Bengals sign LB Micah Johnson to practice squad

Posted by bengalsweb on December 13, 2011 – 3:08 pm

The Bengals on Tuesday signed linebacker Micah Johnson to the practice squad.

Johnson entered the NFL in 2010 as a college free agent with the N.Y. Giants. He was released prior to training camp and signed Aug. 3, 2010 with Miami. He played in the Dolphins’ 2010 season opener, with one special teams tackle, was released prior to Game 2, and spent time on the Miami and Kansas City practice squads later in the season. He opened the 2011 preseason with Kansas City and was released on Sept. 3.

The signing marks his first NFL assignment during the 2011 regular season.

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  1. By mwindle1973 on Dec 13, 2011 | Reply

    @Hobson: I’m not getting your math on the tie-breaking procedures. I could be wrong, but as all records stand as of now Tennesee would win in a 4 team tie of Jets, Bengals, Titans & Raiders. This is assuming all teams go 10-6 and Jets do it by losing to a non-AFC team. That sounds like the scenario you describe in 2 different articles. First tie-breaker in this scenario is record against AFC teams, they would all be 7-5, except TEN @ 8-4. They get the spot. If they lose then the tie is between Oakland, Jets & Bengals. Since all would be 7-5 in the AFC, next tie breaker is record vs common opponents, all teams would be 3-2. Next tie breaker is strength of schedule. Where Oakland would win as the records stood now. But we are only .005 behind them, with the Jets about .025 behind us. So as it stand now, if the Jets lose another game, then in more than 2 team tie, Oakland or Tennessee would get the last spot. If any of these 4 teams lose games it changes the scenario(s), and Denver could still be invovled. Remember the Jets have to play at Phili, who are much tougher than their 4-8 schedule. And they play the Giants. So I’m not sure they have to lose to Miami. What we need most is to win all 3 games. Then we need Tennesee and Oakland to lose another game, and we need the Jets to lose a game. And then last for Denver to win the West. In that scenario it’s us and the Jets in the tiebreaker, and we win it by SOS. Of course SOS will change a little each week. But at this point I don’t think they can top us based on the remaining schedule and current records.

  2. By mwindle1973 on Dec 14, 2011 | Reply

    Further info on the playoff pic…I think I figured out what Hobson refers to with the Jets. After conference record, and record against common opponents, the next tie break is strength of victory. In my previous post I said strength of schedule but that is after SOV. The teams the Jets beat are 40-64 for a strength of victory of .385. The teams the Bengals beat are 30-61 for a strength of victory of .330. But project out 3 wins to end the season and our strength of victory becomes 48-82/.369. If the Jets lost one game at best they would change to 51-79/.392. Keep in mind not only do all the 8-5/7-6 teams have to play the remaining 3 games, but all the teams they beat have to play 3 more games to. So those numbers on SOV can change considerably, as can SOS. All this projection that 4 or 5 teams are going to finish 10-6 and compete for the last spot is kind of silly to begin with. Chances are 2-3 of those teams minimum finish 9-7 or worse. There are plenty of 4, 5 & 6 win teams that can inflict a loss on any team in the league.

  3. By mwindle1973 on Dec 14, 2011 | Reply

    I thought I’d point out that a lot has been made of the fact that we have 1 win against teams over .500. Our friends the Jets, have exactly 1 win against teams over .500. Does that mean we are probably not ready yet to join the NFL cream at the top? Yes, that’s why the Jets are getting flack this year too. Does it mean we have underachieved in some way, or is it a bad sign that this is the same old Bungals, etc, etc? Not in any way! In fact beating the teams you are supposed to beat is the first step to becoming a top team. What we’ve had in Bengaldom during the Carson/Ocho era was a team that beat the good teams and lost to the bad ones. A team that always underachieved expectations. I know if you go back in this blog to August, I and a few others, got shot down for suggesting that this team could win 7 or 8 games if things went well. So expectations were for complete failure, and we have exceeded expectations to say the least. This should be cause for an overall good outlook, especially considering our future draft situation and salary structure. We have room to grow and no clock ticking because our stars are aging. Yet we have half of Bengaldom calling for people’s heads and labeling this season as the “same old thing”. I was there last year when Palmer was booed for passing 20k yards. It’s as much a part of the problem here in Cincy as any player, or person in the front office, or the owner. We have 3 games to win, and all many fans can do is talk trash about the franchise now that we aren’t guaranteed a playoff spot.

  4. By bengalpirate on Dec 15, 2011 | Reply

    I remain loyal and hopefull as always and maybe I’m rundown from a busy week at work and the last second loss to the Texans, but I’m not optimistic about a Bengals win in St. Louis. This is exactly the kind of game in the past that they needed to win and build upon, that we usually lose. It’s not a trap game, but then again, it is. If things play out to previous scripts, then Steven Jackson runs for 200+ yards and Sam Bradford passes for over 300 yards and throws multiple TD passes. An aging vet get one last big game and a young player kick starts his career against the usual fall guy, the Bengals. After the heartbreaking defeat to the Texans, I guess we will really see what this young team is made of and if they can find a way to steal a win against the Rams. In my opinion, the key to the game is whether a resurgent Bengals defense can shutdown the Rams’ Offense. Who Dey!!!

