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Posted by hobsonschoice1 on August 19, 2011 – 9:48 pm

When it comes to the Bengals and Terrelle Pryor and Monday’s supplemental draft, there is no question they’ll be fully informed on the former Ohio State quarterback.

It’s believed the Bengals are scouting Pryor’s workout this weekend but then, so are probably many NFL teams. Yet they’ll be a familiar face running the show.

Ken Anderson, who quarterbacked the Bengals and coached their quarterbacks for a total of 26 seasons, has tutored Pryor for his NFL Pro Day and still has an easy and friendly relationship with Bengals president Mike Brown.

Jim Tressel, Pryor’s coach and another Brown favorite, spent Thursday watching the final Bengals practice of training camp, where he chatted with Brown and head coach Marvin Lewis. It would be hard to believe the subject of Pryor didn’t come up.

This one is hard to gauge.

Brown loves quarterbacks and Ohio State players and how about two for the price of one? But the Bengals also covet draft picks. The one time they used the supplemental draft came in 2006 when they had a sudden, immediate need at middle linebacker because of the Odell Thurman suspension. Thus, Ahmad Brooks arrived via the third round and Bengals fans can still see Brooks this season. They’ll just have to wait when he comes with the 49ers for the home opener Sept. 25.

They’ve already got a rookie quarterback in Andy Dalton and what would Pryor’s arrival do to his psyche and development? But if it’s one thing that catches the eye of Lewis it is an offensive player’s sheer speed and athleticism. The things that keep defensive coordinators up nights because you can’t defend them. That would be intriguing around these parts, where the closest the Bengals have ever come to the Wildcat is Carson Palmer’s sit-down strike.

The down side besides the potential impact on Dalton?

Pryor is clearly a long way away from being a factor as an NFL quarterback, so how do you make him your No. 3? If you do, you’d have to design a package just for him, and the Bengals obviously already have their hands full learning the new offense since they emerged with just a field goal in the opener.

No doubt Pryor’s five-game suspension to start his career is a downer. Plus, the Bengals are already bracing for possible discipline on running back Cedric Benson and cornerback Adam Jones, which can also bring fines to the club.

There’s enough to chew on and debate and who knows how it goes down?

But one thing we do know…

They’ll have plenty of info.

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