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Posted by hobsonschoice1 on January 2, 2011 – 9:58 am

A count of 11 starters, sometime starters and regulars are set to become free agents after Sunday’s game. That is, when the collective bargaining agreement gets settled.

NOTE: We apologize. We mistakenly had right guard Bobbie Williams and defensive lineman Frostee Rucker on the list. They are under contract for 2011. A brief look:

CB Johnathan Joseph, turns 27 on April 16; 57 starts since 2006:  Has formed one of the top cornerback tandems the past two years with Leon Hall. No question about his athleticism, but only two of his five seasons have been injury free. He’s looking at somewhere between $8 to $10 million. Will they pay that to a guy who has missed 13 games with Hall, who has never missed a game, up next year?

RB Cedric Benson, turned 28 on Dec. 28; 38 starts since 2008:  Has gained more yards in his first 40 Bengals games than Corey Dillon and Rudi Johnson. His durability, toughness and passion are unquestioned. He’s missed just two games because of injury and the Bengals are 11-1 when he carries at least 24 times. Concerns are his seven fumbles this season and that he has just two runs this year of at least 22 yards.

TE Reggie Kelly, turns 34 on Feb. 22; 99 starts since 2003: Another great-leader type and locker-room rock. The concerns are his age and the lingering impact of his torn Achilles. The torch appears to have been passed to Jermaine Gresham.

MLB Dhani Jones, turns 33 on Feb. 22; 56 starts since 2007: About to win his third straight team tackling title. Coaches have relied heavily on his experience and smarts to be a coach on the field that makes calls and gets guys in the right spots.  There are the age concerns and his trouble in pass coverage this season. Rey Maualuga has been groomed, but is he ready?    

WR Terrell Owens, turned 37 on Dec. 7; 11 starts in 2010: Could have been named the club MVP after leading the team with 72 catches and nine touchdowns. But it looks and sounds like they’re going younger and less dramatic at receiver.

S Roy Williams, turns 31 on Aug. 14; 14 starts since 2009:  After being hurt most of last season, he’s been reliable and active this season, but they may have to look to get younger at a safety spot in which they came up with just two forced fumbles this year.

S Chinedum Ndukwe, turns 26 on March 4; 31 starts since 2007:  Physical presence who took some heat this year when the Bengals gave up a spate of big plays. Regular special teams contributor. He’s young, knows the scheme and seemed to have won over Mike Zimmer until the big plays.

WLB Brandon Johnson, turns 29 on April 5; 15 starts since 2008: Incumbent special teams captain who was their most productive backer in ’09 and continues to add spice to the third-down package with versatile skills in coverage.

DL Jon Fanene, turns 29 on March 19; 15 starts since 2005: Only played two games this year because of a hamstring problem just as he seemed to be coming into his own. Had a career-high six sacks last season both at tackle and end. His versatility makes him a valuable guy on third down and coming off the bench.

RB Brian Leonard, turns 27 Feb. 3; one start since 2009: Solid third-down guy who has made a slew of big plays since coming over in May, 2009 trade. Reliable and steady, he turned out to be a steal in their first player-for-player deal in 19 years.

G Evan Mathis, turns 29 March 16; seven starts since 2008: Rotated much of last season at left guard and it’s been a surprise he hasn’t played more this year, when he hasn’t had a start. Seen as reliable and smart and during his career has played or practiced at all the line spots.

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  1. By samoanjungle on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    IMO this is poor planning to have so many FAs in one year, especially in a year when the CBA is expiring.
    They really need to try to sign Joseph, Benson and Brandon Johnson before they hit the market.
    I think the others will stay, if the Bengals want them, because they aren’t going to be high targets for other teams.

  2. By wnyjoe on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    Every team is faced with this many free agents because of the CBA situations the past 2 years.

    Let Benson go. RBs are a dime a dozen. You can find a gem in any round of the draft and even as an UDFA.