  5. By mwindle1973 on Dec 15, 2011 | Reply

    I got a little windy (imagine that) on my last comment and they had to shorten it up a bit. And something got cut out that I’ve really want to get out. I was at the Bengals-Browns game a couple weeks ago, 12th row on the 35 yard line, on the Browns side of the field. In the second half everytime Simpson was close to the sideline, a few groups of Bengals fans around me, began yelling at him, making reference to him smoking marijuana in the locker room during halftime. And this was a win! He defintiely could hear it. This is wrong. Have some respect…for yourself, for those seated around you, the law, and for your team, and for Simpson. IDK what happened with Jerome, but there has been no charges. And the media would not have had a story without the CA Dept of Justice leaking info. Obivously there’s alot we don’t know. But should it really still be an issue with fans, if it’s not with the law?

  6. By tepidfan31 on Dec 15, 2011 | Reply

    MWin, you mentioned that we need a G, I agree, but think that we need two OL with Williams gone. Our running game was not as expected. We will need a deep threat WR, Simpson will be in jail. We need at least one Safety than can cover and probably a Corner. Don’t know about the other positions, since I don’t know the FAs. Watching QBs dropping like flys and thereby their teams, we need a capable backup QB, Gradkowski certainly will take us nowhere. We’ve got to pass and stop the pass; that’s where the NFL is today.

  7. By bobbykni on Dec 16, 2011 | Reply

    I agree we need offensive line help and the other area we need help in is secondary – andrea smith is a waist of space he will never be a stud lineman and unloaded as soon as possible – and everyone seen what ive been saying about our secondary when hall went down – with that being said we could get two first round pics in the next draft if thats the case mike brown will trade one of them away he will never come off the money for two first round draft pics – so do we look for later round pics for a trade or do we look for good established players that we can get to help our team — id say trade if we do get 2 1st rounds trade one for a quality veteran and then go after o lineman and corners — it would be a big help to look for another wide reciever seeing how we only have one that knows how to play every week aka (green) just my thought

  8. By bengalpirate on Dec 16, 2011 | Reply

    OK, if Bradford is out for the game, then Kellen Clemens has the career day that he never had when he was projected as the Jets starting QB. Seriously though, if we can find a way to shutdown the Rams’ passing game and hold Jackson under 100 yds, maybe we can win this one. A victory is a victory, even if it is against the Rams and the team deserves and needs a win of any type. Maybe they can even play a game without the O-Line not missing the count and jumping offsides. Who Dey!!!

  9. By bengalpirate on Dec 16, 2011 | Reply

    Geoff, I heard you on Bengals Update again this morning and you made a good point. Considering all the doom and gloom the pundits were predicting for this team in the pre-season, we’ve already exceeded expectations. Many were saying that 4 wins was about all the Bengals would get. Well, if we beat the Rams, we’ve already doubled that number and anymore wins are just a good cake, with a possible playoff game the icing on the cake. Who Dey!!!

  10. By mwindle1973 on Dec 17, 2011 | Reply

    tepid: I agree compeltely, I thought Williams had a year or 2 left in him. But now we don’t know that. 2 OGs, or 2 Olineman, and move Smith to G. But Lewis has said before, as mobile as Smith is, he is not fast enough to pull and our Gs do a lot of pulling. Most of our games have been against top 10/15 Ds. So the running isn’t too bad. But I feel like there’s a real lack of consitency there. In the past if we wanted to hand it off 6-8 times in a row, we could do that and still move the chains. Now you rarely see more than 2 runs in a row. I still feel like we ignore that Benson is a rhythm back. He needs to be getting mor carries early in the game. And we need to keep going to him. And QB you are right. Look at soe of th Qbs we drafted or picked up off the cutting room floor…Palmer, Fitzy & Dalton. We should be drafting/developing QBs, and if they become too good to be backups, then trade them. The Pack, Eagles & Pats all apply to this line of thought. Notice Bellicheck taking Mallett in the 3rd round, when the ended up having the worst D in the NFL this year. They could’ve used a defender. But you can’t pass up a QB that you think will make it in the NFL, even if you already have one.

  11. By mwindle1973 on Dec 18, 2011 | Reply

    bengalpirate: I agree this is a game where we have to take care of business, and have some guys taking gear off when the 4th qtr starts. Any score will do, and I think worse case e might be looking at an Indy-type game. Close for awhile then we pull away late with a 10-14 pt win. But part of me thinks the matchups in this game are so out of their favor based on roster and injury, that we could win big and put up a lot of pts. I could see the D hold it to 17 or under and us scoring 31 or over. I think Green, Simpson & Gresham could have big days. And if they do then Benson will have some easy running. I would say what the key is, but there are so many ways we could win it. If we don’t TO, and play good STs we should find a way to win. If we can string together sound D and big plays on offense on top of it, it should be a steady win with the lead most of the way. If we can sustain the run game, and get good pressure on 3rd down D too, it should be a route. We could really use one to garner some momentum for the last 2 games.

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