Lewis-Harris signed to practice squad

Posted by bengalsweb on October 4, 2012 – 9:33 am

ImageThe Bengals have signed rookie cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris to the practice squad.

Lewis-Harris was with the Bengals in preseason as a college free agent signee, playing in all four games and logging 13 tackles with a sack. He began the regular season on the Bengals practice squad, was signed to the 53-player roster on Sept. 29 and played at Jacksonville on Sept. 30. He was waived from the roster on Tuesday of this week.

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  1. By mwindle1973 on Oct 8, 2012 | Reply

    I know there are a ton of things to blame for the loss. And most of all, the season long lack of consistency in execution bit us hard. But this also wasn’t the greatest game Gruden has called. He kind of got lost in the flow and got almost totally one dimensional. 43 passes vs 19 runs. But 4 runs were Dalton scrambles. So by the play called we had 47 passes vs 15 runs. That’s 76% pass, 24 % run. Even in this pass happy league of 2012 that’s almost 20% over a normal pass %. I understand that BJGE was not going to gain any yards. But BScott did before he was injured. I just can’t believe we never seen Peerman or Scott get some carries. Hobs talks about this virtue and I think it’s still true…you have to keep running, even if it’s not working. That way the D has to defend the run. With that said I think we were too run heavy early in the game. I thought we could’ve went out and hit some timing routes to loosen up the run D, and then started a commitment to the run. I think the running game in general has been to simple. We run a lot of plays where the HB goes straight to a gap, and we are just not powerful enough at the LOS to do that anymore. We could stand to use some more counters, misdirections, traps, delays, and draws to keep the D on their toes.

  2. By bengalpirate on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    Losing to Miami at home definitely hurts, but the Dolphins have a dominant defense and scored just enough points to pull out the win. Until we can put a dominant defense on the field week in and week out, we have to have the offense perform well every week. Maybe I’m wrong, but I see the Bengals defense close to putting all the pieces together for a dominant defense that will enable wins no matter how the offense plays. If the defense is dominant and we don’t make mistakes on offense and special teams, you’re always in the mix for a win. It is hard for me to classify the Browns game in Cleveland as a trap game so early in the season, but it is. The Browns 0-5, Trent Richardson out to prove himself and run all over Rey, even though he and Rey are supposedly cool? Weeden close to breaking out big time. Josh Cribbs lurking, looking for a couple of big returns. Etc. Etc. Etc. If the Bengals are going to make it into the playoffs, this is a game that they need to show what they are really made of. Are you contenders for a Super Bowl run, or just another underachieving Benglas team? Heads ups guys, there is something waiting for you up north and it is not pretty what the Browns plan on doing to you. They’re going to hit you with everything, including the kitchen sink and punch you in the mouth and see how you react. Steal a win in Cleveland and get ready for Pittsburgh. The season only gets tougher so, Who Dey!!! Who Dey!!! WHO DEY!!!

  3. By mwindle1973 on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    I’m disappointed in Solomon Wilcots after reading these two comments in the media breakdown of tomorrows game…1st comment: “And Geno Atkins? I’ll take him over Justin Tuck. He leads all interior players with sacks. I’d take him over any interior player except Ndamukong Suh.” …Suh? He could be the most over-rated player in the NFL. First he can’t play the run. Second he takes off a play about every other down. Then lastly he lacks discipline, and I’m talking about his pash rushing technique, not the other obvious lack of discipline. Second comment: If it’s going to be as windy as you say, I’ll take Weeden throwing into the wind. On that score, Andy is closer to Jon Kitna than Carson Palmer. …Carson Palmer was terrible in the wind. It was to the point by his last year here that if we had wind forecast above 15 mph I forecast a loss for the team that week. I’ve never seen such a powerful armed QB lose his accuracy so much in wind. And anyway if there are 40 mph gusts like is forecast, no QB is going to strong arm line drives on 18 yard out routes.

