We need a football guy for a GM. Parcells, Holmgren, even Cowher, someone like that. I think with Cowher as a GM, Marvin could be wildly successful.
    This is the same thing they are going through in Dallas right now, they will not draw a top name coach like Gruden because of lack of control. You saw how fast he jumped that kind of ship out of Oakland under Crazy Al.
    Mike Brown needs to swallow his pride and admit the experiment didn’t work.

  15. By jamison007 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    First of all, I would like to give a big “thank you” to our D, TO, Benson and Palmer.

    I have been begging our D to show up like men and put in a whole game effort, and without doubt our D came into this game on a mission and they nearly bailed our Special Teams out! Now that our D has found this gear, I want to encourage them to approach every game like its a game against Pit!

    Obviously, you could see how serious and pumped TO and Benson were…they played inspired, and if you ask me, perhaps just a few more runs for Ced, and he was due to break a big one! I really want to push for TO to do as much as he can to rub off on Ocho the rest of the year.

    Palmer did exactly what he needed to as the game progressed and he did it while facing enormous pressure…all of us fans must give him props and encourage him to continue getting his “groove” on.

    Basically, I would have been really upset if Cincy didn’t show up for this game. And, outside of our Special Teams, they did! So, while their record is still an “F”, I am proud of the team for fighting so hard and that means the world to me.

    My last request this year to the team, ownership and coaching staff is to continue working on all facets and pieces of the team…but please, keep this team together! The shame of this season is that it has the potential of breaking up a truly solid squad…do not let all the media and poser fans convince anyone in the organization that a bunch of changes need to be made.

    Simply do this – go out and get better from the game just played…if y’all do that, our team will make huge strides this year while racking up a bunch of wins to finish, and who knows, maybe, just maybe we can get one of those miracle finishes to the 2010 season!

    Who Dey!

    -your fan forever

  16. By mwindle1973 on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I keep hearing a bunch of fans saying the play calling is bad. Yet the analysts and coaches, even Hobs says it’s not bad. That the problem is lack of execution. My opinion tends to side with those that get paid to analyze film and not people who watch the game for entertainment value.

    It is not valid to say the play calling is bad just because the plays aren’t working.

    And for those that think that Marvin needs to go. I still haven’t heard who is lining up to come in here and play for Brown. You can’t just say he has to go. It can get worse than it is here in Cincy, ask the Lions. So before you just blame everything one the coach or say he just needs a change of scenery. Who is it that is going to come in here and do better? Cowher? I keep hearing Cincy fans say we should hire him. I didn’t realize he had expressed interest in the job. Trust me it will never happen. Then who if not Cowher? I don’t know of any much sought after coaches coming available this offseason. With all the big names now with teams except Gruden and Cowher, I just don’t see it.

    Really I just don’t see how in one season you go from being NFL coach of the year to not being good enough to coach the Cincinnati Bengals. People just don’t realize what they have.

  17. By whodeysteve on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve been trying to figure why a team we thought was good and had so much talent is so bad and after some time to think it through I think I may have the answer. I don’t think we have that much talent. 😦
    Last year Palmer had 7 go ahead or game winning drives. That means the talent around Palmer was able to win just 3 of the 10 games we won last year so without Palmer we have 3 wins. 😦
    Just look at the other numbers of QB’s of winning teams but first Palmers.
    Carson Palmer: 2,103(Yards), 14(TDs) , 8(Ints). So 6 more TDs than Ints.
    Drew Brees: 2,587(Yards), 18(TDs) 12(Ints). So 6 more TDs than Ints.
    Aaron Rodgers: 2,300(Yards), 15(TD’s), 9(Ints) . So 6 more TDs than Ints.
    Eli Manning: 2,075(Yards), 17(TDs), 11(Ints). So 6 more TDs than Ints.
    Joe Flacco: 1,917(Yards), 12(TDs), 6(Ints). So 6 more TDs than Ints.
    Mark Sanchez: 1,692(Yards), 10(TDs), 5(Ints). So 5 more TDs than Ints.
    Yet all these QB’s have winning teams and Palmer doesn’t why? All these teams have better talent than the Bengals have around Palmer. How many people have the Bengals brung in that weren’t thought of as a bust before there got here other than TO? I can’t think of one. How many people have left the Bengals and had sucess? I can’t think of one maybe TJ. Maybe we just don’t have the talent do you agree Hobson or is it just me.

