Monday quick hits: Rey steps it up vs. Giants

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on November 12, 2012 – 12:35 pm

While the Bengals are extolled for their finest all-around performance of the season in Sunday’s 31-13 victory over the Giants at Paul Brown Stadium, middle linebacker Rey Maualuga is hearing the same thing.

Gone were the defense’s wide open receivers across the middle and the missed tackles that turned three-yard gains into eight and nine. Maualuga’s game-high 12 tackles were of the sure variety and he made certain his defense covered close enough to the receiver that the Bengals virtually eliminated yards after catch.

While cornerback Leon Hall shadowed Giants leading receiver Victor Cruz for much of the game, he had some help in holding him to three catches for 26 yards.

“Everything was similar from last week’s offense to this week’s offense,” Maualuga said. “We knew that Victor Cruz was such a big part of their offense and is a great weapon. Most of our plays were based on doubling him and making sure where he aligned on every play. We wanted to execute him out of the game plan and then stop the run and I think we did a good job.”

THIRD DOWN THRILLS: Talk about what a win can do for the locker room. It doesn’t hurt the stat sheet, either.

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton came into the game next to last in the NFL in third-down passing ahead of only Arizona’s John Skelton with a 57.6 passer rating in 32nd place. But three of Sunday’s four touchdown passes came on third down, launching him 10 spots to No. 22 with a 74. 3 that is a rung ahead of Colts rookie Andrew Luck.

With a 91.1 passer rating, Dalton is 11th in the league and his 18 touchdown passes are tied for fifth behind co-leaders Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees with 25.

With 820 yards receiving, Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green has moved into sixth in the NFL. Dalton is three TD passes away from eclipsing his rookie total and Green is 238 yards away from passing his rookie total.

RUN GAME: The Bengals are still looking for their first 100-yard rusher of the season after nine games, the longest drought to open a season since the Bengals didn’t get any 100-yard rushing game during the 1993-96 seasons. Running back Cedric Benson got the first 100-yard game of 2008 in the ninth game when his 104 yards against Jacksonville became the first of his 15 100-yarders with the Bengals.

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis didn’t get his first 100-yard rusher until the eighth game of his first season, when Rudi Johnson got the first 100-yard game of his career with 101 in a PBS victory over Seattle in 2003.

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8 Responses to “Monday quick hits: Rey steps it up vs. Giants”

  1. By bengalpirate on Nov 15, 2012 | Reply

    I’m glad to see Rey is playing better and it has an overall impact on the defense as a whole. His better play hopefully makes teams a little less likely to keep picking on the middle of the defense and if Rey can get a pick or 2, or causes some fumbles in the middle of the defense, opposing teams will have to alter their game plan. With Pat Sims back and Rey playing better, it sets up the challenge of stopping Kansas City’s running game, which IMO, is one of the keys in beating KC. Jamaal Charles is pro bowl caliber, Peyton Hillis has bedeviled us before and Draugan adds a 3rd RB who can beat us. Traditionally, we have not played well in KC when we should have and KC is still fighting and clawing to win again. Beating the Giants was a start, but the team won’t have much of a run, if we stumble in KC. Short week off painful loss to Steelers and 1-8 record aside, KC would like to make a run too, so if we go into the game with the wrong mindset, we risk taking step 2 for an end of the season run. Hopefully it is the 2012 Bengals seeking their identity that shows up Sunday and not the Bungles of previous late season fiascoes. DEFENSE and ball control!!!

  2. By mwindle1973 on Nov 16, 2012 | Reply

    @pirate…maybe that Maualuga jersey is still good for a few more years!! He had a great game. To be in a position to make the playoffs we need to take the next 3. Then we probably need to take 3, definitely no less than 2 of the last 4 games. But last week was a big turnaround. Not only did we win but every team that was tied or ahead of us lost, and Miami lost last night again. So we are now tied with SD for the 7th spot, with PIT and IND 2 games ahead of us. PIT has 5 AFC North games in the final 7. Not an easy schedule for a team that’s beat up physically. Plus they have to face the Dallas D as well. Not toughest schedule by far. But may be the most physically pounding road to the playoffs of any team. I’m betting Big Ben will be out 4 weeks minimum. Realistically 6-8, and possibly more. If that’s true they could easily lose 3-5 games. In the past the D, running game & STs gave them wins anyway. IMO they aren’t that team anymore. The D has lost a little, and are beat up and running and STs are not doing well overall. Without Big Ben they are below average. If I’m wrong we can always hope for Andrew Luck to hit the rookie wall.

