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Posted by hobsonschoice1 on September 1, 2011 – 11:20 pm

The stat sheet of the Bengals’ 17-13 loss to the Colts Thursday night had Bengals defensive tackle Pat Sims for one tackle for loss, but put him down for at least two as he worked against highly-regarded center Jeff Saturday. He might have had help from safety Gibril Wilson on one, but the fact remains the Bengals held the Colts to minus-five yards rushing against their first offensive line on five rushes.

“The way I play football, I don’t care who the name is,” Sims said. “I just go out there if it’s Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or whatever it is. It’s the same way.”

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  1. By Amarillo Slim on Sep 2, 2011 | Reply

    Great to have Sims healthy. The fumble by Green is reason for concern…. the glowing reports from practice do not match with the results on the field. Taylor Mays looks far from Sunday-ready… I predict he gets cut on Saturday. I’m hoping for Hawkins over Q. Cosby… Hawkins has more upside and I bet he could be converted to CB. Pressley is a stud.

  2. By bengalpirate on Sep 2, 2011 | Reply

    A dominant defense, that shuts down the run game and forces an opponent to pass, is a big key to winning games. If we can shutdown Peyton Hillis in Cleveland next week, we have a chance to win on the road. DEFENSE!!! WHO DEY!!!

  3. By tepidfan31 on Sep 2, 2011 | Reply

    Averaging 40,000 so far; the first five games are critical, all winnable. To win fans that must beat the Browns, and come out of the first 5 at least 3 and 2. The run defense looks stout, but all else is questionable. Then, 2 of the next 3 are winnable; easy schedule. After 8 games Brown will know if the fans will come back. Don’t bet on it!

  4. By mwindle1973 on Sep 2, 2011 | Reply

    @ Amarillo Slim, last time I agreed with you, this time I don’t. Mays was in the right place on almost all his plays. He is a great tackler, and tracker in the run game. The big knock was his lateral movement. And like Anthony Munoz said during the game, the lateral movement looked just fine to me. I’m not going to worry about a rookie fumbling some. He’ll learn. Also Quan Cosby is way more valuable than Hawkins. I’m with you a like Hawkins a lot. If there’s a way to keep him do it. But he’s #7 on the WRs list right now. Quan Cosby is a must keep. We do have an extra spot if we keep 2 QBs. Hawkins, Evans, Miles, Murray, Hudson, Peerman, and maybe a couple others are all in the running to fill that 1 spot. I think Hawkins can go to the practice squad. The guy that gets kept will be a guy that can’t go the PS. Like Hudson. I do have to say Max Jean-Giles is in danger of being cut after last night, and Hudson might take his spot.

  5. By mwindle1973 on Sep 2, 2011 | Reply

    @Tepidfan31: I agree, we have an easy schedule this year. The first 5 games are against team that are have new coaches, ocs, dcs, QBs, etc. All in the same boat as us. We still have our D intact and looking good. Like you said 3-2 should be expected if we are to compete, and we should at least be 5-3, really 6-3 after game 9 with the Titans. THen we have 4 staight division games and then the Texans. That’s the tought stretch. Then we finish @ St Louis, the at home against Arizona and Baltimore. As far as the fans it’s hard to tell. You’re right it won’t be until the 2nd half of the season if at all. I think they have to at least flirt with a play spot to get the seats full again. I think we can win. I wish we had Carson, and could break Dalton in. But Dalton will learn quick. But hopefully he’s good enough to pull out 3 to 4 wins in those first 5 games. Otherwise the season will just be a growing one again.

  6. By mwindle1973 on Sep 2, 2011 | Reply

    The Whit & Hall signings are great. They were the 2 most important. Plenty more to come though. Lots of guys are up this year. Including Simpson & Caldwell.

  7. By Amarillo Slim on Sep 3, 2011 | Reply

    @mwindle1973: yeah, I may be wrong about Mays; just made a hasty judgement after seeing him flailing on that TD catch. I like Quan and think he is a safe “keep” but I think Hawkins is a “playmaker” and there is no evidence that he is a fumbler.

