Bengals waive Murray

Posted by bengalsweb on April 12, 2012 – 4:02 pm

ImageThe Bengals on Thursday waived cornerback Rico Murray, a second-year NFL player from Kent State. Murray, a Cincinnati native (Moeller HS), played in the season opener for the Bengals last year, was released, and was re-signed as a practice squad player in the postseason. He had been signed to Cincinnati’s 2012 offseason roster on Jan. 9. He has 10 games of NFL experience, including one postseason contest, with Cincinnati since 2009.

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  1. By mwindle1973 on Apr 13, 2012 | Reply

    Too bad about Murray. Being the nephew of Vada Murray and a CIncy native I always pulled for him. But I think there’s plenty more of retooling to still come. Looking at how the draft is starting to shape up I think we can’t go wrong with several players. My wish list for the 1st round would be any 2 of the following: DeCastro-G, Gordy Glenn-G/T, Stephon Gilmore-CB, Mark Barron-S, Stephen Hill-WR, Michael Floyd-WR, Michael Brockers-DT, Devon Still-DT, Peter Konz – C/G/T, Melvin Ingram-DE, Fletcher Cox-DT.

  2. By flp88 on Apr 13, 2012 | Reply

    I will always remember Rico Murray for what I thought was one of the most courageous plays in recent Bengals history, In the playoff game against the Jets, Murray was on the return team as a blocker. There was an errant punt that would’ve given the Bengals decent field position that bounced and was just kind of floating there. Murray grabbed it and ran for a nice gain. I believe that he risked his career on this moment – he was not the returner, and had he fumbled, we would never have seen him in the NFL again. He threw caution to the wind, and helped the team. I want to thank Rico Murray for the spine-chilling moment, and wish him luck in his career.

  3. By bengalpirate on Apr 14, 2012 | Reply

    I heard you on the radio with Ken Broo today, Butch, if I may call you that. I know you go by many nom de guerre, so I don’t always know how to address you. In regards to your conversation with Broo about the draft, I’m pretty much in agreement with you, except with one small difference, I totally agree we take the best player available at the 17 slot no matter what, especially if someone the team has rated in the top 15 falls into our hands at 17. The only positions I would not consider are QB, TE and maybe OT. My personal top list at the 17 spot is, in order: Kuechly, Barron, Brockers Gilmore, Kirkpatrick, Floyd and DeCastro. If we can get any 2 of those 7 guys at 17 and 21, I say we don’t trade out of the 21 slot, even if it means we draft 2 CBs. If we can’t get 2 of those 7 players and can trade down and maybe get an additional 3rd or 4th round pick, then yes, I agree trade down from the 21st pick. Who Dey!!!

  4. By bigdad616 on Apr 14, 2012 | Reply

    We are loaded up with very good and experienced cornerbacks and it is fair to let Rico see if he can catch on somewhere else.Short of a rash on injuries, it is unlikely he will play for us this year. Does our solid cadre of experienced players in the secondary and strong coaches allow us to take a talented athlete like Janoris Jenkins in the draft and help him make the transition from wild-child to solid professional athlete?

  5. By mwindle1973 on Apr 16, 2012 | Reply

    Good piece on Massillon honoring the Mike and Paul Brown. Paul Brown won championships at the High School (Massillon), College (OSU) & Pro (Cleveland) levels. I’m not saying he’s the only one, but he’s the only coach I know that accomplished that. You could never write enough articles about Paul Brown on this website. As much as he is celebrated….he is not celebrated near enough. And I agree with some NFL historians that he is a somewhat under-rated figure despite his recognitions. And in agreement with the late, great Bill Walsh who once said if there was a list of the greatest coaches ever, that didn’t start with Paul Brown at the top, then the list wasn’t worthwhile. You look at all the great coach/QB combos…Bradshaw/Noll, Montana/Walsh, Marino/Shula, Brady/Bellichick, Manning/Dungy. First all these coaches are directly or indirectly in the Brown coaching tree. Those combos pale in comparison to Graham/Brown. In the 1950 NFL championship game, Graham was 22/32 for 298 with 4 TDs/1 INT and 12 rushes for 99 yards. Not since has a coach been so far in front of his professional competition. Everything they did that year and for the next 5, changed football. With the rest of the league scrambling to copy them and find a way to stop them. The 4-3 was invented to stop Brown’s signature offensive attack, which could be called at that time the proto-west coast. As Bellichick has pointed out before, Brown, as early as 1944, in his time with the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, the playbooks show he was already using offensive concepts that were hallmarks of the WCO.

  6. By mwindle1973 on Apr 16, 2012 | Reply

    I love Lewis’ new t-shirts. Hilary Hinton “Zig” Ziglar, 86 year old motivator born in Coffee County, and raised in Yazoo City. Haven’t heard his name in some time. Lewis must have read Zig’s latest book, ‘Born to Win: Find Your Success Code.’ (2012), this offseason. As things continue to progress this team feels more and more like a Marvin Lewis team. A team that reflects the personality and qualities of it’s leader. While Marvin quietly shoveled the Bengals out of our 13 year hole, it’s obvious the time has come that we are no longer digging out, but starting to build mountains. The foundation has many great pieces right now. This offseason improved the roster, and has set up the conditions needed for a great draft. Now they just have to make it happen. We rebooted last offseason, we are retooling this offseason, the next 2 offseasons will be about building and retaining. But first things first, we have to have another successful draft.

  7. By itguy76 on Apr 17, 2012 | Reply

    I remember Rico best for that return play where he grabbed the ball and ran with it too. It was a a great play. He is a solid guy to have on the team because he can do a lot of different things, he will be missed.

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