Ocho, bull have brief fling

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on May 14, 2011 – 11:34 pm

In the time it takes The Ocho to get off the line of scrimmage, the bull named Deja Blu tossed off Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco in 1.5 seconds Saturday night at the Lucas Oil Invitational in Duluth, Ga. The Professional Bull Riders offered him money, a truck and renaming of the bull if he could last for eight seconds. But instead he took his toughest hit from a Bronco since Denver cornerback Champ Bailey kept him out of the end zone in the ’09 opener.

A video showed The Ocho getting tossed right out of the gate while wearing a helmet and a facemask, then he barely avoided the bull’s feet before scrambling through the fence “flashing a big smile as he looked down.”

According to the NFL Web site, The Ocho told the riders’ Web site, “Two seconds, one second, four — whatever it is. This will be something that I’ll be able to tell my kids, my kids’ kids and so on,” Ochocinco said. “Everybody can’t say that ‘I rode a bull.’ I don’t think people understand. To me, that’s awesome.”

The incomplete throw capped a worrisome day, according to The Ocho’s tweets, one of which read earlier Saturday, “I close my eyes I’m still shaking from today’s unfamiliar atmosphere of PBR. Sound of steel gates,bull,mounting,1 nod,gates open #GodBeWithMe.”

He did win over the riders and the founder of PBR, Ty Murray, who tweeted “I’m proud of Ochocinco for looking fear in the eye and having the courage to ride anyway. Been an honor. #HugeRespect.”

The Ocho is now 1-4 against Broncos.

The event appeared on The Versus channel, where wearing a New York Mets hat he said in a pre-ride interview that he realized how dangerous of a sport bull riding is.

“But if it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go,” The Ocho said before his class with Murray, a nine-time champion. “It’s something I can tell my kids.”

Before Saturday The Ocho had been unbeaten in individual matchups against beasts. On June 9, 2007 at River Downs in Cincinnati he beat Restore The Roar by 12 lengths in a horse race he donated all proceeds to Feed The Children. Reports said he would donate $10,000 from Saturday to Feed The Children.

The Associated Press reported via that The Ocho said “one and done” when it was over. Versus is showing the replay Sunday at 11 p.m.

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