Hawkins says CFL will work in Chicago, too; Gruden returns from interviews

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Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins, who blew into the NFL via Canada two years ago, thinks his head coach in the CFL is also going to catch on.

With Wednesday’s news that Montreal head coach Marc Trestman  has become the head man with the Bears, Hawkins offered his unconditional endorsement.

“I know how he goes about his work. I’d bet everything I have that he’s going to be a successful NFL head coach,” Hawkins said. “I don’t think I would have made the NFL if it hadn’t been for the two years I had with Marc Trestman.”

Hawkins became a part of two Grey Cup title teams with the Alouettes before he hooked up with the Bengals in the training camp of 2011 and became an instant fan favorite before he emerged as the regular slot receiver in 2012 with 51 catches and four touchdowns. He thinks Trestman’s two decades in the NFL as an assistant mixed in with the Montreal experience is a brew ticketed to success.

“To me, being a head coach in Canada gets you ready for an NFL head coaching job more than a college head coaching job because you’re dealing with grown men,” Hawkins said. “It’s not easy in college, but it’s easier because the players are younger, they need you, and they don’t have a choice. Grown men have a choice. What he does with Xs and Os is well documented. As far as managing grown individuals, I’ve seen that firsthand and I think that’s the part that’s going to make him a great head coach in the NFL.”

Hawkins says Trestman’s attention to detail oozed into every corner of the Montreal organization, from the offensive meetings into keeping the lockers clean.

“First of all, he’s an offensive guru. Everything comes down to timing and spacing. If you’re lined up a yard outside your alignment, you’ll get coached up on it,” Hawkins said. “He’s like that with everything. Demeanor. He taught me how to carry myself as a professional.”

Hawkins still can recite one of Trestman’s favorite lines: “Everyone loves football. Football loves no one.”

“He always talked about getting ready for life after football and guys appreciate that,” he said.

Call it Grey Cup II when the Bengals play the Bears in 2013 in Chicago.

GRUDEN UPDATE:  Indications are Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden returned to Cincinnati on Wednesday after interviewing for four head coaching jobs. Arizona and Jacksonville are the only vacancies after Philadelphia tapped Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and San Diego went with Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

The Cardinals are still looking to interview Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, and their own defensive coordinator and former Bengal DB and assistant Ray Horton is also in the mix. In Jacksonville the Jags are reportedly waiting to interview 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, a college teammate of new general manager Dave Caldwell.

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