  4. By mwindle1973 on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    I feel like the refs played a hand in this game. First off that’s not an excuse for a loss. But that 3 pts at the end of the half change the game situations from that point on. Like for instance had we been allowed to attempt it and made the FG, Mike Nuggent would’ve been tying the game at 20-20 (instead of 20-17) at 11:11 of the 4th qtr. And the drive where Dalton threw the INT would’ve occurred with a 7 pt deficit instead of 10 and would not have been as desperate. And on that drive the refs for some reason took 2 minutes to sort out a 12 man on the field penalty. WIth us on a roll and the Brown’s sucking wind, that was a free TO for them. Had we scored there I have no doubt that we would’ve won. This is the first time this year I have seen us wear a team down physically by the 4th qtrI have to admit when the game came back from the commercial break and I seen the clock read 11:11 left in the game with the Brown’s nursing a franchise tying 11 game losing streak, and 3 pt lead, I got a bad feeling. I had a bad feeling all week. A team is bound to win at some point, and 11 games is a long time to go without one. But as Hobson put it in an article yesterday, at some point football has to win over karma. IN the end Lewis is right we are too nice. You want to go out there and have fun, but at the same time I’ve seen film of Ray Lewis, pre-game, in the tunnel, praying, crying & asking God to give him the chance to effect just one person in pain or needing inspiration that may be watching him that day. So it’s also a game where if you aren’t playing possessed, you aren’t playing at all. You have to play with a chip on your shoulder. Like you have something to prove. And you have to do it for 60 minutes a game. 3-3 is not as bad as it seems. The Giants definitely looked no better than us after 6 games last year. The good points are we can get after the passer and we can pass the ball. If we were protecting the ball, things would be different. But the clock is ticking. And now we are going to have to produce some wins against stronger teams.

  5. By bengalpirate on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Windy, I agree with you and Butch that at a certain point, it all comes down to just playing football. All the distractions, Cleveland Zebras, bad karma, mistakes and poor timing aside, you still just need to play hard nose football. The problem I have, though, is that after 10 years with Marvin at the helm and seemingly great talent over the years, this Band of Bengals still has not determine their identity. Coach Lewis can point the team in the right direction all day long, but the players still have to make the plays and build the reputation that will stamp their identity as a team. Uso defense is cool, but until this team becomes a true “Band of Brothers” and does it on the field consistently, it is all for naught. As always, I remain loyal, but I’ve got the Monday morning Bengal blues bad today and can’t even divert my attention to baseball, because I’ve still got the Reds blues real bad too. Who Dey!!!

  6. By mwindle1973 on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    @bengalpirate…you’re exactly right…the coaches can only do so much. The players have to go out there be consistent in their jobs and make things happen. I think Lewis is right when he’s saying they are too nice and don’t have a killer instinct. We really need to pull out a victory against Steelers. Both for our confidence and to keep them behind us in the standings. Right now we are pretty lucky that we are tied for 3rd best record in the AFC.

  7. By mwindle1973 on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    The Steelers have been biten by injury. Having Polamalu out is the best gift we could have next to having Big Ben out. As always is the case on D the biggest key is to keep Big Ben in the pocket. IMO it’s more important than pressure. But pressuring him is 2nd on my list. For the offense it’s also the obvious…protect the ball. I think 2nd on my list is challenging Ike Taylor. He has a streak of bad play going back to last year’s playoffs and I think AJ can take him for big plays this time. Unless of course they don’t let him go one on one with AJ then Gresham over the middle could reap big plays. Also very important is that Gruden use some deception in this game. He’s got to give LeBeau some new looks altogether, and disguise old plays in new looks. To me if we keep Ben in the pocket, don’t lose the TO battle, and Gruden can keep LeBeau off the mark we should win this one. But there is karma involved this week too. We’ve only beat Big Ben in Cincy one time in his career. We have lost 4 in a row to them, but if your thinking we are due it may not be the case. We have lost 5 straight to them in the Lewis era before, 6 straight during the Steel Curtain era, and 8 straight during the Lost Decade.