  8. By mwindle1973 on Sep 4, 2011 | Reply

    Few observations about the cuts. First off though, cutting Giles was the best move. Boling totall outplayed him, and after Giles performane Thursday night, it had to make the decision easy to keep Hudson. And we could add another G if we can find the right one. 6 safties didn’t surprise me either. Jones will come off the PUP and take one of those safety spots most likely. And either Skuta or Rey will have to go when Rivers comes back. And that will be a difficult call. And of course someone has to go when Williams returns. Definitely not a final roster. If we make sigings too things can change.

  9. By mwindle1973 on Sep 4, 2011 | Reply

    Also, good move on Ghee. There’s bad luck (David Pollack), there’s being out of shape (Andre Smith), then there is just being plain injury prone, and that’s Ghee. He was injured so much he really hasn’t developed any. I think Evans and Murray were the best players not to make it. Hopefully they can make it to the practice squad. Evans shows a lot of potential.

  10. By mwindle1973 on Sep 5, 2011 | Reply

    @Amarillo Slim: I don’t remember that play so maybe I missed something too. Zim said he has a some things to correct. But Munoz really was singing his praises. Hopefully he will turn out like Nelson.

  11. By mwindle1973 on Sep 5, 2011 | Reply

    More moves…Quan Cosby cut was a big surprise to me. But it looks like we are taking a chance on a playmaker. As long as he can be responsible with the ball too. McGlynn was a college RT, so he can play 4 spots on this team. If he can develop into a solid backup he could be the first guy since Kooistra to be a 4 spot backup. A guy like that can allow you to keep 7 or 8 on the Oline. Glad to see Shirley made the practice squad, didn’t think he was eligible. I know Stephens will likely make the last spot on the PS. I’m not real big on him. I’m wondering if we shouldn’t try to keep Coffman. Then again maybe they should just give up. There are still some good players out there too, who didn’t get pulled off waivers because their salaries are too high. Most of those types will sign between now and Tuesday. Some older ones will be after week 1 so their money is not guaranteed.

  12. By mwindle1973 on Sep 5, 2011 | Reply

    Why I agree with Whitworth about some aspects of the testing issue. How does he get around the fact that diuretics can and do mask the presence of other substances? Or if you need to lose weight quick to be in shape, then it is performance enhancing? Wear a sweatsuit in 100 degree weather to workout like Ocho Cinco does, if you want to lose body fat fast. Take the Odom case, one of the player’s key cases in this argument. Odom had testimony that he accidentally took one of his wife’s diet pills, instead of his own pill he intended to take. But here’s the problem. How does the Commish know he is not just abusing it and his wife is covering. He doesn’t know anything for sure but Odom had a banned substance in his system. Williams could be covering up other substances. Or at the least he is trying to lose a bunch of weight real quickly to get to playing weight. That is not fair, to say Andre Smith, is it? There is a lot of heat on the owners, coming from the NFLPA, on player health and safety. I think it’s well known that I feel that Emperor Goodell needs to be replaced immediately. Until they propose a workable solution to that, no tolerance will be and can be the only policy.

  13. By mwindle1973 on Sep 8, 2011 | Reply

    We are led to believe that what Carson is doing now is not as bad as what Ocho did in 07. It’s not…it’s worse. Chad gave up and came back to the team. Chad spoke to the public about his problems, and why he was doing what he was doing. Carson’s legion of fans, who buy tickets and merchandise, have made him one of the richest football players to ever play. Does he feel he doesn’t even owe anyone an explanation? Oh wait, he’ll probably do the Barry Sanders and write a book down the road and make us pay for an explanation? At least Barry just retired. Carson, such an honest standup guy, that he won’t retire officially so he doesn’t have to give Mr. Brown his pro-rated bonus money that he owes him for retiring before completing his committments. Sounds like a great guy doesn’t it? Supposedly the TO/Ocho circus chased him out of town. I would be more likely to believe T.O. advised him on how to get out of his contract. It’s obvious in hindsight Carson wasn’t tired of the circus, he was part of it. Get some guts (and class) and make a public statement to your fans already…we all didn’t dump trash on your lawn (what do you think Eagles fans would’ve done to him for a crap of a season like he put in)

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