    Resign Mathis, Rucker, Fanene, and Leonard

    Try to resign B.Johnson but I’m afraid it may be a Landon Johnson situation.

    Let go Roy, Dhani, Bobbie, and T.O.

    Franchise J. Joe at the very least

  3. By bengalpirate on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    I think we should go all out on re-signing Joseph, Benson, Ndukwe and Leonard, but also try to sign Dhani, Roy Williams, Brandon Johnson and Fanene, if possible. Obviously, no matter which way you go, next year is a transition year for younger players stepping up, but we need a blend of veterans to go along with the new starters, so as not to lose too many games early on. In the NFL, once you lose 3 or 4 games, no matter what part of the season, you are at the mercy of bad/good breaks, injuries and team roster depth. We can’t start off again next year with early losses. I thought I heard that this year, teams can use both the Franchise and Transition tags. If that is the case, maybe we can tag both Benson and Joseph and maybe try to sign a core group of the other free agents? WHO DEY!!! Go Bengals, beat the Ravens!!!

  4. By stilllovemybungles on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    Gotta agree Samoanjungle. Hope we can keep Leonard too. He’s a beast.

  5. By 2ndboot on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    Well Geoff.. Whatever happens I hope they give you plenty of exciting stuff to write about during the off season instead of a snoreathon.. Either way winter just got longer..
    I agree with samoanjungle though except Leonard might have some demand and i really want to hold on to Fanene and Dhani while not great on the pass is still solid as a rock on the run.

  6. By carson9 on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    Ive heard rumors they are going to let Cedric walk. I sure hope not as he is still productive and a leader in the lockerroom. Dhani Jones is a tough one, cause Rey has more of a burst then him and could pass rush better in the MLB spot. As for the rest of the roster, I believe its time to part ways and release or trade the following: Tank Johnson- underachiever since joining team in 09. Robert Geathers- Production has been terrible since 06. TO- Despite his production, is a total CANCER in the locker. Ocho Cinco- I personally love his passion, but he has not been on the same page with carson for awhile, and I have the feeling Carson wants to go Young with Simpson, Shipley. And the final cut, and this may shock people but I feel Keith Rivers while being solid isnt spectacular, and definately isn’t earning his massive 9th overall paycheck. We would be better off asking for a volunteer paycut or releasing him and replacing him with a cheaper, and possible more efficent Brandon Johnson. After 07 season we let our 3rd rd pick LB Landon Johnson walk after back to back 100+ tackle seasons. He was making a fraction of what Rivers makes and we let him go.

  7. By tralfaz1127 on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    Poor planning is right. This is just another example of an inept front office. Mike Brown will never get it. Joseph, Benson, and Fanene are the priorities. Safety needs a major upgrade, Reggie Nelson has looked a little better as a FS. Please above all else let the TOcho show leave town. I’m still convinced Palmer is good enough to lead this team if he doesn’t have to satisfy egos and can count on guys being in the right spot. A full off season workin with the young guys could be special.

  8. By firefly118 on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    I guess I have to ask, really?? I mean we won 4 games, do we want the same team back? I believe you have to sign Ced, he is still young and productive and we have to many holes to fill, so we need to keep him for a couple years. I think you have to keep your safeties, again, we have holes and these guys played as well as anyone. Beyond that, everyone else is aged or not worth the money (Joseph) and we need to retool!
    I don’t think it matters though, it is obvious that we have to change the organization structure to be competitive. If we don’t bring in a proven football guy (Gruden/Cowher) to be GM/Coach and the Browns back away from the everyday operations, we aren’t going to have a winner!
    The problem with Cincy is they don’t understand that games are won in the trenches! We never draft linemen like we should. We never go after the good linemen! On both sides of the ball, we get pushed backward a yard every time. I don’t care how good your WR are, or your LB, or your QB, if you can’t control the line, your 4-12.

  9. By bengaldude on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    How is Bobbie a free agent? I thought he signed a 2 year deal before the season.