  8. By mwindle1973 on Oct 24, 2012 | Reply

    Just read on Pro Football Focus that we are the 9th ranked overall Oline in the league. Rated 1st in PB, and 25th in RB. It seems the Cook injury has hurt too. Jeff Faine is rated dead last at C, while the rest of the Oline are all in the top 6 at their position. If we can get Cook back at some point it should make an impact.

  9. By mwindle1973 on Oct 25, 2012 | Reply

    I chose ‘creativity on offense’ in the latest fan poll. But if this category existed I would pick it….’focus on defensive discipline and gap/pass lane integrity. Had this problem never been present all season, we would be 6-1, 5-2 at the worst. The freelancing on D is at a point similar to Zims second season. Last season was the most disciplined D of Zim’s tenure. How did we get to this point now? But I believed it can be fixed. Burfict has filled in for Howard, and is playing better than Howard was, at least as good. Every other position is a returning starter from last years unit, except SS. Where if we choose we could put the Crocker in and have a returning starter there. To me that’s the only 2 issues on D, discipline and the SS conundrum. But fixing the discipline issue returns us to top 10 form IMO. Fix the SS issue too, and we could be a top unit again. THat’s what gives me hope, is if the D can begin to gel and play with discipline and chemistry, this team can click off some wins. Without it, we are in a crap shoot, where Gruden has to outfox every DC he faces the rest of the way.

  10. By mwindle1973 on Oct 26, 2012 | Reply

    Reports are saying that Willie Colon lost a dreadlock or two at some point in the game after he body slammed Burfict and tried to wiggle him to death. How that was not a personal foul anyway? But to me there’s two issues here. You can’t expect to taunt a player (especially a rookie) like Colon did, and then slam him like that and not pay for it at some point. The other point is have any of these guys wearing long hair ever heard of a ponytail? Put the hair up under the helmet? Know here is what I’m wondering…who did it? Colon says he thinks he knows who, but didn’t name names. I can’t imagine anyone with long hair did it. But who knows. It’s a really good example of why it’s so important that the refs make those calls, and keep control over the game. IMO a lost story in the NFL this year, is how poorly the regular refs are performing on such short preparation. Was there really a plausible holding call on all but one kickoff? Because they literally called holding on every kickoff that occurred but one. And I don’t know what the deal is, but we can’t buy a pass interference penalty this season. We can’t have but 2 or 3 in 7 games. What are the odds of that?

  11. By bengalpirate on Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    I have pondered this long and hard over the last week and obviously I have no influence over the team, but do want to offer my humble opinion. As I stated before, this team has no identity and has not, in my opinion, for over 20 years. The last team to have an identity was the 1990 playoff team. That team weathered adversity and a difficult schedule and still was able to advance in the playoffs and contend for the conference title. I also go back to the 1970, 1981 and 1988 team’s and find similar history. Those teams also had other things in common like long winning streaks at the end of the season, or big comeback wins when all hope looked forlorn. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t think of any big comebacks in games that actually resulted in wins over the last 10 years? I’ve thought about the last 10 years and really can’t think of any big, dramatic comebacks for wins, or any winning streaks to close out a season. I’ve said it before, in that this team has never earned an identity on the field over the last 10 years and I’m wondering where is the focus and concentration needed on and off the field to play with the constant intensity needed in the AFC North to win the division and playoff games??? What sparks or generates an identity, as in other things, I have no clue what creates that magic moment. I remain loyal but “the world wonders?” what identity this team will ever have, if any.

  12. By mwindle1973 on Oct 31, 2012 | Reply

    @bengalpirate: See your right on point here. What you are talking about…the identity thing….is exactly what Marvin Lewis was saying when he called out Dalton & Maualuga. Identity comes from your leaders IMO. Look at the Ravens and Ray Lewis. There’s lot of talent on this team but very few leaders. Peko and Whit can only do so much. It’s best if your leaders on the field have a earpiece in their helmet. And that’s why Lewis is looking to Dalton & Maualuga to lead the way. Now the comebacks we have plenty of. Particularly in 2009 & 2011 there at least 4 comeback wins in each season. They even called us the Cardiac Cats in 2009. But you are still dead on, because being a team that just scrapes by is not an identity either. I would say in 2009 was the closest we had to an identity. We were known as a smashmouth run team with a D that would smash you in the mouth too. In 2005 we had an identity as a deep ball team with a turnover minded D. The problem both times is we could never carry that identity over to the next season. I’ll be watching the Denver game in person, I’d like to see a win! I think the whole team needs to play smarter and with more aggression.