  18. By rparr32 on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Mwindle, Since you feel as if a constructive comment has nothing to do with firing the coaching staff, then maybe you have not been a Bengals fan for very long, or maybe not even a long term football fan for that matter. It is very constructive. Good teams don’t tolerate failure. Maybe that is why this team has never been a Super Bowl winning team. They accept failure as an acceptable result. There is nothing wrong with failing, or losing, but when you have done this 85% of the time over 30 years, there is a problem. Someone needs to take the bull by the horns and DO SOMETHING. I have been a fan of this team for 35 years, and have only seen 3 good seasons since, and maybe 2 decent. I don’t exppect this team to make miracles happen, but like anything else, if your not getting the job done its time to go. And the reason you do not hear analyst say negative things about the coaching staff is because most of them are friends, former coaches together, former players from the same team etc. Get a grip on reality.

  19. By looking4sb1 on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    I agree that a coach like Cowher or Gruden is not going to happen with MIke Brown at the helm. So, for the coaching change that I see being the best fit, I think we should look heavily at what Zimmer has to offer. He is a master motivator, and a great football guy. He is a coach that comes in the Bill Cowher mold — tough, hard-nosed, and he loves smash-mouth football. Perfect for the AFC North! He would know that a team needs to be built from the ground up — starting with the O- and D-lines. The lines on both sides of the ball are mediocre at best. He knows you can’t have a great football team without a solid foundation. In Lewis’ tenure, we have ignored one of the most vital positions in setting that O-line foundation – the center! As Braham’s career was coming to an end, center should have been one of our highest picks or free-agent pickups. Heck, I believe we could have picked up Kevin Mawea after he left the Jets, but we didn’t even try. Instead, we stuck with Eric Ghiaciuc – a fourth round draft pick with backup potential and size.

    Again, this isn’t all Marvin’s fault. But you have to have the will to fight against Mike Brown’s tight pockets. And I just get the feeling Marvin has no fight left. Let Mike Brown fight against Zimmer for a few years — see if Zimmer can finally break him down.

  20. By nobull91 on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    First of all I don’t see anybody speaking about the lack of play from our Tight End! Did we just draft the guy to block & catch 5-6 yard passes? All game long the middle of the field was W I D E open!!! Who’s idea was it to go with no fullback? If we had a decent fullback then Gresham would have been free to do work up the middle and take some pressure off of ocho, but I guess he’s there just to block and help Benson up off the ground. USE THE TIGHT END UP THE MIDDLE LIKE TEAMS HAVE BEEN USING THEM ON US! How bout some two Tight End Sets!!! Was that the best play BRAT you could come up with, with our season on the line throwing to a ROOKIE? Put Peko in sell the run, then pass!!! Please use the Tight End in the redzone, he sould have about 5 Touchdowns at this point!! You fooled me thinking finally Carson has his tight end! Last thing, if the O-line can’t pass Protect there sould be alot more dump offs to the running backs (just saying)!!

  21. By mwindle1973 on Nov 12, 2010 | Reply

    rparr32: I’ve been a fan for 30 years so that must not be the problem. I just think it’s easy to say fire the coach. Player motivation is not a problem. It’s not properly executing the plays that are being called.

    And I don’t think you have a valid point about analysts not saying bad things about Marvin because they are friends. It didn’t stop them from ripping Wade Phillips did it?

    Zimmer is a great motivator. But if you want a defensive coordinator that is a great motivator, we already have one. Remember Marvin was the creator and motivator of the greatest D in the history of the NFL. Head coaches oversee things. How far does motivating go?

    I really think what would be best for the team is for Brown to hand over control of player personnel to Marvin. Because whether you think he is losing and needs to go or whatever. There are different ways to measure success. And he does have a losing record. But he also has 2 division crowns in 8 years for a team that had a 12 consecutive non-winning season streak going when he took over.