  10. By mwindle1973 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    @ samoanjungle: You hit the nail on the head. Perhaps when you look at this season, this has to play into the problems this year. You have 1/3rd of your active roster and your head coach as lame ducks going into the offseason last year. And you manage to re-sign nobody? Did Brown really think having 1/3rd of your team and head coach as lame ducks wasn’t gong to effect anything. I had no idea so many guys were in the last year of their contract.

    Honestly Hobs, I think your great. But you dropped the ball by not making this connection earlier. Or should I say at all. Does anyone really believe that this lame duck situtation didn’t have a lot to do with how the season turned out. It most certainly does have a huge effect.

    I say this now, if Lewis isn’t re-signed then we know Brown isn’t ready to give up any more control. So it’s safe to assume that it’s Lewis or bust from here. Either we sign him, give him more control and continue on that path. Or we will be going backwards.

  11. By tepidfan31 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    As I repeat, I am happy with the loss, but more happy as to how well we played. Let’s put New England into perspective. Through trades take a look at the additional picks NE has in the draft besides there own:
    Rnd 1 17th
    Rnd 2 NO. 1
    Rnd 3 10th
    Rnd 4 NO. 2
    There are reasons why NE’s front office always is able to stay at the top.

  12. By tepidfan31 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    One final thought, also echoed above. We are where and what we are; solely the BUCK falls on the front office. It’s minor league at best.

  13. By looking4sb1 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    I believe that Joseph, Brandon Johnson and Benson should be our top priorities in that order. 1. There are few great corners in the NFL, and Joseph is in the top 10. We need to pay him the $8-10 million per year and keep moving forward on defense. As much as I like Hall, I don’t see him having the same coverage skills and ability to make up ground as Joseph does. 2. Brandon Johnson is an incredible backer. His coverage skills are the best of anyone in the LB corps — something that is key when playing the top passing teams in the NFL. 3. It will be difficult to replace the beating that Benson dishes out to defenses every week. He is durable and you can depend on a strong effort from him every game. Teams have to respect him because he has power and speed.

    If the money is right, also sign Ndukwe and Leonard. Maybe sign Bobbie Williams to a one- or two-year deal. Everyone else can walk unless they are willing to take a pay cut.

  14. By bengalmaniac on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    The defense did hold us in a lot of games that the offense wasn’t able to keep their end up. I like the key players but some of the fringe guys can go. The team does not need to be blown up to start over. 4-12 this year with the same team that won the division last year is where you start looking at the “why”. For example, our offensive game plan was all over the place this year. We could not find a steady course. Huddle vs. no huddle, run vs. pass and there seemed to be no rhyme nor reason to it. I keep hearing that the no huddle doesn’t work against certain teams because of the match-ups. It certainly seems to work for Indy week in and week out. Look at last year and this year, when were we the most effective in scoring and moving the ball? In the no huddle or two-minute drill. Last year’s Cardiac Cats were good at finishing and pulling off the big games at the end…in the 2 minute drill. Seems to me that the playbook is ok, it is just how it is being called and it also seems that Carson knows how to use it better than the OC. But this year we missed those big plays that could have very easily been 5 more wins.
    Also we abandoned the run when we get down, even in the first quarter. Defense was good, could be better, but certainly was not responsible for the collapse.

  15. By jmac6996 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    I completely agree that T.O. should not be resigned despite a productive season. also the fact the bengals need to get younger at WR. Bobbie Williams, Roy Williams, and Reggie Kelley should not return for the same reason. I would put Chad as a ? mark in regards to the Team option. BTW…why is it never Carson Palmer’s fault in regards to the sluggish offense. If he is the Leader we believe he is why is it he caves in to the egos and force the ball to those egos when they are doubled and triple covered. He is the one with the ball in his had. Does Manning or Brees, or Brady force the ball. NO. I believe Palmer is as much to blame for the issues of the offense as any other player.