  13. By bengalpirate on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    Windy, what I meant by comebacks, is big comebacks like when you’re down big time and need like 3 TDs to comeback and win. the Cardiac Cats were good for staying close and then winning sometimes in the last few seconds, but I don’t believe any team in the last 10 years has comeback to overcome big deficits. That type comeback, to me, is what true contenders do and mark themselves as elite teams. If we could have overcome Cleveland right at the end a few weeks ago, that would have been the kind of comeback I’m talking about. You and I are definitely on the same page, though, about this team finally earning a team identity and not coming oh so close, but no cigar in the end result. That’s what winners do.

  14. By mwindle1973 on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    Pirate…The thing I’d like to see more too is us being able to play with a lead. We seem to get up on teams and then just barely squeak by in the end, or blow it like the Cleveland game you mentioned. We had dominated them early, and we hit a bad stride and let them take it over. We should’ve been able to suck it up and comeback and not let it get away. But more than that I’d like to once see us play consistent ball for 60 minutes. Just put up a decent lead and keep control of the game until the victory formation! I’m hoping Maualuga comes out and has a solid game. I think he’s getting a little more blame than he deserves, but he’s not playing well. And against the Steelers, he played IMO his worst game at MLB. Especially the long run at the end of the game. Instead of filling the gap he was responsible for, he seen the run coming to Geno Atkins gap and double filled that hole. The RB just cut it over to Rey’s gap and that was it. The design of the run left it wide open to the left with Rey making that mistake. He has to stay in his gap in that situation. That’s a rookie mistake. Him improving to an adequate form would really help a lot. But long term, with his contract coming up, I think we have to think hard about moving Burfict to MLB after this season.

  15. By bengalpirate on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    It would dishearten me and I’d have to find a new jersey to wear, but if Maualuga and others keeps making rookie like mistakes, then perhaps now, not next season, is time for a roster shake-up. If we have any hope of making a playoff run, with 9 games left, we have to win a minimum of 6 games just to have shot at the playoffs.

  16. By mwindle1973 on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    Yeah I can feel you on the jersey thing…I’m still wearing the Johnson 85. I thought about putting masking tape on it and black marker in Binns lol. Also right that the clock is ticking here. We have to face the Manning bros., Palmer’s return for revenge, the Steelers, the Ravens, and a trip all the way to SD in that 9 game span. And 6 wins just puts us in contention at 9-7. There have been 10-6 teams miss out in some years. The good part of this is except for the Giants those are 4 games with teams ahead or tied with us in the AFC. Add in the Ravens game and that’s 5 games. The sure way to the playoffs is to beat all 5 of them and add another one one, perhaps at KC. We just have to start winning them one game at a time. But we knew coming in that karma is against us this whole season with the back to back playoffs and winning seasons droughts. Heading into the Cleveland loss Hobson talked about the need for football to beat out karma. And if we are going to the playoffs this season we are going to have to learn to make our own karma. I’m still hopeful as always though. We show real promise at times.

  17. By mwindle1973 on Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    That’s too bad about Moch. He was good player we never got to see. I have a feeling that he is not going to be able to play football anymore. IDK if he has always had these migraines or if they just started last season. I know there is a migraine syndrome that is caused by head trauma. Where you have recurring episodes that range from very bad migraine headaches to migraines so severe they cause seizures, temp loss of vision and host of other effects. I know someone who has this condition. It usually can be brought under control over time depending on the severity of the trauma. But taking more hits to the head, even non-traumatic ones, would cause any regressing symptoms to return full blown again. Hopefully this is not the case with him, and he can find some sort of solution. Regardless of the cause, you can’t play football with frequently recurring migraines.

