Subdued Ocho takes to Super airwaves

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on February 1, 2011 – 12:40 pm


The Ocho says he may even stick around after the Bengals tell him he’s gone.

“Cincinnati is all I know. The fans are all I know,” he told NFL Network Tuesday at a Super Bowl media day appearance. “I’m a Cincinnati Bengal until Mike Brown or someone else tell me my services are no longer needed. And if someone does, I still might not leave.”

The Ocho, the anchor of OCNN, said he thought the firing of offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski was a first step in accommodating Carson Palmer: “They’ll do whatever it takes to keep him.” But he said he didn’t know why Palmer was fired.

“We had some of our best years ever with him at the helm,” The Ocho said.

He seems mystified by Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis’ public shots, saying it started late in the season when he was playing on a bum ankle.

“He’s a father figure to me,” The Ocho said. “You don’t reprimand your son if he’s not out of line … but I’ll always love Marvin Lewis.”

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12 Responses to “Subdued Ocho takes to Super airwaves”

  1. By jengal3 on Feb 1, 2011 | Reply

    Do you mean he doesn’ know why Brat was fired? Or am I reading it wrong?

  2. By joshuarobrien on Feb 1, 2011 | Reply

    “They’ll do whatever it takes to keep him.” But he said he didn’t know why Palmer was fired. Just doing some editing lol, Bratkowski was fired…

  3. By mwindle1973 on Feb 2, 2011 | Reply

    Seems mysterious doesn’t it? TO sites the coaching staff as the reason for the failures on their show. Chad basically agrees with him. But Lewis is a father figure and he doesn’t know why Brat was fired. Well, players like them calling out the coaches was a first step. We can also infer that Chad and Palmer disagree that Brat is a problem. Seems like Chad and Palmer have issues. Really is Chad serious about this “I’m a Bengal” crap he’s been spewing for a week or so now? Ever since he announced he isn’t Ocho anymore, I’ve been convinced he know’s he is leaving Cincy, he knows where he’s going, and he knows he won’t be wearing 85 next season. All this is backed up by the fact that he was playing the I’m going to be a PR nightmare game unless you trade/cut me. He started before the end of the season. Then all the sudden, (in fact in the same interview he made the no more Ocho announcement) he always been a Bengal and wouldn’t know what to do if he wasn’t? That wasn’t what he said in 08 was it?

  4. By whodeysteve on Feb 2, 2011 | Reply

    I’m glad Mike Brown made the decision to rid us of Bob Bratkowski. He did not know how to use the talent we had. We had to have had the worst 3 year stretch I’ve seen ever with our team on offense. Further more I’ve never heard of a quarterback not allowed to use a timeout. Unless the team is ran by Paul Brown or Bill Walsh. I’ve stood up for Palmer the whole time he’s been here and he is as Mike Brown said “Good People” but if he thinks he can’t win here then maybe he should go via trade because if he has already gave up then he’s already made his bed and has to lie in it. Cause when a quarterback psychologically checks out you get Jim Everett and Phantom Sack’s.

  5. By mwindle1973 on Feb 3, 2011 | Reply

    Well I just want to know who the cat the ate the canary is. TJ complained about Brat now involving him enough and getting him deep balls the whole time he was here. BUt now? Ocho called out the coaching staff on his TV show. Carson demands a trade. Marvin refused to return without changes. Benson refuses to re-sign unless there are changes. Yet nobody wanted him to be fired? Carson I have to believe because they made a point out of saying this is not one of the problems for him. But how could it not be? Somebody wanted Brat fired or it wouldn’t have happened. Now Brats gone, but Palmer still wants traded and controversy is still abound. Does anyone think that at some point players have to take ownership of their team? If they want to win championships then don’t they have to own that desire, and be accountable for it?

  6. By tepidfan31 on Feb 3, 2011 | Reply

    Interesting. Jay Gruden, as head coach of the Tuskers, will he lobby to bring back Odell Thurman? If Odell has his act together, it would be a coup.