  16. By bengalmaniac on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    Plus, you have to pay $3.5 mil to let Chad walk, may as well keep him and let him play for a new contract next year. Sunday’s game shows exactly why you need veteran receivers. Simpson can be very good but is not ready to be “the guy” yet. His fumbles, the ball that went through Shipley’s hands and was intercepted in the end zone, things like that. Next year there will be a whole different guy. If you do end up keeping him, I would make it imperative that he show up to all camps and work out with the team.

  17. By blester01 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    We have this many players up for FA, yet they were approx $25 million under the cap if it existed this year.

    Here is the recipe for success:
    1. Mike Brown and family hire a GM and staff to run the organization like a profession.
    2. Fire Bratkowski.
    3. Hire a HC coach outside the organization, retain Zimmer as Def Coord, and hire a top notch Off Coord (Hue Jackson, etc.) that knows how to use play action plays and a talented TE.
    4. Resign Benson, Joseph, Hall (FA next year), Williams, Kelly, & Jones.
    5. TRADE DOWN IN THE DRAFT!!! We have too many key holes to fill to waste a 4th pick on a QB, RB or WR. They need to improve the OL first and foremost.
    6. Draft or actively go after new starters in FA at LG, RT, RG (to eventually replace Williams) DT, SLB, and both Safety spots.

  18. By marmite77 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    Trade JJ for a late 1st round pick. Let Benson go and sign Michael Busch. Brandon Johnson does a lot more than the stat sheet shows.

  19. By whodeynavyguy on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    for me I think that who Carson would like to throw to doesn’t matter. I have been a long time bengals fan and Carson, ever since getting hurt by the knee hit in the play offs, seems to be to scared to play football. Maybe they just hyped him up too much but he doesn’t appear to me to be an elite quarterback. I like people who are consistant. The only thing that Carson seems to be consistant with is under-performing. Marvin Lewis loves him and so does Mike Brown so he will be back next year and next year count us out of super bowl contention again. It is time to try to find someone who is worth the millions that we pay Carson, because sadly he is just not that person. Everyone in Cincinnati, and away fans like me are disappointed. I want Mike Brown to start loosing major money so that he can make some real changes and start worrying about the fans and the City and not his bank account. He doesn’t care if he wins so long as his profit margin remains high.

  20. By mwindle1973 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    I just cringe in fear over what will happen if Lewis isn’t signed. Who will we get in here? And what will he be able to do with Brown not budging on personnel and staffing issues. If Browns problem is marrying stability while addressing an unhappy fan base, then give the fans what they ask for. A GM. And for Brown to relinquish control of this once respected franchise.

    We never became pushovers until Paul Brown died. And Marvin has brought us out of that lowly state. I just fear we are set up to move way back in time if Brown doesn’t give up control. Because then we not only need a great coach to take Lewis’ place. But also would need a miracle worker to produce consistant playoff appearance under Brown’s iron thumb. Cowhers, Grudens, Dungys. These calibar coaches won’t work for this organization. Really John Fox is about the best you could hope to do.

  21. By mwindle1973 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    Does anyone else get the idea that Lewis wants us to be a stereotypical AFC North team like Pitt and Baltimore? And Brown still clamors for the QB driven, pass first team, full of fluffy bodies, and bad attitudes, that he has always tried to make us be?

    I personally think Brown meddles in team strategy as well. Your not going to convince me that Lewis wanted to pass 586 times this year. He has always preached running the ball, D, & special teams. It just doesn’t seem like he even has control over issues like that. And what can Lewis say about it publically? Remember the Pickens Clause? It was in Marv’s contract too.

    I respect Mike Brown more than the average Bengal fan. But this is a dictatorship, much like Jerry Jones has going on down in Dallas. Not even Bill Parcells could bring a deep playoff run to the Cowboys. And they spend money like crazy. I don’t think we need new scouting people. We do pretty good there. But let’s get a a GM or turn the reigns over to a qualified coach. Like Lewis for instance.

  22. By looking4sb1 on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    Marmite, how do you trade someone for a first round pick who isn’t even signed?

