Will Bengals listen to Palmer offers?

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on March 1, 2011 – 12:12 am

The estimable Peter King of Sports Illustrated posted two Bengals notes of note Monday.

He said he talked to one Bengals official over the weekend and was surprised to hear that whenever trades are allowed after the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement, the team will listen to trade offers for Carson Palmer.

Maybe. All I know is that when the Bengals left for the NFL scouting combine last week, the word was that Palmer was going nowhere. So, maybe they’ll listen to offers. Maybe they’ll take the calls. But the clear sense was that they were adamant Palmer would not be traded. No question they are looking for his replacememt in the draft and maybe they can be  moved by the right price. But, at the moment, they aren’t looking to trade him.

King has the Bengals taking Auburn quarterback Cam Newton at No. 4, reasoning that Bengals president Mike Brown loves to draft quarterbacks and take gambles. Yeah, but that was before Akili Smith at No. 3 in 1999. After his performance at the combine on and off the field, Newton has to change some  minds not only in the Bengals’ room, but elsewhere. Anything can happen in two months, kids.

But with head coach Marvin Lewis wary of one-year wonders and new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden talking about accuracy and leadership, that doesn’t translate into the Bengals taking Newton right now. After his March 8 pro day, another campus visit or two, and Newton’s April visit to Paul Brown Stadium, maybe he can change some minds.

But it sure sounds like what the Bengals are looking for in Gruden’s system if Palmer retires is competence over flash. They want a guy that has a good enough arm to stretch the field, but above all is accurate and smart and is going to be protected by the running game. They don’t need a Heisman Trophy winner, but a quarterback. No. 4 looks too high for it right now.

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  1. By jamison007 on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    I am not quite sure just how praiseworthy Peter King is when it comes to his opinions of Bengal matters. Whether or not PK talked with someone in the org who knows anything, it irks me as a fan that media people use these matters to spin their stories and then say something like they are convinced MB wants to draft Cam? Perhaps as fans the best thing we can root for is that the plain talk from Coach Lew, Zim and JG are managed completely by Coach Lew with MB in his pocket…but MB has to let Coach Lew get the culture, formula and vision together, and that means doing things like Jay is talking about, looking for real leadership and character. I am thinking that MB has been learning a bit through the years and the only and best way to evaluate someone is if you give them all the tools they need.

  2. By ronnie2bennett on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    I am NOT a TCU fan,but I watched them play a few times this year. The Bengals are stupid if they take Newton 4th!! They are saying that Dalton will go in the second or third round – GET HIM with our second round pick!!!!!! He is going to be a star!

  3. By 454rat on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Not that I would mind the Bengals sticking it to Carson for being a quitter by effectively ending his pro football career, but they HAVE to not only listen to but hopefully accept a trade offer. In addition they need to reach out with offers of their own for a replacement – whether its a trade for Kolb or a free agent signing (Collins?) of a caretaker until they can draft and groom the next guy. And please, please NOT Cam Newton. What a train wreck…T.O. & Ocho all wrapped up as a QB. Hopefully Green is there at 4, get a safety in rd 2, then worry about QB – there should still be something decent left at the top of rd 3 since none of this years crop look to be difference makers.

  4. By rparr32 on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    They need to listen and consider all offers because Carson Palmer is not coming back! Every piece of furniture is out of his house, and I believe that his rant should be taken very seriously. Carson Palmer has never vented any frustration about this team or city so I SAY “you better take him at his word!” I also do not believe that there is a franchise QB in this years draft, or at least not in the first few rounds. Our new QB is going to have to come from free agency, and I am not sold on KOLB, his numbers were bad when he played last year. I would prefer McNabb, he is a better leader, and knows how to win in big games. I know his numbers were not good last year but look who he played for! We can draft a QB but it must be in the middle to late rounds and hope for someone better equipted in next years draft. There are also many teams with lotz of good possiblities at QB’S sitting on their bench, might want to develop one of those guys with trading one of the draft picks that we are going to get for Palmer. I am thinking he will bring a 1st and third, and maybe a player also.