  3. By mwindle1973 on Nov 16, 2012 | Reply

    Actually looking at the schedule this week, if we win and get some luck we would be the lone team in the 7th spot, and be 1 game back of 5th and 6th place. What we need is a SD loss to DEN, a PIT loss to BAL and a IND loss to NE. That would take SD to 4-6, us to 5-5, PIT & IND to 6-4. If those teams don’t lose then it brings the front runners back towards the end of the pack. Either way win will keep pace or give us big gains again. This game is more important than the last one!

  4. By bengalpirate on Nov 20, 2012 | Reply

    Windy, you belong in Vegas. Your last post and the one before it were dead on as far as what needed to happen for the Bengals to get back in the playoff hunt and you exactly picked the winners of the SD-Denver, Pittsburgh-Baltimore and Indy-NE games. On another note, I hope that the Boo Birds are at a minimum Sunday for Carson’s return, as he was a class act when he was a Bengal and gave us many good years that we otherwise might not have had without him. We now have another QB who we all like and it is just time to move on about Carson.

  5. By mwindle1973 on Nov 22, 2012 | Reply

    @pirate: Thanks man! We’ve had the perfect scenarios play out the last 2 weeks, with us winning and getting a loss in all but one game where we needed it. I agree with you on Palmer. I have nothing but good will for him. I hate that he left the way he did. That’s part of what I love about Marvin Lewis. He’s not just here under contract until something better comes along. He wants to win for Brown, the team and the city. Butt that said Palmer I can’t believe we are not going to see the game on TV! I guess I’ll be watching/rooting for the Browns. They can win this game, and I think they will. Really I think any team that stops the Steeler’s run can beat them right now. THey have a bad pass pro, and a QB that can’t move. I don’t see Buffalo beating Indy, but Indy is a team that could let down at any time. The more teams see Luck the easier it gets to scheme against him. But I think Indy wins. But with any luck we could be tied with the Steelers for the last wild card spot and 5 games to go. If we can keep running we are going to be hard to defend. And I think the key to stopping Oakland is stopping the run and forcing the throws to the outlets. Don’t let Palmer get a shot at deep balls, because he’ll burn you with them. And we have to hit him. Put it away early, and don’t give their special teams a chance to win the game. Happy Thanksgiving man! Who Dey!

  6. By mwindle1973 on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    I wish the NFL would get rid of or seriously alter the blackout rule. If not get rid of the whole rule, then at least get rid of 75 mile radius. That is silly. They draw a circle 75 mile around the stadium. While ignoring the actually miles to drive to the stadium, and the actually driving time. I would shrinking the radius in some way would help. Perhaps have a computer program map out a radius around the stadium based on 60 driving miles distance, or based on estimated average of one hour’s drive time. Honestly who would go to a game on a few days notice just to avoid the TV blackouts? I know that full stadiums on game day are integral to the game and communities the teams play in, both financially and competitively. But the question at hand is do blackouts have any real effect on overall ticket sales? And a study would answer that question! Just monitor ticket sales for a season. After the specter of a blackout is publicly announced see if there is proof of an increased rate of sales vs. when there is no announcement of a possible blackout. That’s just one of many ways to prove or disprove the efficacy of the blackout rule.

  7. By jamison007 on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    BengalBelievers – Suvey says the more fans in the stands the better for the home team. Its gotta be ok to be respectful of Palmer, but we surely can show him the type fan-love he is missing by cheering on Dalton and the Gang. On D – why not make it loud for Palmer in the Jungle? We gonna make it easy for Palmer? Lets let the City know when AJ and Andy hook it up for yet another TD! My message to our ballers. Keep ballin. Keep loose but play hard; see your moves on offense and make it happen on defense. This is your playoffs. Play like it, now! Us lifelong fans want to see some sure-handed tackling on defense and your best play-making skills on offense. Bring us something good this Thanksgiving weekend fellas. Who Dey!

  8. By mwindle1973 on Nov 25, 2012 | Reply

    It’s killing me that I can’t see this one!!! I’m really surprised that the team didn’t offer a BOGO free deal to season ticket holders, or to the general public. Oh well…I listen to Lap & Hoard on internet radio, and watch NFL Red Zone. At least I can see the red zone action. Then of course watch it at midnight on NFL Game Rewind. My instincts tell me if we play like we have the last 3 weeks, this should be a comfortable win. But Oakland can hit some big plays. But I feel like we can dominate the game in the trenches. I think we can run on them too. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Steelers-Browns game too. If all goes well we could be tied for the final wild card spot in a few hours.

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