  23. By kaptkurt on Jan 3, 2011 | Reply

    I think the only “must have” on the list is Joseph. I like quite few of the players on the list and I’m sure several will be resigned at maket value. Samoan, you’re off base in your criticism. If you count the 53 man roster, that’s about 25%. The only contracts that are more than 4 years are the high profile, big signing bonus contracts (so the bonus money can be spread out). And 30+ players are usually shorter.
    As to Cedric Benson, I love his durability and attitude. When he came out the top 3 RB were Benson, Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown. All 3 are Free Agents and Benson has been the most durable of the 3. Someone mentioned Michael Bush as a replacement. I like that idea if we lose Benson. I think one of the duo from Carolina is available as well. In my opinion, any RB we get needs to run behind an upgraded OL. Also bring in an Off Coord. and a QB coach ( I won’t even mention GM because we all know that won’t happen)

  24. By tepidfan31 on Jan 4, 2011 | Reply

    I think the meeting between Lewis and Brown today is critical to the future of the Bengals. If Brown remains obstinate, the franchise will continue to flounder. It is critical, since this is the first “showdown” that Brown has faced; how dare Lewis challenge the tyrant! I hope for the good of the franchise, that Lewis doesn’t give an inch. Believe me the fans will react one way or the other.

  25. By rwb118 on Jan 4, 2011 | Reply

    I think Lewis, Brat, Carson (Jordan too), T.O (bad injury at his age) should be sent packing! I’m a fan, but it may be time to send Ocho out too. Bringing back the same people year after year with the same result (no playoffs) is stupid. I wish Mike would talk with Bill Cowher (proven winner). Reggie Kelly is past his time, Dhani needs to step aside for the younger guys. Get people in here who are hungry to win, not just guys who want a job. Get a coach who gets fired up & gets his team & staff fired up. Cowher would be awesome in CIncy!

  26. By mwindle1973 on Jan 4, 2011 | Reply

    Haven’t you heard? Bill Cowher doesn’t want to coach in Cincinnati. Or for about 29 other teams. He just listed the only 3 teams he’d coach for in an interview a couple weeks ago.

    Not that he actually had to say anything to know he wouldn’t come here.

    I’m glad Lewis and Brown got a deal done. I hope that at least some things will change. Mainly let’s let the coach set the philosophy and have a continuity in talent that fits that philosophy. If Brown can let that happen enough then we can be a successful team.

  27. By mwindle1973 on Jan 5, 2011 | Reply

    “It’s a start-over, way different than we were in 2003 when we began this. There are some things that I think are important to Mike and I both, that we’re very sure about now. As I work with him and we keep putting the pieces in place to make this a football team that not only goes to the playoffs, but wins that last game and is eventually World Champions, that’s what our goal is.”

    This is a quote from the Brown-Lewis press conference. I don’t know I actually heard him or Brown state that being #1 is the stated goal of this franchise before now. It has to be stated and was an important thing to say. All good teams expect nothing less. And yes saying it and doing it is two different things. But you have to state it. It’s important.

  28. By jamison007 on Jan 5, 2011 | Reply

    Mr. Brown,

    Thank you for keeping Coach Lewis where he belongs, in Cincy! Just as Coach Lewis inspires his players, he also inspires me. I watch all of his press conferences and read all the “tea-leaves”…and there is always a way for me to relate what he is speaking about on the football field to my career and life.

    What I want to know, as a life-long, out-of-state fan, is that every player on our squad next year is 100% committed TO THE BONE. When I saw Ced’s locker room interview after finally breaking loose against Cleveland, it made me proud to be of the Bengal Nation. This is the pride and passion that I want to see from every Bengal, ALL THE TIME. For that reason, I think Ced should get the “Courage” award for showing just how much this team means to him.

    If you, Mr. Brown, and Coach Lewis can successfully identify which players are “ALL IN” and have the “Right Stuff” to make it happen, then we will have a great year next year because I believe with all the talent we had this year, now its time to find out who is the hungriest and most passionate to make a run in 2011. Lets saddle up and get it done!