  5. By spungy on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Oh man, please don’t draft Newton. About the only benefit I can see is that we can bring apples to the stadium and throw them on the field when he fails.

  6. By kaptkurt on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Love the apple comment spungy. Hobs, do you have an idea what Palmers trade value is? Denver got 2 #1s and a decent QB for Cutler but he’s younger than Carson. I could see qiute a few teams that are a good QB away from the playoffs and a couple of them are in the area Palmer wants to go. I agree that a QB in the first round is a mistake. 4 1st round misses (Cook, Thompson, Klingler, and Smith) vs. 1 1st round hit (Palmer) tells me our odds of finding a 1st rd QB are around 20%. Hell, if we want 1st round QBs we could bring in Alex Smith and Brady Quinn and let them compete for the job. I think either one would do better than anyone we could draft and their COMBINED salaries would be a fraction of a first round QB. As for Kolb, I remember Philly had a backup QB a few years ago who stepped in for McNabb and did a great job. During the offseason, he signed for huge money (in Miami I think) and he bombed.

  7. By overthroensamoan on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    kaptkurt. Greg Cook a miss. INSANE!!! You must have never seen the guy play. If that guy doesn’t destroy his arm those Bengals would be wearing Super Bowl rings. He was the most gifted Bengals QB in team history. Putting Cook in the same category as Thompson,Klingler and Smith makes my stomach churn. Now then. I still think Orton is the best fit. I know Fox says Orton is his starter but I think he would let him go for a 3rd rounder. Then trade Palmer to AZ. You then have the 4th and 5th pick. Not that shabby. How about Green and Peterson in the same draft.

  8. By hobsonschoice1 on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    KAP: When I talked to a GM at the Senior Bowl, he said he thought they could get a first-round pick for Palmer and I agree. Maybe even a two next year and a player. But a first-rounder at least and the Bengals shouldn’t settle for less.

    But it’s not happening. Not now, anyway. There are no indications that Mike Brown has backed off his Jan. 24 statement: We’re not going to trade him.

    The lines look to be drawn and both sides have been told very clearly what the other side wants. At the moment it appears Palmer is going to retire because the Bengals don’t look ready to deal.

    It appeared in Janaury that Brown was hoping for a reconciliation and seems like he still does. He thinks a great deal of Palmer and what he has meant to the club and he doesn’t give up easily.

  9. By deucehogalo on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    The article posted on 2/28/11 titled “Mike Zimmer Seeks Run Discipline as Draft Awaits” indicates that Mike Zimmer has not considered Patrick Peterson nor DaQuan Bowers and has not even watched film on either of them up to this point.
    The Bengals coaching staff plays an integral part in scouting and preparing a draft strategy.
    Anyone else concerned that our DC has not completed any due diligence on two of the top defensive players in the draft?

  10. By mwindle1973 on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    I think we should definitely pick a QB on draft day. But just not in the first 2 rounds. Maybe in the 2nd round. But one of these QBs are going to have to step up to warrant that. The media will keep pushing them as first rounders though. And maybe I’m missing something here. But none of these QBs are even worthy of a 1st round pick.

  11. By jamison007 on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Geoff – is there any local ground swell of letters from fans to Carson, asking him to stick it out cuz we all love him? I stumbled into an old blog that appears to be back from ’05 and ’06. It made a lot of sense, Carson is just a genuinely appreciative and thoughtful guy. He wrote about visiting his brother while at UTEP and trying to sharpen his golf game. I hope Bengaldom is really reaching out, cause I take exception to the punks that tossed trash on his family yard, as well as the cynicism some of us have lashed out at Carson. There aint’ nobody that can match Carson’s character, c’mon Cincy!

  12. By jamison007 on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    Gotta love Jordan’s attitude. I am very appreciative that he is going to keep our boys moving and working. I hope they get good solid work in and are wise about keeping healthy while having fun. I will be doing the same, see you boys this Thanksgiving!

  13. By kyblue45 on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Is the entire Palmer trade a sham to allow him to get back to being coached by Pete Carroll? It stinks, he cheated in college and now he is trying to chaet in the NFL!