  7. By jamison007 on Feb 4, 2011 | Reply

    @mwindle and BengalNation,

    Here is the way I see it. Good players have to show respect for their coaches. So, I think everyone is just showing gratitude and being positive of their reflections of Coach Brat; on the other hand…isn’t it refreshing to hear what Coach Gruden shared on the call? Cincy has to continue and deepen our appreciation for Palmer, Benson and yes, Mr. Chad ‘whateverhewantstobe’. Chad likes to win and have fun…they do go together very well. It has been really hard for him too…but Cincy has to realize that Chad is very very talented…c’mon, you can’t see that, seriously? Who knows, Who Dey!? What about perhaps one more reunion run with T.O.? Think about it BengalNation – why not? Our team was after all just a few different plays from a whole different season last year. Bottom line though, whoever plays,I submit THEY ALL must committ absolutely and be “ALL-OUT!”

  8. By mwindle1973 on Feb 4, 2011 | Reply

    I think you have to understand the term West Coast Offense is widely interpretable. Are you talking the Paul Brown/Bill Walsh WCO? Or the Walsh one (there is a difference)? Or the Holmgren variant or perhaps the Shanahan style? THe Gruden style? I know this it’s usually a horizontal passing system by definition. But they call McCarthy’s offense in Green Bay WCO. And he uses vertical passes, play action and 5/7 step drops. And will run smashmouth if it fits the game too. The only thing they all have in common is the terminology. And the reads that the QB and WRs make. IDK how effective a true WCO offense is as a Tampa 2 D with the right players (like Indy) will squash it. But I really believe we aren’t talking full blown WCO. Probably going to have the terminology of the WCO and some of the routes and basic tenets. BUt will be married to the existing smashmouth/vertical attack. From what Jay said it should be too much running to really be a WCO.

  9. By whodeynation on Feb 4, 2011 | Reply

    Chad… The Who Dey Nation appreciates your years of service. I really hope Chad’s love for cincy is real and not just a PR ploy to be traded. I am excited about Gruden coming to cincy, and hopefully all our players get on board… come on Carson

  10. By alaskabat on Feb 5, 2011 | Reply

    Damn straight folks! Firing Brat was the first step–I think that, plus the addition of Gruden will be enough excite the offense enough to be productive. I think it’s enough to get Carson excited and back–same with Ced. Another run with T.O.? Why not–he had a good year. there were many games where he stepped up when nobody else did, and led the charge.
    There has been no word from Carson since the Brat firing, other than some pleasant goodbye with respect, but nothing on his “situation.”

  11. By mwindle1973 on Feb 7, 2011 | Reply

    @jamison007: I’m with you we need players that are 100% committed to the team and coaches. I was there back in 03 when we hired Lewis. And for the most part they turned the team over. But it took 3 seasons or more to get rid of all the wrong people and get replacements in. Actually did we ever get the right people in place? So slowly I started wanting us to hold any talented player on the team. SO like CHad, I just thought it crazy to get rid of him. But now I truly don’t care where we go with the roster. I see that it’s not talent level but how well the player fits your system and philosphy. We had so much talent this season. But in hindsight, it was a mishmash of talent. Like putting a jazz drummer, a blues bassist, a pop singer, and a rock guitarist and asking them to play Bach. We need a cohesion to happen here in Bengaldom. Hopefully we have it in the coaching staff now. But the biggest question is how we get it in the personnel dept. Chad (we still have the option to negate that last year of the contract and not take the cap hit), JJoe, Benson, TO, Carson. All these guys have committment or contract issues. They have to be resolved, whether we get them aboard or move on.

  12. By jamison007 on Feb 7, 2011 | Reply

    @mwindle1973: I am on the same page with you as well. As the Packers told us all just this past SuperBowl Sunday, when all is said and done, all a team really has is each other. When a team can rally themselves together, and hold each of themselves to a higher standard than even the coaches are…us fans will notice it right away. Reason I don’t want to give up on ANY of our 2010 team is because I did see them fighting their hearts out in the first game against the Steelers. Arguably, if Shipley came down with that over the middle hot route, Ced would have punched it in, we would have won and the demeanor of the team would have been very different. However, it just seemed our offensive playbook left us stalled throughout parts of that game. So, we got our coach back, got a new O scheme cooking and now we just need the chili back! If ANY player has any issue working harder, smarter and wiser this off-season and upcoming OTAs…please Coach Lewis, DO NOT hesitate to cut the cancers off our team!

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