  29. By bengalmaniac on Jan 5, 2011 | Reply

    There was a lot of doublespeak in that pres conference yesterday. Marvin started by saying he is getting the control he has wanted, but later MB was quick to point out that Marvin is in on every decision, but that was just to deflect criticism. Lapham stated on 700 WLW yesterday that Marvin wanted Brat gone 3 years ago but MB wouldn’t budge. Only 1 offensive coach that was here when Marvin started has left, and that was Hue Jackson to be the OC in Atlanta. That was a mistake to let him get away. I surmise that Marvin wanted to elevate Hue to OC but MB wouldn’t fire his friend Brat. Kudos to Marvin for sticking to his guns and to Sam Wyche for helping make it happen.

  30. By mwindle1973 on Jan 5, 2011 | Reply

    @ begalmaniac

    Very true. We shouldn’t have let Hue Jackson get away. He’s one of the best new OCs to come around in awhile. On another note…I think it’s hard to read what the coaching changes will be. Obviously, it’s Brat there looking at. And Alexander and Anderson to a lesser extent. I think Mike Sheppard’s job is safe with the way he’s developed Simpson & Caldwell. Zampese is a question mark and so is Simmons. I would think they will be here next year though. I think Anderson probably will too. But Alexander is having trouble breeding good zone blocking lineman.
    Brat must go or perhaps more likely be put under total control of Lewis through Brown, if that makes sense. Or perhaps they give the play calling duties to Sheppard? The Pats OC doesn’t call the plays. He just creates the scheme and game plans.

    Hard to say. Very anxious to find out. Good thing they said coaching issues are next on the agenda. And expect for all coaching/personnel issues to be solved/answered before the March 4th or whatever the date of the CBA expiration is. Except for guys that don’t have 6 years in the league yet. I’m not sure if they will offer contracts before the expiration the CBA. Or after the new CBA is signed.

  31. By mwindle1973 on Jan 5, 2011 | Reply

    Hobs, great job in the press conference yesterday! Did you feel like you were trying to take meat from 2 rabid dogs? Nearly impossible to get clear info. But I thought your questions illicited a lot of the “good” info we did get. Instead of…say….wasting your time finding 101 ways to ask how long the contract is for.

    Unverified sources report it was 2 years by the way. But they had it wrong when they reported a deal at noon Tuesday. So who knows. Out of curiosity, why would they hide how the length of the contract? Is it because it is technically not signed at the time of the PC.

  32. By mwindle1973 on Jan 5, 2011 | Reply

    It doesn’t help when your favorite team’s owner is a lawyer. It’s like talking to a…IDK…a lawyer? It’s the thunb role!! Watch the press conference. As long as Brown rolled his thunmbs he was able to do the “lawyer speak”. When the thumb role was interupted, he often lost his concentration.

    And Marvin is the master of controlling a PC from start to finish, week after week, year after year, through shear passive-aggression.

    All said in good fun. They probably want to talk to the coaches and players before they say, “We want to fire this guy and that guy, oh and what’s his face is gone too! (Yes I’m referring to the Brown remark, “you know, the FB from Rutgers, aaaaa…the young guy.” Of course referring to Brian Leonard). Just a slip in memory I’m sure but helps add to one of the raps on Brown that he isn’t personal enough with his players. He doesn’t talk to them much and such.

    One the more interesting PCs I’ve seen in some time. You know Bill Parcells doesn’t due many anymore.

  33. By jamison007 on Jan 5, 2011 | Reply

    @ bengalmaniac,

    Very intriguing post. Thank you for sharing, that helps make some sense as to why Coach Brat has seemed “untouchable”. Even as “just a fan”, I can clearly see what the energy of Coach Zimmer has done for our young defensive studs. Coach Z needs to keep the same pace going…and thats the momentum we need on the offense now. After 9 years, Coach Brat should understand that sometimes a shakeup is good for all involved. Whether that means change in teams or change in tactics and oversight/involvement from Coach Lewis…that is up for Coach Lewis to decide (just like he does with all the players) if Coach Brat has the “right stuff” and “passion” to ELEVATE from what he has been doing.