  14. By chiragn on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    The bengals have to at least listen to offers for Palmer. This organization is not in good enough shape with the fan base to allow the starting QB to retire and not get anything in return. I guarantee Teams like the Niners and Seahawks would pay at least a 1st and another mid round pick for Palmer’s experience over Kolb’s youth. That would allow the Bengals to take a guy they like in the 2nd round and try and insert him into this qb friendly offense. I know the CBA complicates matters, but if/when they can listen to offers they have an obligation to.

  15. By gttiger68 on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    What is Carson’s value to the team going forward from here? If and when it becomes completely clear that no reconciliation is likely to occur, then what is he worth? As a retiree, he does nothing for us. At least in a trade we get something back, even if it’s not what he’s worth. The Bengals won’t trade him because they have too much invested, but where is the logic in loseing all of the investment? Can’t we get at least another player or two in return? Maybe a future HOF’er in the draft? Where is the value in getting nothing in return for your franchise QB?

  16. By mwindle1973 on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Well I browse about the internet for awhile tonight and now we have more leaks. Local WCPO TV broke the latest. Which is just a reiteration of info. The report quotes a Palmer “confidant” (Isn’t a confidant someone you can tell things that won’t tell anyone else?). It says he told the person he will “never step in PBS again”. The next quote is he will “consider retirement if not traded”. I don’t get it, is he considering it or will he never step foot in PBS again. I guess it’s a for sure, I guess, maybe situation. I have to say I’m losing repsect for Palmer. I’m sorry “fans” dumped trash on his lawn, but it wasn’t me. I’m sorry they booed him when he passed 20k yds, but it wasn’t me then either. I like many fans have been loyal to Palmer for 9 years and remain so. But it’s wearing thin. About $80M thin. He’s yet to show his face or make a statement himself on this issue.

  17. By Mel on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Hobs…Where does Jordan P. fit into all of this? His brother has put him in quite a predicament with his stance. Will the two stay or go as a “package deal”? Is Jordan good enough to be given a shot at the top job?

  18. By rparr32 on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Hob, This is off the subject but do you know why the Bengals have not made any moves with their current players to obtain them for this years season (if we have one)? Every other team in the league is signing players with tenders, and they are signing them. Does anyone work in that office? It seems as if every time something important needs to happen the Bengals drag their feet Hence rookie draft picks etc. There are many players on this team that are free agents, and the collective bargaining agreement expires in two days. These are key players and it seems as if there is no urgency, like always.

  19. By sapon1 on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    From a business perspective Mike Brown has all the leverage; Carson played all his cards. Now we find out if Mr. Brown is a business man or just the son of Paul Brown. CP and his agent should be working 24/7 to bring truly compelling trade opportunities to the Bengals – otherwise his career is done. I think a QB w/ the pedigree of CP demands at least a 1st and 3rd round pick plus. I hope MB doesn’t fumble this opportunity to improve his team. Meanwhile we need to line up a vetreran QB… even a guy like Chris Redman in Atlanta. Every time he gets in the game he delivers – and I’m certain he can handle the new offense. Not the long-term solution but possibly the guy to win now.

  20. By kimmelp on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Based on past history (see Corey Dillon, Carl Pickens & Chad ‘insertlastnamehere’), I don’t believe Carson will be going anywhere. If Mike Brown is one thing, it is stubborn. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but he truly believes that if you sign a contract, you play it out. Nobody that I can recall has ever demanded, threatend, or criticized their way out of Cincinnati and I don’t think Carson will be the first.

    So Carson, if you’re truly going to retire unless you’re traded, submit your paperwork to the NFL and get on with the rest of your life. I have admired your play in helping the team to 2 playoff berths and will always be a fan.

  21. By 303bengalguy on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    I know the NFL and the NBA are two entirely different animals, but as a “Denver-ite” I think the Bengals need to take a long hard look at how the Carmelo Anthony situation unfolded and replicate the ownership’s methodology in this matter. The Nuggets were able to acquire significant chips in dealing Melo, and while Palmer might not be on the same level proportionately, the situation is very much the same. If a guy doesn’t want to be here, move him and get as much as you can. Don’t be left empty handed. Sure you’re going to get change when you’re handing over a crisp bill, but you have to take something as opposed to nothing.