  22. By phlockar on Nov 12, 2010 | Reply

    windle – I don’t think Marvin’s D in Balt that year was better than the 85′ Bears, right?

  23. By bengalpirate on Nov 12, 2010 | Reply

    If I’m playing the Devil’s Advocate with the Bengals, I’d say the following: The Brown family’s knowledge of fielding and managing the players and coaches to victory died with Paul Brown. God bless his soul. The Bengals will never win a Super Bowl without a dedicated or de facto GM with full autonomy to run the team operations. Coach Lewis is good for the team, but not a good game manager. Coach Bratkowski has a great offensive scheme, but sometimes fails to execute the simple plays needed to win games. The offensive and defensive lines have great potential, but fail to live up to it. The overall economic concept of the team is often penny wise, but pound foolish.

    I remain loyal to the Bengals, but see hope slipping away for another year. Especially with the remaining schedule, but hope springs eternal for me and every week I pray for a victory. Realistically, no Bengals team has come back from a deficit like this, except perhaps the first ever Bengals playoff team in 1968. Let’s surprise some teams and win the games we shouldn’t and finish on an upward climb. Who Dey and Go Bengals!!!

  24. By bengalpirate on Nov 12, 2010 | Reply

    Correction, first Bengals playoff team in 1970.

  25. By rparr32 on Nov 12, 2010 | Reply

    Mwindle, point taken and well written. However most all coaches were coordinators at one point in their career. Players respond to coaches who lead, and hold players accountable. When is the last time you have seen marvin call out one of his players (for not performing well) during a game, or an interview? I can say that I never have. Every good coach (throughout history) that I know of will chew a player a new arm when they mess up. Bill cowher, j. maiden, sam wyche, (that may be strecthing the great part) but the bengals went to the super bowl with him as a coach. Look what zimmer did with this defense. Now i know you can provide an argument that they are not performing well, but this D has a few rookies playing more then just a little bit. I still think they are playing pretty good. Your comment about the Browns is totally justified and 110% true. However, I do believe that they have backed off a bunch. I just can’t justify keeping a coach who wins two division titles, and then turns around the next season and doesnt even sniff the playoffs. Especially when the players are all the same, and they have improved (ten folds) in the areas they were lacking. How does that happen? Coaching? I think so. To put the topic of why the analysts don’t knock marvin, I will use lamens terms. There is no dissapointment, because the Bengals are doing what the Bungles always do. Have one winning season and then fall off the map. Look at history. Winning is expected with teams like pittsburgh, Dallas, Washington, Baltimore, Miami, new england etc. This is why there is such talk when these teams screw up. Coaches are fired, mid way through the season, and this is why they ususally perform well. They know their job is at stake. Not here. You can mess up all you want, and it is accepted. Until somene comes in and holds these players and coaches responsible, nothing will change!! Look at randy moss for example, played awesome in New england, got a little mouthy, and they sent his behind packing. Went to minnesota started mouthing, and they sent his butt packing. Those are two very reputable NFL Teams. They don’t tollerate BULL, and neither should we.

  26. By bengals4eva on Nov 12, 2010 | Reply

    i agree with windle! All the people here who wanna talk about getting a new coach better be sure about who they think is coming through the door…It wont be cowher, dungy, or gruden if good old mike brown is still the acting GM/owner. There is a reason the amount of top tier coaches available dont make their way into the jungle, its initals are M.B. When coughlin came in and told him what he needed to do (hire more scouts, a GM, give up some control), they showed him the door, and its not any different now.

    i do like Andre Smith and i think he will be good as long as hes focused. They do need to get rid of Odom, hes as big a bust as Bryant after getting caught with PEDs. Its also time to ask boldly why Carson looks so out of it as a passer. He stares down receivers, cannot find open ones, and holds on to the ball waaaay too long. 2005 is looking more and more like an anomoly instead of the norm. The only way to build is to fortify the offensive line and for gods sake get some kind of pass rush!