    We are all behind you Marvin!

  34. By psychosully on Jan 6, 2011 | Reply

    As for the Carson Palmer i still believe he can be an ellite QB in this league with all the pieces to the pie in place. Yes we must make improvements to the offensive line first and formost. We have a young talented group of recievers that are going to be exciting to watch in 11. Simpson is hungry and his excitement on the field was second to none the last three games. not to mention he has more athleticism that i have seen in a very long time. As for Benson he his a big impact in punishing defenses that pays off late in the game (which for some reason we decided to abandon this year) . Hiring Marvin Lewis was a blessing. i do not want to start over and he showed at the end of the year he was done with Ocho’s BS and he never stopped coaching or motovating his players to compete when times where tough.
    As for the free agents JJ has to be resigned…Brandon Johnson is also a very valuable 3rd down linebacker who can cover…Pick up an OL in free agency or the draft that can come in and start immediatly and draft a safety…opt for Chad and try and trade him for a late first round or early second. Next year has to be our year to shine..Marvin deserves it and so does the rest of the players on the team that have not been selfish and have worked there buts off.

  35. By kingbengal on Jan 7, 2011 | Reply

    Bottom line CINCY will never be sucessful with CHAD OR T.O on the team period let them GO. Chad is a POOR Route runner and T.O Complains to much,NOW T.O could be an excellant example of hard work and being a disciplin route runner and he had a better rythm with Carson oppose to Chad.Our new breed of wide-outs do not need any players around who give their reality show more thought than winning.Besides Reggie Kelly is an excellant mentor.with that being said FIRE Brad Bartowiski and get Carson a new QB coach SO he can Quit starring down his target,AND CUT FAT Andre Smith he will never pan out,and ANY O-LINEMAN OR D-LINEMAN that COMES in out of SHAPE,40 and 50 pounds over weight, get rid of them,for that kind of MONEY they MAKE NO-ONE should have to play into game SHAPE.Because when anyone looks at the GOOD O-lines and D-lines they stay in shape some what year AROUND

  36. By kingbengal on Jan 7, 2011 | Reply

    And by the way PLEASE BRING Back that work HORSE Ced Benson,just work on his ball control,he nedds 25 to 30 touches a GAME and LIMIT Carson to 25 to 30 att.a game,and the BUMBLES WILL BE THE BENGALS AGAIN.

  37. By ryansims32385 on Jan 7, 2011 | Reply

    I am confused as to how having 13 contributing free agents is a sign of poor front office management. I realize that memory is short in the world of the NFL, but just one year ago we were heading into the offseason with just as many key contributors or players with starting experience that were without contracts. That’s not a very large number. Just last year it was: RB Larry Johnson, FB Jeremi Johnson, WR Laveranues Coles, TEs J.P. Foschi and Reggie Kelly, K Shayne Graham, OL Dennis Roland, Evan Mathis, and Nate Livings, DL Domata Peko, Tank Johnson, Frostee Rucker, LBs Brandon Johnson, Rashad Jeanty, and S Roy williams. That’s 15 players with starting experience for us that were unsigned heading into the offseason just last year. Despite Mike Brown’s unwarranted reputation for being cheap, the Bengals have done very well over the years of re-signing the players they want to keep. And with the uncertainty of the CBA, it would be smart of a small market team such as Cincinnati, not to wrap up a ton of money in free agency with the possibility of a lockout looming. The reality is, smaller market teams, such as the Bengals, can’t afford to give payouts to players that aren’t playing. I’d be shocked if this wasn’t common place with many of the smaller revenue teams.