    If this has to be a year of transition for the offense, so be it. Draft a defensive player 1st (Peterson or one of the D-Linemen), and give every team we play headaches with a killer D. If PITT can win with Charlie Batch or Dennis Dixon, it’s because they did it with defense and a merely serviceable QB. Don’t sell the farm for an unproven QB and I’m sorry but @sapon1, there’s much better options out there than Chris Redman. Barf.

  22. By tepidfan31 on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Less we forget: Mike Brown’s wisdom. In 1999 Mike Ditka trades 1st round 12th pick plus 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th round picks, plus 1st round and 3rd round picks in the 2000 draft to Washington for their 5th round pick in the Draft of Ricky Williams. The 1st round pick in 2000 became 3rd pick in the 1st round for Washington. Ditka wanted to make the same trade with Cincinnati for the Bengals 3rd pick in the 1st round in 1999, AND WHO DID CINCINNATI PICK, AKILI SMITH.
    Now, in his wisdom will Brown not trade Palmer for a few very good draft picks. I have an opinion, but will keep it to myself.

  23. By kaptkurt on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Sorry to hurt your feelings overthroen but Cook has to be a miss even though I totally agree with you. (He’s the reason I used the word miss intead of Bust) i wouldn’t mind Orton bur I think he’s reached his ceiling and would be the starter from day one whereas Quinn and Smith would be competing. Strictly based on his second half performance against the Packers, I think Caleb Hanie would be a nice addition.

  24. By hobsonschoice1 on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    DEUCE: Are you serious on Zimmer?

    He has and always will do his due diligence.

    Mike Zimmer?

    First things first for the coaches. Evaluate your own club first.

    Then go to the combine. That starts the draft process. I think that’s pretty much the way it is around the NFL, whether coaches are heavily involved or not. Plus, he already coached a bunch of these guys at the Senior Bowl.

    The scouts have already filed reports on their areas and the video guys have the cutups ready to go.

    I would say he’s certainly done due diligence since he’s been here. Rey Maualuga, Michael Johnson, Morgan Trent, Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins, and Roddrick Muckelroy in the last two drafts. He wants more out of Maualuga (time to put him in the middle), but it’s been a pretty productive group.

    The way it sounds, the veterans are going to find out he’s been doing due diligence.

    PARR – Yeah, they’re working down here.

    It’s believed they have sent out tenders to the players they want to keep, but they haven’t announced them like they usually do because they don’t know if those offers are going to be valid under a new CBA.

    So, unlike some teams, they don’t want to announce anything until a new CBA is in place.

    For instance, under the current system, Johnathan Joseph would be restricted. Under a new one, he probably won’t be. So why announce it when much of it will be moot?, is the way they see it.

    As for Palmer, all the trade stuff is great. We can write them and read them and tweet them and blog them and take pictures of them, whatever we want to do.

    But what if you can’t trade him before the draft?

    You trade him in July for a one and a four in 2012? What does that give you in 2011? Not a damn thing. Certainly not the kind of value you have to get.

    So if you hold on to him, he quits, and you try to trade him in 2012, you get even less, right? I don’t know what the answer is. But I know that isn’t it. Now, if you get a CBA before the draft, we can talk.

    And TEPID, the Akili Smith draft is why you don’t take a QB No. 4 in this draft if you have any kind of questions.

    The same questions from ’99 about Smith are surfacing about most of these guys in one way or another.

    There is the one-year wonder and character stuff around Newton and Mallett, and the college offense knock and questionable mechanics around Gabbert.

    Go safe and not the QB.

    Ditka screwed up, too. Don’t take a running back that high. Stick with the premium spots. As we know, the safest pick was the guy that Washington got from Ditka.

    Champ Bailey, cornerback.

    Anybody say Patrick Peterson?

    Sorry if I sound a little salty, but, hey, it’s crunch time. Let’s hope the owners and players figure it out.

