Bengals fans ready for draft

Posted by bengalsweb on April 26, 2012 – 3:36 pm

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    The @Bengals have drafted the most probowlers in the nfl the past few years so I expect another good draft
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    Let’s see if the @Bengals can get another steal like they did with @ajgreen_18 last year #myteam
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    #DraftMemory It feels so far away but the day the @Bengals finally scored a legitimate #1 QB; 2nd round steal, A.Dalton. LOL. Palmer?
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    Draft day, yay! #lovemybengals @Bengals
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    @Bengals Let’s get it! Hopefully we pick a Tackle or Guard first, then focus a little on defense and hopefully a Wideout in the 2nd round.
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    @Bengals I wanna hear Barron, Kirkpatrick, Floyd, Wilson, Miller, Jenkins, Hill..make it happen
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    NFL draft tonight. Excited to see who the @Bengals pick up.
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    I think @Bengals should try to get WR Stephen Hill & CB Stephon Gilmore
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    Can’t wait to see who my @Bengals are going to draft tonite.
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    @nfl draft tonight!!! Can’t wait to see my @Bengals completely tear up te draft tonight! #FOOTBALLTIME
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    @Bengals good luck today in the draft lets make it a good one fellas! #whodeynation
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    The @Bengals will be downright dominant after this draft. Pick up a Guard, Cornerback, and D lineman in first 2 rounds and it’s over.
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    @Bengals the Super Bowl run starts tonight.
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    Three things on my mind in this order #Floyd #DeCastro #Kirkpatrick @Bengals

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