  27. By mwindle1973 on Nov 12, 2010 | Reply

    phlockar: I think the statistics say that the Ravens are tops of all times. Least pts allowed, least yds allowed, least rushing yds allowed. What else do you need. What a lot of people forget is the 46 could get burnt pretty good at times. Both the Vikings and especially the Dolphins really took it to them that year. They needed a 21 pt comeback or so to beat the Vikes. And of course Marino showed how vulnerable the 46 is when a team can block it and a QB can diagnose it. And make the kind of throws that Marino could make.

    Another point is that the CBs were allowed a lot more contact in 85 than in 2000.

    My point is he has proven himself a better defensive coordinator that Zimmer, as good as Zimmer is. It would make no sense to replace him with Zimmer. When Marvin was a DC he was a plenty good enough motivator and still is. Anyone remember that locker room speech he did on Hard Knocks last year?

    Someone said he wasn’t a good in game coach. I’ll keep going back to that NFL Coach of the Year Award they gave him back in January. They don’t hand those out to just anybody. Definitelynot to coaches that are bad at whole aspects of coaching. That award indicates what was already known that he is a first tier HC. Not elite because you have to win deep in the playoffs or perhaps even a ring to be elite. But he is considered by most circles in the NFL to be a great coach. And I’m sure he’ll command top salary somwhere else.

    One possibility that could replace him would be John Fox. BUt again will any coach with previous experience be willing to coach for the Brown family?

    You could promote Marvin to GM which he may be even better suited for. And let him bring in a coach. I could see replacing Brat if you wanted to go with a more conservative offense. But really he’s very capable of creating whatever style offense he wants to.

  28. By officiallyfedup on Nov 13, 2010 | Reply

    This team loses because of Mike Brown. They will never win because they do not have real football people in the front office. That will always be the case. As soon as one Andre Smith walks out the door, a new one will walk in. Mike Brown does not care and neither should you. BOYCOTT!!!!

  29. By mwindle1973 on Nov 13, 2010 | Reply

    Reading some articles and I just thought of 1 reason why everyone should want Marvin re-signed.

    It’s simple, it’s pretty much been reported that Marvn wants first to have GM powers or a GM in place. Second he want an indoor practive facility. I bet it’s Brown giving up control that’s the issue.

    So if Brown isn’t willing to sign Marvin then he essentially isn’t willing to give up on the personnel/coaching decisions. So it would seem that if we are to get a GM that it will be Marvin or Brown. Perhaps that a good enough reason to want Marvin to sign.

  30. By looking4sb1 on Nov 14, 2010 | Reply

    Very good point Windle! In that case, I am absolutely rooting for the resigning of Marvin. In any instance where Mike Brown hands over power to the people who actually know football, I’m for it!

  31. By mwindle1973 on Nov 14, 2010 | Reply

    I think we all can agree on one thing here, no matter how we feel about the particulars.

    Mike Brown needs to have a very small role in team decisions. Whether it be Marvin or another quality coach, he needs to have a GM or a coach that is GM. And he needs to build the new practice facility. I know we are small market but how many teams have (had) a 57 game sellout streak going? I don’t have as much problem with the Blackburns as I feel that Brown inhibits them as well. In fact I think if Mike simply took a non operations position in the team, and left it to the Blackburns and Lewis, that things would be much better than they are now.

    But either way we need someone who understands what a championship team is built of, and how to put the whole picture together to give the team an identity.

    That’s part of the reason I defend Lewis so much. I really think this season reeks of Brown taking back more control after giving some more over to Lewis last season.

  32. By mwindle1973 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I’ll be interested to see who the credit goes to for the recovery of the onside kick. Indy had possession but it appeared (to me at least) when looking at the replays that it was Quan Cosby. He comes in right after Nelson and clubbed at the ball form the underneath. Then it appears, while the Indy player is still laying on top of other players (mainly on top of Mike Nugents leg) and not on the ground, that Cosby simply grabbed the ball and ripped it away.