  25. By bigdad616 on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    The only trade I would take for Palmer is a proven quality quarterback who has a more economical contract. Kolb would fit but Philly desn’t need Carson (BTW where would we be now if Vick had signed with Bengals 18 months ago rather than the Eagles?). If Carson is ready to retire over this, I wonder if he has enough desire to put in the hours to be a star NFL quarterback anymore. But I don’t believe this be true. I simply think a ten game losing streak in the NFL is enough to dishearten (temporarily) anyone. Let’s wait and see what we can agree with Carson once all the dust is settled. I love the guy and would hate to see him go anywhere else or retire. If everything fails – I guess we go after Jeff Garcia! In terms of the draft – we’re in a great position and should not trade any draft picks. No quarterback available is worth our precious #4. My preference at this point is AJ Green then Patrick Peterson and then one of the D-line studs. If one of the top qb’s is still available at #35, I might pull the trigger then. Otherwise safety, linebacker or running back. As ever, the best athlete available. I would also love to get a stud fullback in one of the later rounds.

  26. By bengalmaniac on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    This offense does not require a Heismann winner to run it, it needs a system QB. Trent Dilfer won a SB with Baltimore and Brad Johnson with TB (generally the same offense). There are many guys you could stick in here who have been in the league to run it. McNabb, Garcia (knows it from TB), Brady Quinn to name a few. I am not even convinced that Jordan couldn’t handle it, that of course would be the ultimate irony is if Jordan took over and won a playoff game in his first year as a starter. That would chap someone’s a$$. Do NOT draft Cam Newton, Sam Wyche said he would NOT fit this offense, and i think our coaches know it. Pick AJ Green at #4, that gives you a corps of Ocho, Caldwell, Simpson, Shipley & Green, that takes a lot of pressure off the QB.

  27. By overthroensamoan on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Kaptkurt. If you consider Klingler,Smith and Thompson being misses whats your criteria for being a bust. All I’m saying is the guy won the passing title his rookie year for a team in its 2nd year of existence, thats pretty impressive. I look at a miss being someone who doesn’t live up to expectations. (Jason Buck,Dave Remington,and Chris Perry) I just can’t tag someone that flashed so much talent being a miss. As far as the current mess I’m not sure Quinn would be an improvement over anyone. And yes Orton would be the starter from day one. Can’t go along with the ceiling comment. He’s 2 years younger than Palmer and appears to be finally living up to the potential he showed in college.

  28. By jamison007 on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Bengaldom – wow is there a lot of trash talk out there about Carson. Kelly is an amazing guy, it was great to get some insight. Whit is also incredible, a diplomat that is going to smash some heads next year for his QB! Wake up Cincy, the rest of the league is salivating for Carson, so they are trash talking him. Here is the deal though, we do have character on our team. Kelly and Whit have been leading by example – we got a great crew of hungry and now proven talent on both sides of the ball. Its time to pay high tribute to Carson and ask for one last dance.

  29. By mwindle1973 on Mar 3, 2011 | Reply

    Hobs your right about the QB issue. Don’t pick at #4 (or anywhere for that matter) if you have any kind of questions. If the QB doesn’t just jump off the board at you and scream “I’m your man!” Then pass. You can afford to miss on a guy like that at #4. But you can’t afford to pick him there and be wrong. Also, yes I can say Patrick Petersen, and have many times. To me he’s the top prospect and if we are lucky enough to have him at #4 it’s a no-brainer. He’s 6’1″ 219, runs a sub 4.4 40, and was an all conference KR/PRer. Plus he has all the skills and movement you want. Played bump and run, man to man in college. Only weakness is lack of experience in zone coverage. He’s an impact player. Plus it would ease the pressure of signing JJoe.

  30. By psychosully on Mar 3, 2011 | Reply

    here is the deal. palmer you signed a contract which at the time was the richest in the NFL if memory serves correct, and now when the times are tough you want out. Finish what you start and that is what every dad in america has instilled in their sons and daughters. It really erks me how this has all played out. It has put the organization in a pickle and in my opinion is dishonable. I hope that Mike Brown sticks to his guns and the man retires. I also hope with the new CBA it will cut out this bull Crap with players being able to play the system to get out of what they signed up for and for millions of dollars that me the fan pays for. i really hope that Jordan steps up to the plate and hits a home run. i might be the only one on in Bengal land that believes he can get the job done under Gruden’s new system.
    We will not get anything out of a trade for Carson because he wants out so we have no bargaining chips. REALLY PISSES ME OFF when players think that they hold all the cards. Get out of Cinci and retire because in my opinion you have been a bust.

