Players watching Goodell

Posted by hobsonschoice1 on April 20, 2010 – 1:04 pm

With all eyes on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s ruling on Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, nowhere is the attention more intense than in the league’s locker rooms. On Tuesday during the weekly media session in the Bengals’ room, safety Chris Crocker told you why.

“I’m definitely interested. I’m looking at it through other players,” Crocker said. “Say a guy… isn’t convicted of something and he gets suspended. I’m sure a lot of people are looking at what’s going to happen with him. I think it’s important. We all know that Goodell has come down pretty strict on a lot of guys who haven’t been convicted.

“Roethlisberger is the same. Just because he’s a franchise quarterback, won two Super Bowls, and he’s kind of the face of that franchise, his punishment should be dealt (with) the same as everybody else.”

The impact of the impending suspension on the AFC North is secondary in Crocker’s mind, but significant.

“It will affect everybody. You can’t replace him. He’s not somebody that you can just put in another and the wheels keep turning,” he said. “It’s going to be interesting.”

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