  18. By tepidfan31 on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    If it’s ok with Windy, I’ll post an opinion. Denver! Other than turn-overs as a factor and the 105 yd runbacks, in the NFL today you win by rushing the QB, and protecting the QB. We did neither.

  19. By bengalpirate on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Yo Tepid, I actually agree with you on your observation, but I also feel the Zebras had a big impact on the game too. We had offensive momentum going and then 3 or 4 yellow flags fly and it is gone. Once again though, in agreement that when you dominate the offensive and defensive lines, you make your own karma and outcome.

  20. By mwindle1973 on Nov 8, 2012 | Reply

    Tepid I thought you were lost or something….Agreed, you have to protect your QB, and get to the other teams QB. Another thing we could take a cue from Denver on is commitment to the running game. Hobson wrote about it yesterday and it’s something I believe you have to do. You have to keep running it, successful or not! Their are your obvious pass situations, but other than that, you should always have the D lining up looking for both the run and pass. But even as bad as we protected the QB, you make the FG at the end of the 2nd half, and don’t allow the return TD on the opening KO of the 2nd half, and you have a 26-24 Bengals win. But if we protected better and got some pressure, we could’ve won anyway. It would help if our LBs & Ss could cover someone, or play a zone correctly. Burfict, Nelson & Crocker play well most of the time, but will make costly mistakes at times. Other than them, the coverage in the middle is terrible. Newmann and Hall are playing so much better than is realized, and Jones isn’t playing too bad either.

  21. By mwindle1973 on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    With Karma being the subject of most Bengals game predictions this year…here is a piece of Karma I just read. The Giants have 5 times in the last 7 seasons (including the last 2 seasons) started 6-2, which is their current record. All 5 times they have lost the 9th game and fell to 6-3. Another nice stat I read this week, was since 2000 29 teams have made the playoffs after starting the first 8 games at or below .500. 5 of these teams made it to the conference championship game, 2 made it to the Super Bowl, and 1 won the Super Bowl, the 2001 Pats. That’s 29 teams in 12 seasons is basically 20% odds. About 1 team on average starts 3-5 or worse and makes the playoffs every season. I suspect some of the teams ahead of us will not hold up. You have IND, PIT, MIA & SD (seeded 4-8 for playoffs right now) all ahead of us. All 4 have been extremely inconsistent and streaky. I can see us getting to the top of the heap of teams at 4-4 and below. But we would need to do that and then see one of the top 6 teams like the 5-3 Steelers or 6-3 Colts to fall some. It all starts with 4 wins against NYG, KC, OAK & SD. Wins there get us to 7-5, and puts OAK and SD behind us. I think to get in we would also have to take the PIT game. THere is a good chance the Ravens could be sitting starters by our last game. It’s a long road but there are legitimate paths to the playoffs still. But it all starts with picking up a victory this week.

  22. By mwindle1973 on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    The newest episode of NFL Films Presents features Greg Cook. Quite a bit of footage and analysis of his play. The episode is entitled “All About the Quarterback”. It originally aired 11/5/12. Really great show!

  23. By mwindle1973 on Nov 9, 2012 | Reply

    I left out the best part of my scenario above…the Giants kept the cycle going by losing after starting 6-2, falling to 6-3 for the 6th time in 8 years after starting 6-2. 3 of the 5 seasons they have followed up with a 2nd loss, including in 2010 & 2011. In addition in the same time span their are 1-5 in Week 10 games, having a bye in one season.

  24. By mwindle1973 on Nov 11, 2012 | Reply

    It’s 89 miles for me to drive to the PBS, so I’m assuming if I could drive in a straight line it’s 75 or less, because I get blacked out. I know a guy in Sidney, OH which is almost 100 miles from PBS, stilled blacked out! The rule makes no sense! OH well, I got a good feeling about this game, which means nothing really. But I think if we can run and stop the run, we will win. I think if we can do that then we will have a much easier time protecting and producing pressure. I also think we need to start moving Dalton around in the pocket, and rolling him out. Don’t let the Dline tee off on him in the same spot down after down. But mainly I think that the Giants are tired and off focus a little. Also we have to show up on special teams today.

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