  31. By psychosully on Mar 3, 2011 | Reply

    PS Chad Ocho Cinco do the same fullfill your contract do the honarable thing and have the best year of your carreer and leave on your own terms by doing whats right. Have some class. This is a very talented team that definetly underachieved in 2010. BEing the believer that i am we will be in the super bowl with or without Carson.. step up to the plate Chad

  32. By bigdub419 on Mar 3, 2011 | Reply

    Mike Brown… Trade Carson Palmer! I dont care if we just get a 2nd rounder for him. Carson has done everything right since he got here and deserves that. This team cant get any better by losing our franchise quarterback and getting nothing in return.

  33. By bengalpirate on Mar 3, 2011 | Reply

    With all due respect to Peter King and all the other NFL journalist,blogs,TV sports news. radio talk shows and all the other garbage that is input into our current sports reality show we know as the NFL, I think the reality is far different that what many would lead us to believe. After all, the media world we live in is all about ratings and “listen to me, listen to me” and sometimes it is hard to sort fact from fiction. That is why I look to you for answers about the Bengals, as I feel you have firm grip on the pulse of Bengals facts and truth about team matters. It is still my hope that some type of reconciliation with Carson is possible, even if it is just for a year, so I can pin my hopes for the Bengals 2011 season on Carson’s enormous physical abilities and his steady leadership. I don’t know what things triggered Carson’s trade request, but for a guy with such humility, overall patience and just being a really good guy to reach this point, staggers me and implores me to say to the Bengals nation and ownership, please make this right with Carson.

  34. By aswad60 on Mar 3, 2011 | Reply

    I implore you to use all the powers at your disposal to convince Mike Brown to trade Carson Palmer. With all due respect to Bengalpirate and others hoping for a reconciliation, from all indications from Palmer and from the Bengals players interviewed by Solomon Wilcox and others, Carson put it as plain and simple as possible. He’s not coming back in a Bengals uniform. Any gestures from fans to show him our support would be like the dude that was emphatically & uncermonially dumped by his one time girlfriend wasting his time and energy in futile attempts to win her back. That pathetic play only works in movies (and only in a few movies at that). Palmer could not make it any more clear. His absence from public view & comments on this issues says volumes. He doesn’t even want to see us (Cincy fans) or for us to see him. I wish him well. I think he did some great things. But if we are really Palmer fans, let us hope that he finds new life in a new situation… not beg him to come back to a team that he has already said he’s done with.

  35. By mwindle1973 on Mar 3, 2011 | Reply

    What is the “magic date” for Chadwatch? Meaning what is the date when the Bengals have to release him if they want to avoid paying his $2.5M salary, and possibly avoiding a cap hit(CBA dependent of course)? To me that’s the magic date when we know for sure if he’s going to be here or not. Also, I haven’t heard the annual, “the coaching staff is set” statement. Can we assume the staff is set for 2011? Or does no statement yet mean the staff is not complete yet? Now on to check if ESPN can stand to not run a Palmer story that rehashes the same few facts over and over, then speculates like OPEC over what might happen.

  36. By jamison007 on Mar 3, 2011 | Reply

    @bengalpirate: great post about Carson. Reality is Carson is as tough as you can get and he wants to be the champ. I am hoping the boys on our team let him know that if he wants to be the champ this is the best place for him to be. I am talking Rey, Rivers, M. Johnson, Dunlap, Shipley, Gresham, Jones, Whit, Simpson…the list continues – these guys play tough, I saw it in them through most of the season – I said it after the first loss to the steelheads…if this team could just stick together. Is it really too much to hope that Carson takes the opportunity to make the calls he thinks need to be made and gets back on board for another year? C’mon Carson, the boyz in Cincy are pulling for ya to go all in one more year. Who Dey!!