  38. By ryansims32385 on Jan 7, 2011 | Reply

    In my personal opinion, I think it’d be wise to shake things up, but not to let things implode and rebuild from the ground up. Bratkowski needs to go. The offense had no identity this year. Were we a running team? A passing team? Who knows? We often abandoned the run and were in the shotgun on 3rd and 2 or 3rd and 3. Not acceptable with a powerful runner like Benson in the backfield. We never could keep the opposition off balance, and often we were very predictable. That falls on the shoulders of the OC. Also, the abilities to make adjustments on the fly and properly scheme to work players into the fold just weren’t there… Also, there’s no reason to let Palmer play anywhere other than in Cincinnati next season. Even if you believe that the team needs to invest in the future by acquiring a young QB through either the draft/trade/free agency, you always want to insure yourself with a veteran QB. One to mentor the young QB throughout the early stages of his career (Much as Jon Kitna did for Palmer)… Cedric Benson needs to get his due. The guy has been a class act and a model teammate since the day he arrived in Cincinnati. He is also a workhorse back that can be counted on to carry the load 25-30+ times a games.

  39. By mwindle1973 on Jan 9, 2011 | Reply

    Looking at them one by one:

    JJoe – Can’t go wrong here. Sign him you have an elite CB. Don’t sign him save lots of cap room and draft an elite CB with the #4 pick.
    Cedric Benson – Really need to sign him. But should think about using a 1st or 2nd rounder on this position if it’s in the cards.
    Reggie Kelly – Will he play 3rd TE? If so sign him. If not draft a blocking TE.
    Dhani Jones – Played bad for 6 games then really played well the rest of the way. I thought the last 10 games he was our MVP. I say you sign him as long as he doesn’t have to start.
    Terrell Owens – He seemed to not help chemistry. I don’t buy the TO’s a cancer crap. But we need to pass on him.
    Roy Williams – I think he played pretty well. Even if we draft this position we need to re-sign him. He’s one that wants to be here.
    Chinedum Ndukwe – If we have room for him sign him. But we need to have Williams, Nelson, Crocker plus draft a S.
    Brandon Johnson & Jon Fanene – Gotta have ’em
    Brian Leonard – Just too valuable to not sign. Unless he is too expensive. But we have to replace him if he goes.
    Evan Mathis – Is he really worth the money or needed? We need to go to well here anyway. We need to draft more than 1 interior lineman or address the situation through free agency.

  40. By mwindle1973 on Jan 9, 2011 | Reply

    K, FB, LG, RT & C were the positions we were weak at. Include SS, RG & RB because of age of the current players. And CB if we don’t sign JJoe. These are positions we should focus on in the draft and free agency.

    There are a number of DEs & DTs that are worthy of the #4 pick, particularly DEs. A strong year for CBs too. THere is one CB, Patrick Peterson that will be a SS in the NFL. He’s a rare talent and may be available at #4.
    I’d say take the SS if he’s there. (Right now he’s projecting the 4th best player in the draft on If not take the best DE available. But I believe you have to draft for talent and not need. Draft what ‘s there. And you have a special athelete there at SS, and a pool of maybe 4-5 DEs to choose from.

  41. By kingbengal on Jan 12, 2011 | Reply

    The Bengals need to draft a bigger version of Dunlop in the first round,a player who engine is going all the time and plays HARD on every down.That being said RESIGN everyone but R.Williams,T.O and please let Chad no-show Johnson GO. Yea he is a great stat guy but he has never been a team player and never will BE.IT is always me,me,me.with chad.The Bengals can draft some solid young talent in the 3rd or 4th round at the wide-out position,a bigger more physical wide-out and train him to be a great route runner.Because in the last 3 games Carson had a better rythm with all the young talent.This SHOWS anyone that chad did’nt put all his effort on the field,hell he got ten yard slant routes wrong this year, not because he does not know,but because he don’t want to play in CINCY. Cincy has enough young talent to compete with any team in the N.F.L so Please bring back Joseph,Benson,Kelly,Jones,Ndukwe,B.Johnson,Fanene,Leonard,Mathis and the Bengals will win 12 games next year.

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