Players, fans react to schedule

Posted by bengalsweb on April 18, 2012 – 9:34 am

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    Loving the @Bengals 2012 schedule!! Apart from the obvious tough division games couldn’t ask for better! #WHODEY
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:55:04
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    Just saw that the @bengals got the first monday night game of the season. Recognition comes with respect #yougottaearnit
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 01:45:47
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    I could def see myself at a lot of @Bengals home games this year, especially week 7 v. @steelers on Sunday night! #Bengals
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 01:42:47
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    Couldn’t be more pumped that the @Bengals start their season on MNF. #cantwait
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 00:33:42
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    It’s official! @bengals are coming to KC November 18th! Dream come true for this relocated Cinci girl! WHO DEY!
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 23:34:02
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    Super excited abt the @Bengals schedule lookin forward to #mondaynightfootball and #sundaynightfootball and #thursdaynightfootball
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 21:30:07
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    @Bengals schedule has caused debate at my house. Which game to attend? Broncos, Giants, Raiders, or Cowboys? Can’t wait for the season!
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 21:52:34
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    Can’t wait to kickoff the season in baltimore on monday night football! With @johngruden @Carlos_Dunlap @Mr53 @GenoSacks @DomataPeko
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 21:14:16
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    Bengals Season Tickets…. Definitely thinking about it. @Bengals #bengals
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 22:23:28
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    PRIME TIME!!!!!!
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 20:32:15
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    Monday Night Week 1 baby!! WHO DEY baby!! Nothing like playing under the lights!! #WorkToDo
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 20:01:27
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    @Carlos_Dunlap 1st game of yr under lights on the road in the division=statement game!!! #WhoDey #bengals THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 19:54:53
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    @ajgreen_18 @Carlos_Dunlap @Bengals @REALPACMAN24 gotta start the season off right by BEATING the ravens in Monday Night Football! #LetsGo
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 19:50:50

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