    We’ll see who it was. Nelson is the early report. But if you look at the replays, it’s clear it was not Nelson, he was on the ground right next to the scrum. I’m pretty sure it was #12 hard to make out on the replay but I’m pretty sure it was him. He is a great all around player. He’s a great blocker, tackler, returner. And he’s at least an average slot WR. Someone we should plan on keeping around. It’s exactly what you need in a 5th or 6th WR. A guy that can backup the slot if needed but produces on all 4 special teams otherwise.

  33. By firefly118 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    Clearly, Coach Lewis is getting it done! Good guy, a few good games, but as a franchise moving forward, No Way! It is time to move on, it has ran its course, let Marvin move on also.
    As far as Carson goes, great guy, lots of heart, career on down side. He hasn’t been himself since the injury, and its time for him to be relegated to back up or traded somewhere.
    With that, many will ask, then what do you do? Its time for Mr. Brown to accept the fact he is an owner and not a football guy! Its time to turn this thing over to a proven NFL guy at GM or GM/Coach. Two people come to mind, Cowher and Gruden, proven winners with the “mean look” mentality this organization needs. Hire them now, don’t wait, let them finish out the season so they can get used to what they have so they can make the decision at the end of the season and going into FA and the draft.
    I mean after what 18-19 seasons, with virtually nothing to show for it (wow, 2 playoff losses), you can keep piecing together what you’ve been doing, but come on!
    I would think that Mike Brown himself would want to see an NFL championship before he moves on.

  34. By tepidfan31 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a harsh critic of Chad for two years, but you have to give him a lot of credit for the game he played yesterday. The turn overs are unfortunate and happen, however those involving interceptions should never happen, either wrong routes or cutting the routes short. The defense played well enough to win; but I still have questions re the offensive line. The OTs were helped with the TE and RBs nicking the DEs, but they were zero in the run game against one of the poorest run defenses in the league. This either is a problem with talent or with Alexander. Also, again I question Brat’s play calling. Gresham, like Shipley last week, should have gone down, especially considering the limited time on the clock. They can be excused as rookies trying to make plays, and they will learn. It’s a game we should have won. If Marvin is replaced, and I seriously doubt that he will, with Brown at the helm, don’t expect any of the top tier coaches coming here; one, they won’t and two, Brown wouldn’t give them the reign nor the money. Therefore, my choice would be Zimmer.

  35. By thecincinnatikid45140 on Nov 15, 2010 | Reply

    How long is Kroger going to keep bailing Mike Brown out by buying up all the seats that havent been sold. Its obvious that Cincy loves their sports teams, why dont our sports teams love us back. I mean they charge us 8 bucks a hotdog during the games so we can sit there and watch them lose, unbelievable how losing in Cincy is just accepted as another day.

  36. By jamison007 on Nov 16, 2010 | Reply

    I left a comment way back on Nov. 11th, and it is really funny to see what has been posted since. C’mon Cincinnati People, the Brown family is a rich tradition and deserves respect. I am not saying Mike Brown is a football genius, but he is a good guy. It is good to hear a positive rumor about Coach Lewis asking for the right resources. That is what Cincy needs to support and be vocal about. If you read all the tea leaves like me and watch all the video postings, then you have to agree with me that our Coach is actually really really good. Our players have come from diverse backgrounds and he has always brought the right messages and the players are very respectful and professional. Yes Ocho has fun and there are moments when words are said, but on balance, you can’t tell me how impressive it is to see players like Tank, Roy, Adam, TO and Ced taking advantage of a new opportunity. The reality is, what has happened, has happened. We can’t go back, so then what is the best thing we our team can do now? I want to encourage our fans not to get too jumpy on the “fire this guy” bandwagon…many times the best move is the move that wasn’t made. I myself hope that Coach Lewis gets intimate with Coach Brat’s approach, etc. Our Coach deserves our faith and support to continue into next year and at the same time I expect that he will take this time very serious and make the most of it. That could mean changes in offensive play calling or even more drastic measures. Obviously, any good Bengal fan has to be very psyched about the D group we have. Our O has put our D into some serious fighting situations and I remember at least 5 or more times our D came through against the Steelers. So, with that said – our reality is that we need to root for good progress this year as we prepare for next. Lets just start winning and dont stop, thats all I have to say!

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