  37. By jamison007 on Mar 4, 2011 | Reply

    @aswad60 – the thing about this situation is that other than having his agent say he thought separation would be best, Carson himself hasn’t said much at all to anyone and absolutely nothing to media. Which means to me that his gut reaction to the season was to just get out…but that actually this is a pivotal moment in the offseason because the team has just started to express how much they look up to Carson and want him around…this influence with a little more love from the fans could be exactly what is needed to keep Carson. In fact, if Carson is smart, while he has MB in his pocket, put it on the line, which receivers does he want or not want, Carson – make the call big guy and lets get it done! Plus, we want the team to be more hungry and focused this year, so perhaps it could work out well for Carson to come back demanding nothing short of ABSOLUTE dedication from every man on the team…

  38. By 454rat on Mar 4, 2011 | Reply

    Why on EARTH would anybody want this man to return? Have any of you ever worked with a person that absolutely HATED the fact that they were there? They are not productive (i.e.Carson last year) and it doesn’t bother them that they aren’t. Then factor in that it is a LEADERSHIP position. Who in the hell would follow that guy now? Even if they say Carson’s our leader – in the back of their mind they would be wondering when is he gonna quit again. Unfortunately Mike Brown has to stick to his guns to send the message to future disgruntled players (and not just in this town, but all NFL cities – and yes there are disgruntled players on EVERY team) that this is not the proper way to get traded. If there is no CBA before the draft Palmer will have ZERO trade value. So it is best for him and us to get used to retirement. He can just fade away and throw interceptions to his children.

  39. By johnstofa on Mar 4, 2011 | Reply


    I think you’d have to put Chris Perry in the same boat with Cook…he absolutely flashed talent before he got hurt. I agree that you can’t lump Cook in with the other QB’s as he was a well scouted and proved talent…the other guys either didn’t have the talent to succeed, or this situation was so bad that nobody could be successful.

    Also…don’t think you can criticize Paul Brown for his ability to judge talent….that flaw definitely manifested when the next generation stepped in.

  40. By bengalpirate on Mar 4, 2011 | Reply

    Wow, when did we all get so mean spirited??? what ever happened to good sportsmanship and all that? Is our sports world now just all trash talk and one-upmanship in the blogs and around the water cooler? I’m speculating here, but I wonder if some of the folks who so badly want Carson out of town, are they some of the same people who booed Carson, without really even knowing if team performance was his fault or not? Is it this same mentality that led some idiot(s) to dump trash on Carson’s lawn? Just for those things I think we owe Carson an apology. I used to think Cincinnati was a pretty classy sports town, but now I’m starting to wonder if we are, or not.

  41. By jamison007 on Mar 4, 2011 | Reply

    @bengalpirate: again, well said, so glad you are on the boards this offseason. We need all the real Bengal fans in this city to rise up and speak out about Carson! There is absolutely no excuse for our fans to rip Carson the way a few of them do and have. It is really self defeating…the man won or tied 7 games in the last drive of the game in ’09…who can find that caliber of a replacement in the draft or via free agency?? Give me a break, I can’t even believe that some of our fans are making us spell out Carson’s worth…!? The other sad fact is that a lot of Bengal haters are probably even acting like fans so they can stir up Cincy fans into turning against Carson, bad talking him and thus making sure he doesn’t come back to Cincy. Then these fake fan Bengal haters can relax cuz they know with Carson next year, the Bengals are COMPLETELY LEGIT.

  42. By thecincinnatikid45140 on Mar 4, 2011 | Reply

    I understand why Carson wants to leave and I guess I dont hate him for it. But I think that Carson is wrong in this situation. Now I dont know for how long Carson has talked about not being happy. Was it just after this season or not. But it seems to me when he was winning he signed a huge contract making him a FRANCHISE player or the Bengals FRANCHISE QB. Your FRANCHISE QB is held to the highest standard higher than anyone else. If Carson really felt this way about the team then he should have never signed the contract making him so. If any other player wants out I say trade them for whatever you can get. Chad wanted out a few years ago I would have traded him. Carson is not held to those standards and therefore is smacking all us fans in the face.

  43. By mwindle1973 on Mar 5, 2011 | Reply

    @454rat: Why in the world would Palmer have “zero” trade value if there is no CBA before the draft? Are you alluding to the fact that we will get picks in 2012 for him if he’s traded after the draft instead of picks this year? That is very true. BUt he will still have the same value before and after the draft. It’s true if your going to trade your franchise QB you should get something in return that year and not the next. So logic dictates that if the team didn’t trade him before the CBA expired, they won’t get anything this season for him. Barring a player for player trade. And I don’t see that happening. So logic probably dictates that we aren’t going to trade him. Just like Mike Brown said.

  44. By sapon1 on Mar 5, 2011 | Reply

    I agree there is no cause to trash talk CP. I hope he does return but I’m OK if he doesn’t. The Bengals — if Mike Brown can stay out of the way — can be a great team with or w/out CP (No offense to CP intended). My hunch is that CP would need 2 assurances to consider a return: 1) Chad is gone and 2)Marvin has true control over players and coaching staff. CP is a smart guy and he has sees that the Bengals organization has a systemic failure that makes winning a super bowl impossible and sucks the fun out of playing. He’s not quitting the game over trash in his yard or a disappointing season. Barry Sanders came to the same conclusion — his desire to win was greater than the owners. I respect Barry’s decision and I respect CP.

  45. By mwindle1973 on Mar 6, 2011 | Reply

    Hobs: Do you think Ocho has trade value? I mean after all we’ve already paid his 3.5M bonus long ago. With a mere $2.5M salary for teams to pick up if he is traded it would seem there would be some interest. After all in free agency he will command at least $4M and more likely in the $6M+ range. It should motivate teams to try and trade for him as opposed to paying a possible higher price tag in free agency. I mean IDK what we could get. Probably only a 4th rounder at best and more likely a 5th round pick. But we might be able to get a young player too. Any thoughts?

  46. By tepidfan31 on Mar 6, 2011 | Reply

    I am obviously in the minority, but I say kudos to Palmer, he is saying to MB exactly what all fans have been saying for 20 years. MB runs a lousy franchise. Lewis thought it, but whimped out. Will MB change, absolutly not, and we can look forward to another 20 years in the dark ages.

  47. By timmiecf on Mar 6, 2011 | Reply

    I think they should talk to Washington about Mcnabb. Is he a long term fix no, but he gives you a QB thats just as good maybe better that is used to playing in a west coast type offense. Plus he gives you the need 2-4 years needed to find and prepare a QB of the future. Because lets face it there are not any great QB’s in this years draft. Especially considering the Bengals coaching staff. I think they good on the defensive side but they suck on the offensive side.

  48. By timmiecf on Mar 6, 2011 | Reply

    The only other thing I’m gonna say is if Mike Brown doesn’t get his head out of his behind and come up with a real solution other then I’m not trading Palmer and thats that I’m done with the Bengals I’m gettin rid of my bengals stuff and becoming a Ravens fan. Palmer is not Chad there are other teams that really want him on their team and we should use that and cover our butts in case Palmer is serious.And just for the record I’m 38 and I’ve been a fan since I was 3-4 years old. But I’m tired of Mike Brown’s Ignorance when it comes to football. I’m starting to think he was the milkmans son instead of Paul Brown’s.

  49. By av8or2k on Mar 9, 2011 | Reply

    To all the Carson haters, watch the San Diego game again. The man was en fuego(on fire for the non-spanish speakers). It goes to show you that Carson took the heat all year for receivers not being the right place…(Ocho and TO) Carson had 1 week to prep with Caldwell, and Simpson and he made both of those guys look like Pro-Bowlers. Ocho without Carson is an average receiver at best. If we don’t trade Carson, Carson will come back after we spend big $ on a QB in the draft and force MB’s hand the only way it can be forced, by his pocket book. By then, all the meaningful trade offers will be expired. The bridge is burnt, salvage what we can, get a veteran QB(McNabb, Matt Moore, Kolb etc) and go with what the draft offers, defense.

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